Lee Priest: “Mr. Olympia Will Be Done After This Year… Classic Physique Will Surpass Open Bodybuilding”

Classic Physique will Surpass Bodybuilding

Lee Priest believes Classic Physique is the future of bodybuilding!

Good competition in any sports makes sporting events exciting and enjoyable.  In our modern society, competition is something that drives everything from business to technological innovation. Without healthy competition, things become stagnant, predictable, pretty much a complete bore fest. The introduction of the Classic Physique division into the mainstream bodybuilding has injected some new life into the competition.

Now the Classic Physique competition becomes the most exciting event ahead of us at the Mr. Olympia 2018. I’m not talking about overall popularity here – but pure energy and excitement. The division is still relatively new that there is no guaranteed or expected winners. It’s that “wild west” feeling that makes the energy and hype so high during competitions. Many fans are rallying behind the idea that Classic Physique will one day become the mainstream division. But if we are being realistic that probably won’t happen (at least not for a very, very long time).

The outspoken Lee Priest shares his opinion on the matter recently; Lee is a bodybuilder who always speaks his mind. While not everyone may like what comes out of his mouth, but Lee has always been a man that speaks from the heart.  Lee Priest recently posted a pretty interesting post on his Instagram in which he shares his opinion on Classic Physique and how he thinks it will surpass Men’s Open Bodybuilding after this year.

“Out on a limb here but I think the Mr. Olympia will be done after this year the Men’s Open will probably be gone like the Women’s and more will be put on the Classic Physiques and the other divisions to make the sport more mainstream.”

Well, this is an interesting comment coming from Lee Priest, he has been very vocal in the past regarding the current state of bodybuilding, today’s mass monsters bodybuilder, and the bubble guts etc.

I do agree with Lee Priest, like it or not; Classic Physique division is getting more exciting than the Open Bodybuilding division, but at the same time I don’t think Classic Physique division will take over Men’s Open Bodybuilding…at least not for next few years.

Classic Physique will undoubtedly change the expectation for the mass monsters and will influence what Men’s Open eventually looks like. Things are definitely changing – but maybe just not in the cataclysmic way everyone is expecting.

Do you agree with Lee Priest? Which division is more exciting, Open Weight or Classic Physique? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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