Dexter Jackson Confirms He Suffers Bicep Tear At The Arnold Classic Australia

Dexter Jackson injured bicep in Australia

Dexter Jackson torn his left bicep at the Arnold Classic Australia 2018.

This weekend at the Arnold Classic Australia 2018 Roelly Winklaar managed to surpass William Bonac and ageless Dexter Jackson to win the 2018 Arnold Classic Australia. And while ‘The Dutch Beast’ was surely on point and deserves the victory, there was something very strange about Dexter when he stepped up on stage.

Dexter Jackson left bicep

Dexter’s left bicep looked swollen, soft and completely undefined compared to his right. Everyone on the stage and off the stage on social media noticed that there is something wrong with Dexter’s left bicep, including Lee Priest & Luimarco.

Dexter Jackson injured bicep in Australia

Dexter, 48 has never torn a muscle all these years but maybe his luck finally ran out as he confirmed on social media that he suffered a ‘Fucking Slight Tear’

In a reply to a negative comment on social media about his Arm and possible use of oil/synthol Dexter said:

“I have never used any oil in my arms or shits period for that matter. Get your facts straight before you start running your mouth you really don’t know if all!!”


Dexter’s injury looks similar to the one Jay Cutler suffered at the 2011 Mr. Olympia when he passed the title on to Phil Heath.

Jay Cutler 2011 Biceps Injury

Dexter Jackson is 48-year-old so if this is a serious injury that would need some time to heal! We hope the injury is nothing serious and we wish Dexter a fast & speedy recovery and we love to see him back in action at the Olympia stage.

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