Watch: Larry Wheels Talks NPC Nationals And Future Plans For Competition

It’s just the beginning for Larry Wheels’ bodybuilding career but will a trip to Kuwait prove to be life-changing for Wheels, and as a result earn him a pro card?

Larry Wheels’ first national competition is in the books and although his performance was less than what he expected (11th place finish); Wheels knows he must drastically improve to have a fighting chance for future competition.

Wheels’ unfortunately did not crack the top ten at the 2018 NPC Nationals like he hoped, and he had this to say regarding his appearance at the show…

“I for one felt like I didn’t even fit in, like I have a lot of work to do before I can actually be competitive at a national level”.

His eleventh place finish was not the worst, especially for his second show overall but he will have to come back with more size and improved conditioning to be a serious competitor at such a high level of competition.

Larry Wheels was the only Super heavyweight in his first (Amateur) show; compared to seventeen heavyweights at the NPC Nationals. He really had his work cut out for him…

But Wheels’ mentions going to Kuwait in an effort to experience a total body transformation, which he believes would be the right move if he wants his pro card…

“Adam Silver, my videographer is recommending I go to Kuwait and just have a transformation; I think that’s what’s necessary if I really seriously want to get my pro card”.

No one can argue the fact that Larry “Wheels” Williams has the genetics and determination to eventually get his pro card. His placing was fair for his level of appeal on stage but Wheels understands that he must go back to the drawing boards now.

Maybe a trip to Kuwait will change Larry Wheels’ physique and career but props to him for standing on stage with such high-level competitors, and remaining determined to improve himself for future competition.

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