WATCH: BBC’s Documentary ‘Steroid Nation’

Steroid Nation

There are a number of lifters out there that believe in order to get the next level of muscle gains they must utilize outside sources such as anabolic steroids. While many individuals may utilize steroids in their training, there are a great deal of risks involved in utilizing the substance.

Investigating claims steroid use in gyms is on the rise. BBC’s team hear from a user and a dealer as health experts say anabolic steroids are being used more than ever before. Doctors are warning about the long-term dangers of using them. We see Gareth, who’s 29 and has been using them for five years, undergoing a test to see if his health has been damaged. He says he likes how steroids make him feel and look.

A steroid dealer also talks about how he knows he’s breaking the law but sells them anyway. As well as how he’s seen a big growth in demand from all ages, but especially young men, under pressure to have the ‘perfect’ body.

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