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Aspen Rae is an adult model

Aspen Rae is fitness icon, adult model, figure competitor and adult actress from California, USA. The fitness bug caught Aspen Rae when she was in college. A fitness coach guided Aspen Rae on toning her physique, and she immediately fell in love with the gym. Aspen Rae was eager to show the world the hard work that she been putting in. From her college days, Aspen Rae career has only evolved for the better. She is now an internet sensation and competitor for countless NPC shows. Aspen Rae followed her passion and started modeling at 18 years. Aspen’s self-discipline has driven her to new levels year by year.

Aspen is always tweeting out sexy abs and is a popular #WomanCrushWednesday every week.

Athlete Statistics

Born Name

Aspen Rae

Nick Name



Aspen Rae is currently 38 years old according to her year of birth December 10, 1990.


5 ft 4 in or 162.5 cm


Under 115 lbs (52.2kg)

Bust // Waist // Hips

Born Place

San Jose, United States




Adult Model, Adult actress, Fitness Model, Figure Competitor



  • NPC Figure Competitor
  • Actress
  • Model

NPC Accomplishments

  • 2017 NPC USA Championships (Figure class C-1st)
  • 2017 NPC San Jose Championships (figure class B- 1st)
  • 2016 NPC San Francisco (Figure class B-1st)
  • 2016 NPC Muscle Evolution (figure novice class B-2nd)
  • 2016 NPC Muscle Evolution (Bikini class c -4th)
  • 2015 NPC Sacramento Championships (Bikini class B-2nd)
  • 2015 NPC San Jose (Bikini Novice class c-3rd)


Early life and family background

Aspen Rae was raised in northern California and is Caucasian. She was quite the athletic girl growing up, competing in marathons in both high school and college. Aspen Rae was also an avid swimmer; butterfly was her favorite stroke.

Fitness Journey

Aspen Rae always wanted to gain muscles and have a toned body. After school, she wanted a fitness routine more exciting than long-distance running. Aspen started regularly hitting the gym, learning about the variations of exercises and programs available. Aspen Rae was especially interested in training with weights and she was soon addicted to the iron.

Hiring a Fitness Coach

Aspen hired a professional fitness coach who helped create a fitness program that was tailored to her body and fitness goals. The fitness coach kept Aspen Rae on her toes and progress was quick. After embracing the ‘house of gains,’ changes in Aspen’s physique were visible in just several weeks.

After about one year, Aspen Rae thought about participating in a fitness show competition. Aspen’s coach was full of encouragement and immensely helped in making her dream come true. She started with NPC bikini shows, achieving impressive results in spite of stiff competition. However, she felt ”unnatural” on the bikini competitions stage.

NPC figure division

Due to her muscular physique, Aspen Rae switched to the NPC’s figure division in 2016. Changing to the figure category gave Aspen the much-needed freedom to work hard at the gym, without worrying about excess size. Aspen’s back is one of her strongest body parts, mostly owing to consistent workouts.

Webcam Modeling

In spite of her religious upbringing, Aspen decided to venture into webcam modeling and adult movies to get out of her comfort zone. She was very skeptical of what her conservative parents would think. Aspen was even afraid that they would disown her. However, Aspen Rae is lucky to have very supportive parents. They fully supported her career. She turned nude modeling into a career. Aspen Rae was extremely excited to follow her passion, and have the blessings of her parents. She has full support from her close friends and family in her endeavors.



The fitness stage requires perfect aesthetics to beat the competition. Aspen Rae lean and toned physique requires consistent hard work. Aspen highly recommends working on separate muscle on different days. This ensures attention for every part of the body while allowing muscles to rest up and recover. Aspen Rae has to consume a lot of proteins and go hard in the gym to maintain her muscular frame. She has legs workouts twice per week since it’s one of her weakest body parts.

Attention to Detail

When it comes to her body, Aspen Rae is attentive to the smallest details. Aspen finds body parts that require a little more workout and gives them the proper attention. She believes in maximizing your sets and reps. Aspen Rae training is tailored to her body goals. Therefore, one week’s training for Aspen may be different from another. Aspen Rae occasionally does some cardio before a competition.

Aspen Rae Top 3 Workouts

Assisted pull-ups

Aspen uses assisted pull-ups to start her back training. She performs the exercise with a wide grip and slow movements for more attention to her lats.


Aspen Rae prefers lunges, especially for her glutes. Lunges are great for any muscles; you just need to alter the positioning. Aspen increases and decreases the step to target her quads and hamstrings respectively.

Cable upright rows

Aspen Rae uses cable upright rows to engage her muscles and keep them under tension. The period under tension during movement enhances muscle hypertrophy.


Aspen Rae has stringent rules when dieting for competitions. She weighs each fat, protein and carbohydrate intake to the smallest gram. Aspen eats six meals each day, after every 2-3 hours, to maintain her muscles. This also gives her the much-needed energy, while keeping her metabolism active. Aspen Rae’s macros consist of egg whites and lean meats for protein, brown rice and sweet potatoes for carbohydrates and Avocado plus almond butter for healthy fats.

Offseason nutrition

Aspen Rae is more flexible in her nutrition during the offseason. She still weighs her diet in the offseason and has six meals per day. However, Aspen occasionally partakes of a cheat meal. She also has after workout protein supplements during the offseason.

What we can learn from Alyssa Loughran

Aspen Rae decided to pursue her goals, in spite of how they seemed to her close friends and family. Aspen’s road towards becoming a global fitness icon has been bumpy. Aspen Rae has taught us to stay out of our comfort zones.

Aspen Rae doesn’t believe in body modifications besides hitting the gym and getting toned. She thus teaches to be true to ourselves. Plastic surgery is not an option for her. She likes extreme sports. This girl can’t seem to get enough adrenaline rushes!

Following your passions might just bring you a level of success Aspen Rae has reached.

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