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11 Best Lifting Straps Reviewed for 2023

Lifting straps are a must-have training aid when you start getting into the heavier weights and we reviewed several of the best ones on the market.
Matthew Magnante, ACE
We provide honest reviews based on a thorough, multi-point testing methodology . We do earn a commission if you purchase through our links, supporting our independent product assessments. View our disclosure for more details.

In our review of the best lifting straps for 2020, we’ve considered a few important factors that make for a great strap to ensure we offer quality options for everyone. So, whether you’re a bodybuilder, powerlifter, weightlifter, involved in MMA, or are just the everyday gym-goer, this list of 11 lifting straps can be very valuable for your training goals. 

But the bottom line is, straps are a very useful and necessary training tool for many people. You’ve probably seen big dudes in your gym using lifting straps to deadlift and it’s not just to look cool. They work, plain and simple!

So, not only did we review some of the best items out there, but we also provided important information about lifting straps so that you can have a better idea of how they can be of benefit to you.

Top 11 Lifting Straps Ranked:

  1. Ironmind Sew-Easy Loop Lifting Straps Buy here  Editor’s Choice 
  2. Gymreapers Lasso Lifting StrapsBuy here
  3. Bear Komplex Lasso Lifting StrapsBuy here
  4. Grip Power Pads Cobra Grips Figure-8 Lifting StrapsBuy here
  5. Grip Power Pads Cobra Grips Suede Leather Lasso Lifting StrapsBuy here
  6. Iron Bull Strength Wrist Wraps + Lasso Lifting StrapsBuy here
  7. Element 26 Padded Figure-8 Lifting StrapsBuy here
  8. Ironmind Strong-Enough Lasso Lifting StrapsBuy here
  9. Serious Steel Figure-8 Lifting StrapsBuy here
  10. Dark Iron Fitness Leather Suede Lasso Lifting StrapsBuy here
  11. RitFit Lasso Lifting Straps and Wrist GuardBuy here


Editor’s Choice – Ironmind Sew-Easy Loop Lifting Straps (Best for weightlifting)

Ironmind Sew Easy Loop Lifting Straps
Ironmind Sew Easy Loop Lifting Straps

When it comes to a lifting strap that sits at the top of the heap, Ironmind definitely comes to mind. These loop straps are versatile meaning anyone can use them to improve their performance. However, the short strap design makes them most ideal for weightlifting which sometimes requires a quick bailout.

Ironmind Sew-Easy is a top choice for weightlifting athletes and has been since 1988. 

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Key Features:

  • Loop straps are ideal for Olympic weightlifting
  • Versatile design 
  • Very strong nylon webbing sewn into one closed loop (21-1/4″)

Best use: These are best for weightlifting movements although they also fit well in many roles. The shorter length allows you to drop heavy weights safely and easily while also providing great support during big lifts.

Buy at Amazon

Gymreapers Lasso Lifting Straps (Best for the money)

Gymreapers Lasso Lifting Straps
Gymreapers Lasso Lifting Straps

Gymreapers liting straps are a quality option for an attractive price. The neoprene padding allows for maximum wrist comfort and additional support while the straps are made from a very durable cotton blend that won’t cause slipping during your toughest lifts. 

The straps are also endorsed by professional lifters and bodybuilders so you know these are going to work well. 

Key features

  • Longer straps for more secure grip
  • Cotton blend 
  • Neoprene padding for optimal comfort and support

The company has a lifetime replacement guarantee. 

Best use: The longer straps make these optimal for bodybuilding, powerlifting, and general lifting. Not a good strap for Olympic style weightlifting.

Buy at Amazon

Bear Komplex Lasso Lifting Straps (Best for secure grip)

Bear Komplex Lasso Lifting Straps
Bear Komplex Lasso Lifting Straps

Bear Komplex accessories are always a go-to for lifters who take their training seriously. Their lifting straps are heavy-duty w/ neoprene wrist padding for amazing comfort and support while the 23-inch strap allows you to get a good wrap on the bar. 

Key features

  • 23-inch extended length strap for maximum support on the bar
  • 1.5-inch width helps to get a solid grip
  • Soft neoprene wrist cushioning
  • Merrowed end tabs prevent fraying

Best use: Bear Komplex lifting straps are great for almost any lifting situation (powerlifting, CrossFit, hitting new prs, etc). But again, with the longer straps, these aren’t ideal for weightlifting movements.

