The 6 Best Fitness Apps

Best Health and Fitness Apps

Best Health and Fitness Apps

I always get triggered when I hear people say they “don’t have the time” for working out or don’t know how to lose weight. I firmly believe that it’s a cop-out excuse to shrug your shoulders and continue making the bad decisions that lead you down the path of even having to discuss your bodily health and overall fitness. Today’s technology has allowed the end user to experience the best fitness advice he possibly can without even leaving the comfort of ones house-for free. Saying that you don’t have the time to exercise should no longer be an excuse and I will use this article to enlighten people on the best apps that can take you from zero to hero in no time. Yes, all of these apps are available for ios and android. Before we get started you will be needing two things;1. A smartphone with an internet connection, 2. A bitchin workout playlist.

1.My Fitness Pal

My fitness pal is probably the best one on this list because it’s focused on what you eat. When you register, you will be asked to fill out a couple body stats(height, weight, age..etc.) and what is your goal. Do you want to bulk up, slim down or maintain your weight. After you’ve done all of the above the app will give you the exact number of calories and macronutrients(fats, carbs, proteins) you have to eat to reach your goal. Here’s the best part, it tracks what you eat by you either entering the food manually or scanning the barcode of the product you just ate.


“…but I don’t have money for a gym”“I don’t want to go to the gym, I hate people” …ok, cool. Madbarz focuses on calisthenics and bodyweight only workouts. You register, enter your body stats and start. It has a database of already existing workouts for each body part/muscle group. The workouts are 100% customizable as you can add or remove exercises and increase your rep range and rest time.“But what If don’t want to do the designated workouts?”…then just create your own workout and do that. It’s also cool that you rack up points after each completed workout and compete against users from all across the world.

3. Stronglifts(5×5)

So you want to workout, love weights but really can’t stand the casual gym goer? Find the cheapest, simplest gym you can find, fill your mp3 player with a bunch of angry music and occupy the first open squat rack. It’s basically the only thing you will be needing. Stronglifts is a stupid proof app, it’s very simplistic, yet effective. It’s based on you doing nothing but compound exercises(squat, bench, deadlift…etc.) fives times over five sets….that’s it. No fancy exercises with endless reps, bare basics. Just you and the iron. It’s a very interactive app that tracks your progress with the weight your lifting each week. So if you just want something basic and effective that doesn’t take much of your time, give stronglifts a shot.

4. Zombies, Run!

Needing some extra motivation for your daily run? How does being chased by zombies sound as proper motivation? This app is just that…it simulates the sounds of a zombie horde chasing you while you run. If you are an avid hiker, bike rider or runner this come in handy as extra motivation do shave off those few extra seconds or minutes of your run.

5. Jefit

This will create your own specific workout program based on what do you want and how many times a week do you plan on working out. You enter your stats for keeping a track record, then after every workout, you enter the numbers(weights, sets, and reps) and see a weekly progress.

6. Charity Miles

This app is connected to several charitable organizations that will donate money as soon you finish moving. Be it running, walking, hiking, biking…any kind of movement is tracked and money gets donated to a charity of your own choice. You get fit and someone in need gets some money, sounds like a win-win situation.


All of these apps have dozens of alternatives that may or may not be better than the ones I posted. I only offered these 6 because I either personally used(or still do) them or I believe they offer something unique that will get you off your ass and help you do something.

At the end of the day, if you ran through this list and still found excuses to not workout or are just too lazy to do anything, just type in random fitness terms into youtube’s or Instagram’s search and see what works for you. Social media sites these days are littered with overnight fitness sensations that offer advice, there must be something that will catch your eye. So go and find that something that looks and sounds the best for you and stick with it… I just hope it doesn’t end up being CrossFit.

If even that doesn’t tickle your fancy try doing the One Punch Man’s daily routine of 100 push-ups, 100 sit up, 100 squats and top it all of with a 10k run. Hey, it turned Saitama into superhuman level hero capable of destroying everything and everyone with a single punch.

Just do something…10 push up every morning will turn into 20 which will quickly turn into 50 and before you know it you will be pumping out 100 push-ups without even properly waking up.

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Rajesh Lakhane
Rajesh Lakhane
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The studies reveal that the apps help people overcome hurdles in fitness workout, like a lack of motivation and understanding, which develops better exercise habits. With time, these improved habits can lead to big changes. If fitness is your goal then you must add some health and fitness apps to your phone. I am obliged for this article, this apps are really useful.