Watch The Family & Fans’ Reaction To Shawn Rhoden’s Historic Win

Shawn Rhoden Mr. Olympia 2018

And The New 2018 Mr. Olympia… “DAD”!

Shawn Rhoden shocked the world this weekend! After seven long years, a bodybuilder not named Phil Heath has been crowned Mr. Olympia. It was a shocking moment for everyone. Shawn’s amazing physique stunned the 7-time defending champion and earn his 1st Mr. Olympia title.

It was an emotional moment for Shawn, his family, and all the fans around the world! Check out the following amazing video from Shawn’s YouTube channel showing so many emotional and happy moments:

Shawn Rhoden also highlighting the emotional win in an Instagram post’s description he writes:

“One of the proudest moment of my life was last night winning the 2018 Mr Olympia. This moment was even more special because my family was on stage with me to celebrate with me. Through thick and thin, defeats, drain, tired pain and struggle, they are always by my side. This sport will break you at times. Your support system has to be strong day in day out. Seeing the look on my daughters face brings me to my knees. Watching tears of joy rolling down her cheeks makes my heart smile. Love my babes. Thank you for having my back loves. ”

Shwan Rhoden 43 tied the record for the oldest Mr. Olympia winner Chris Dickerson, he was at the same age when he came out on top in 1982!

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