WATCH: Kai Greene Responds To Mr. Olympia Returns

Kai Greene 2018 Olympia comeback rumors starts again

Like every year since 2014, just before the Mr. Olympia competition, the rumors of possible Kai Greene’s coming back to the bodybuilding stage to challenge Phil Heath for the Mr. Olympia title starts in full swing.

So naturally many people have been wondering again with the same old question: Will Kai Greene returns to the bodybuilding stage at this year’s Olympia?

This year, there are many rumors that Kai Greene will actually return, especially after the news of new Mr. Olympia judging rules introduced by the Olympia organizers has sparked a fresh wave of hype about Kai Greene stepping back on the Olympia stage and the possibility of him becoming the first-ever People’s Champ.

Well, Kai Greene decided himself to clear the air, in a recent video posted on his Instagram Kai dismissed the rumors of his possible return to the competitive stage. Maybe its time for all the fans to accept and respect his decision, it is very unlikely that we will see Kai Greene on the competitive stage again.

Why? There are many possible factors, Kai Greene just turned 43 this past weekend but age is just one aspect, as Kai continues to find great success outside of bodybuilding. Also many believe Open Bodybuilding division is going down and Classic Physique is the future.

Watch the video below:

The Classic Physique division is becoming more popular and exciting many Open bodybuilders are switching to Classic division.

Check out the above video as Kai Greene squashes rumors of his return to competitive bodybuilding.

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