Buy at Amazon

Grip Power Pads Cobra Grips Figure-8 Lifting Straps (Best for maximum lifts)

Grip Power Pads Cobra Grips Figure 8 Lifting Straps
Grip Power Pads Cobra Grips Figure 8 Lifting Straps

These straps have a figure-8 strap design that provides an amazing amount of support during the heaviest of lifts. Use them for deadlifts and it’s variations, rows, shrugs, and other similar movements that require maximum secureness of your hands to the bar. 

The reinforced stitching ensures that you have the best comfort when hitting new prs. Not to mention, these straps are tested for 1,000+ pounds. So, there’s really no task that is too much for Cobra straps. 

Key features:

  • Figure-8 design
  • Reinforced seam for optimal comfort
  • Strongman tested up to 1,000+ pounds
  • Three sizes: 60 cm, 70 cm, and 80 cm

The company offers a one-year warranty if you’re not happy with the straps for any reason. 

Note: Make sure to check the sizing guide before ordering

Best use: These straps are perfect for Strongman athletes, powerlifters, bodybuilders, CrossFit athletes, and general weight training. Figure-8 straps are a great choice for lifting maximal loads with optimal secureness but they aren’t recommended for weightlifting movements. 

Buy at Amazon

Grip Power Pads Cobra Grips Suede Leather Lasso Lifting Straps (Best for women)

Grip Power Pads Cobra Grips Suede Leather Lasso Lifting Straps
Grip Power Pads Cobra Grips Suede Leather Lasso Lifting Straps

Another amazing lifting strap from Grip Power pads, these padded suede leather straps are going to be really comfortable, supportive, and lightweight while keeping its shape and lasting you for a long time. The straps are designed for lifting up to 450lbs. 

Key features

  • Padded suede leather straps ideal for comfort, traction, and durability 
  • Tested for lots of pressure (lift up to 450lbs)
  • Reinforced stitching
  • Adjustable to fit different wrist sizes

They offer a one-year warranty. 

Best use: These straps are best used for general lifting up to 450lbs. 

Buy at Amazon

Iron Bull Strength Wrist Wraps + Lasso Lifting Straps (best for competition use)

Iron Bull Strength Wrist Wraps Lasso Lifting Straps
Iron Bull Strength Wrist Wraps Lasso Lifting Straps

You’ve probably seen their really aesthetic training shoes which are popular among CrossFit athletes, well they actually offer a variety of products to help you get the most out of your training efforts. Iron Bull wrist wraps come with free lasso lifting straps at an affordable price point and the quality is really good. 

Key features

  • 20″ x 3″ wrist wraps with thumb loop
  • 22.5″ x 1″ lifting straps w/ neoprene padded wrist for comfort
  • Competition grade heavy-duty material to ensure optimal durability and performance
  • Comes in PVC carrying bag

Best use: Powerlifting, CrossFit, bodybuilding, general weight training

Buy at Amazon

Element 26 Padded Figure-8 Lifting Straps (best cotton straps for heavy lifting)

Element 26 Padded Figure 8 Lifting Straps
Element 26 Padded Figure 8 Lifting Straps

Another figure-8 strap that we recommended for super heavy lifts, the Element 26 lifting straps are made from very strong cotton and padded neoprene to support your wrists and ensure you’re comfortable while lifting big poundages! Plus, the easy on/off design makes for efficient use. 

It’s also really nice to have a lifetime warranty. 

Key features

  • Made from durable cotton and string nylon stitching 
  • Single, very strong and thick stitching point for long life
  • Neoprene padding for optimal wrist comfort and support

Note: Make sure to check the sizing guide before ordering

Best use: Great for heavy lifts but can also be great for any use. 

Buy at Amazon

Ironmind Strong-Enough Lasso Lifting Straps (Best nylon)

Ironmind Strong Enough Lasso Lifting Straps
Ironmind Strong Enough Lasso Lifting Straps

These straps are pretty good for the money, although are best used for anything other than Olympic weightlifting. Lifting straps from Ironmind are used by top Strongman athletes/champions at the World’s Strongest Man competition. 

