Your best guide to Clean Bulk

Gaining weight is easy, most of us know that. Sit down and eat pizza, ice cream, and cookies every night for dinner and you’ll be packing on the pounds in no time. But if you are not looking for sloppy weight; you need to do it the right way, the healthiest way possible.

In the world of bodybuilding Bulking and Cutting is a common practice among the bodybuilders – but what kind of bulk should you be doing? There are basically two major categories of bulking: Clean bulk and Dirty bulk. As per the nutrition experts, Clean bulking is when you have a surplus of fewer than 500 calories. Dirty bulking is when you have a surplus of over 500 calories.

‘Massive Muscle’ recently uploaded a video of Phil Heath in which he addresses a question about the Clean Bulk.  The fan wanted to know Phil’s advice about Clean Bulk?

Check out the above video for Phil Heath’s reply!

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