The Most Attractive Eye-Catching Male Body Parts Ranked By Women

The Most Attractive Eye-Catching Male Body Parts Ranked By Women

From your abs to your biceps, your smile to your brain to your glutes women reveal the male anatomy they lust over the most.

In general, women are more impressed by the way men think from the way men looks when it comes to a long-time relationship. But when it comes to the sparks, one-night stands, or typical signs whether you will or won’t have a chance to attract a girl, physical look counts. It is actually one of the most important parameters.

While many men believe their super masculinity is built on big arms, shoulders, and chest, there are some parts of the human body which are completely neglected. Despite the upper part is referred as a sign of alpha male, you will be surprised when you see what researchers at Western Illinois University found after conducted a study where they asked several women to rate the sexiest muscles on a man.

The Most Attractive Male Body Parts According To Women

Surprises are visible on every single step. A guy with very big shoulders and chicken legs gets a bad ranking!

The Six-Pack Abs

Is there anything better than seeing someone who has shredded abdominal muscles? It has two meanings – someone is warned about nutrition and likes to train at the same time.

Mid-section is very important when you walk down the beach and try to impress ladies. Unfortunately, sometimes it depends on genetics and weight, but persistent workouts might be beneficial. Here is our workout for excellent abdominals!

Defined Chest

An alpha male with a big chest is ranked so low, what the hell is going on? Well, a chest is the trademark of chickens, and men who have big chest compared to other parts of a body are subconsciously considered less intelligent. It is just the problem of evolution and maybe a wrong signal, but if you work your arms and chest simultaneously, this problem will disappear.

We have great workout program for your chest, and we recommend you to combine isolation and compound exercises. A chest is believed to separate men from boys, but remember to work your whole body too.


The thing that many men show off with pride is actually ranked third. So someone with great abs and triceps looks more attractive than a Popeye-looking guy! It is very hard to impress a woman on the first look with weak arms. You need to build proportional biceps, triceps, and shoulders. Work on it equally.

We have a great biceps workout for you. Follow our routine and your results will come before you have expected!


A pair of horseshoe triceps simply has to be noticed by anybody, even by the worst bodybuilding haters. And chicks will recognize it as a symbol of power. It makes two-thirds of your arm after all. A good warrior in the old age was more known for the power of his triceps than biceps!

You mustn’t hold back when it comes to triceps training sessions. We have our secret workout for a perfect pair of horseshoes. You need to know it depends more on muscle failure and proper movement than a heavy dumbbell.


Have you ever taught of applying forgotten exercises to get monstrous breathtaking legs? Believe it or not, women are very impressed with the way quad looks. In Slavic culture, strong quads usually mean you are grounded, realistic person. Visit Bulgaria or Macedonia if you have doubts!


Well, when the man takes a look at the girl, glute muscles are extremely important. But who could expect it would be one of the things women notice? Looks like strong, shredded but plays a vital role when women take a look at men from behind. We bet you are impressed with this fact.

Do not skip leg days, you have two good reasons now! And we know many good exercises and programs to develop the strength of your glutes.


This is the area of the body where the most of fat is stored, alongside your belly. You have to be warned about nutrition and the set of exercises. When you try to strengthen this part, we recommend you go for a higher number of repetitions.

Unfortunately, this is mostly neglected part of the body. But lovely defined oblique muscles improve your ranking! Even if the girl looks at you from the profile, she might notice your perfect musculature!

Final Word

Women are observers by nature. They see the smallest move, the slightest thing. If you trim your beard or hair, there are no chance women won’t see, right? Forget the myth of very strong biceps and weak legs when you want to impress women.

We recommend you train your whole body equally, strengthen even the smallest muscle groups, and work regularly on your gains. Cause even when you improve your traps or lower back muscles, you might get an unexpected compliment from a woman!

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