Key features

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  • Made with high-quality nylon blue webbing 
  • 21-1/4″ long and 1-1/2″ wide is an optimal length

Best use: Powerlifting and general weight training

Buy at Amazon

Serious Steel Figure-8 Lifting Straps (Best support)

Serious Steel Figure 8 Lifting Straps
Serious Steel Figure 8 Lifting Straps

Serious Steel figure-8 straps are made from heavy-duty webbed cotton and are double and crossed stitched, and  Strongman tested up to 1,000 pounds. You can use these to lift any amount of weight and you’ll have the support and comfort that you need to make progress for years. 

The product has a one-year warranty. 

Key features

  • Made from heavy-duty webbed cotton 
  • Double-stitched for maximum quality 
  • Strongman tested up to 1,000 lbs
  • Three sizes: 60 cm, 70 cm, and 80 cm

Note: Make sure to check the sizing guide before ordering

Best use: Same as other figure-8 straps

Buy at Amazon

Dark Iron Fitness Leather Suede Lasso Lifting Straps (Most comfortable)

Dark Iron Fitness Leather Suede Lasso Lifting Straps
Dark Iron Fitness Leather Suede Lasso Lifting Straps

Dark Iron Fitness is a pretty popular brand that offers a variety of lifting equipment. Their suede leather lasso straps are soft and more comfortable than many cotton options and won’t dig into your wrists during heavy lifts with extra neoprene padding.

They also offer two sizes. The 2mm is for lifting under 400 lbs whereas the 3mm is for lifts over 400 lbs. This is great for tailored comfort and performance depending on your level of training experience.

Key features

  • Made of high-quality suede leather
  • Neoprene padding for support and comfort 
  • Reinforced stitching
  • 2mm and 3mm options great for different experience levels

Dark Iron Fitness also promises to send out another pair if the straps fail which is respectable. 

Best Use: Powerlifting, bodybuilding, Strongman, CrossFit, weight training

Buy at Amazon

RitFit Lasso Lifting Straps and Wrist Guard (Best unisex option)

Ritfit Lasso Lifting Straps And Wrist Guard
Ritfit Lasso Lifting Straps And Wrist Guard

For an attractive price, you can pick up this top-notch product with heavy-duty stitching, neoprene padding inside for wrist protection, and an optimal length so that you can wrap the bar to your liking. These are great for most lifting uses and will hold up strong to heavy loads. 

Key features

  • Lifting straps/wrist guard integrated design
  • Anti-slip heavy-duty straps
  • 7.1’’ x 3.2’ Inches for neoprene padding size and 6.55mm foam pad thickness
  • 13.5″ Extended length for maximum secureness

The company offers a full refund if not satisfied with the product. 

Best use: Ideal for heavy lifts and general weight training 

Buy at Amazon

What Are Lifting Straps and Why Use Them

A few methods used to maximize grip on the bar include using chalk, a mixed grip (one overhand grip, and one underhand grip), or even a hook grip (thumbs tucked under fingers). These strategies are great, however, they have disadvantages and aren’t as good as straps for ensuring the bar remains in your hands. 

Lifting straps are wrapped around your hands and then the bar adding that extra level of security while also being comfortable.

Straps allow you to lift or pull heavy loads (e.g. deadlift, rows, snatches, etc) or continue training when your grip would otherwise give out on you. Like, we’re only human, and you can’t expect to be able to hold onto a loaded bar and not have your grip fail eventually. 

Now, some people will say that using straps weakens your grip. But that’s not the point! The purpose of using straps is so that you can continue to perform the movement without your grip being a limiting factor. For example, if you’re doing lat pulldowns, the grip really isn’t that important because you’re trying to strengthen and build the lats/back muscles.

Well, it’s the same thing with the deadlift. You want to be able to focus on each repetition without being distracted by a weak grip. In addition, being able to focus on your form also prevents the chances of getting injured for the same reasons.

A few other reasons to use straps include:

  • If you already train your grip a lot (don’t want to overtrain and cause fatigue/injury)
  • Assistance work
  • During competition (where allowed)
  • If you have a hand injury

Now, it’s important to note that, at first, you should avoid using straps, to build your grip strength. It’s also highly recommended that you dedicate some time to specific grip training as well because the stronger your grip, the better. Straps should be used when the weight becomes more challenging and you’re a little more advanced in your training. 

