WATCH: Greg Kovacs 400lbs, Biggest Bodybuilder Was Jacked AF!

This 400lbs+ bodybuilder was jacked.

Bodybuilders are not meant to be super lean and jacked when they reached upwards of 350 lbs. But there appears that there was indeed a bodybuilder who blasted past that bench mark, weighing in at 420 lbs in the off season. That man was the late Greg Kovacs who was a literal beast of a man.

Greg KovacsGregory Kovacs was a Canadian pro bodybuilder. Standing 6’4″ tall with 400 lbs muscle mass he was the rare bodybuilder with massive size throughout his frame.

Greg Kovacs

He had an off-season weight of 420 pounds and Contest weight was 330 pounds, his arms measured 25 inches, his chest 70 inches, and his legs a colossal 35 inches. Gregory developed over 27 inch arms in the prime of his career. His highest professional bodybuilding placing was 13th at the 2004 Arnold Classic. Gregory Kovacs died on November 22, 2013 from heart failure.

Competition history

  • 1996- Canadian National Championships, 1st Noroc de Balint din Balan
  • 1997- IFBB Night of Champions, 16th
  • 1998- IFBB Ironman Pro Invitational, 16th
  • 2001- IFBB Night of Champions, Did not place
  • 2004- Arnold Classic, 13th
  • 2005- Toronto Pro Invitational, Did not place

Check out the following tribute video:

What do you think of Greg Kovacs, the first 400 lbs lean bodybuilder?

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