When To Not Use Straps

Again, if you’re a beginner or haven’t been lifting for years, avoid the straps and build your strength up as much as you can. You also don’t want to use straps for exercises such as bicep curls, pull-ups/chin-ups, squats, and pretty much any exercises that don’t involve pulling or holding heavy weights by your sides.

You don’t want to be dependent on straps because it’s unrealistic and doesn’t force you to develop a strong grip against challenging weights. 

Different Types Of Lifting Straps 

The most common materials used to make lifting straps include nylon, leather, and cotton. There isn’t necessarily one that’s better than the other but whichever you choose will be based on personal preference and possibly the intended use. But keep in mind, different products made of the same material may have a different feel and break-in period. 

For example, some leather straps are made from a tougher material than others. Therefore, the break-in time may vary and you might just find that one works better for you.

Cotton absorbs sweat better than either leather or nylon. And because leather and nylon don’t do as good with sweat, they can move around on the skin which means you might have to adjust them a bit more.

Cotton may also stretch a little more though when under heavy loads, whereas leather and nylon tend to hold its shape better. Quality nylon straps are very strong and durable although they can be a little slippery on the bar so you’ll have to get a really firm grip. 

As you can see, there are pros and cons to each. But again, whichever you choose is likely going to be based on whichever you like better overall. 

The typical strap sizes range from 1″ to 1-3/4″ wide, and 12″ to 23″ long. Shorter straps are better for weightlifting although great for all-use whereas longer straps are great for all lifting except for Olympic weightlifting. We’ve explained a little more below. 

Straps also come in a lasso, closed loop, and figure 8 shape/design. Here’s some detail about each type of strap. 


The lasso strap is probably the most commonly used for all-around lifting. So there’s a loop on one end and then the strap. You feed the end of the strap through the loop, place your wrist inside, and then pull on it so that it’s secure to your wrist. 

The lengthy strap is then wrapped once or several times around the bar and then you grip the bar with the strap under your hand to keep it in place.

Closed loop

Closed loop straps are just loops that are commonly used for Olympic weightlifting because you can quickly bail the bar more easily with these due to the shorter length. So for example, you do a snatch and have to bail, well, you can do so safely. So, you place your wrists through the strap and then wrap it under the bar similar to the lasso strap. 

These are good straps for basic lifting as well and again, it comes down to personal preference. 


Figure-8 straps are best used for powerlifting and Strongman but are not ideal for weightlifting because you cannot quickly bailout with them. These straps have two loops and you simply place your hand through one, then wrap the other loop under the bar of which you’ll then place it over your wrist. 

So, your wrists will be inside both of the loops. This provides a really solid grip which will allow you to lift maximal loads. 


Can I lift heavier with straps?

Yes and no. Yes, if your grip is the limiting factor and no if the weight is simply too heavy for you to lift regardless of if you can grip it and lift it off the floor.

You never want to use straps for the purpose of thinking that you can lift a weight that is beyond your capabilities.

What are the best types of lifting straps?

This depends on your goals and you should consider quality, strength of product, function, and comfort.

This is something you’ll need to determine but hopefully, we provided enough information for you to make an informed decision.

Are lifting straps good for women?

Absolutely! Women, like men, can benefit from the support and utility of lifting straps. But, again, you’ll need to find one that will work best for your use.

How do I know which lifting strap is for me?

Check out our review on the best lifting straps where we provide the basics. You want to consider your use and budget as there many great options available on the market.


Wrapping Up

And there are your 11 best lifting straps reviewed for 2021. Hopefully, you learned a lot and are now equipped with the knowledge that you need to choose the best option to suit your needs. While lifting straps aren’t required for heavy/intense lifting, as you can see, this training aid does have its advantages. 

Now you have several quality lifting straps to choose from. 

If you have any questions about this article, please feel free to contact Matthew Magnante by leaving a comment below.

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Matthew Magnante, ACE
Matthew Magnante, ACE
Matthew is an ACE (American Council On Exercise) certified fitness professional who has had a passion for fitness since elementary school and continues to research and learn how to build muscle effectively through training and diet. He also loves to help others to achieve their fitness goals and spread the knowledge where needed. Matthew's other passions include learning about mindfulness, strolling through nature, traveling, and always working to improve overall.

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