After a killer workout, most of you feel like a ravenous beast, the one who must feed to quell the monster within. Food is the fuel that enables you to perform in the gym and it’s no secret that after a solid workout all your fuel is sure to be depleted.

Getting some good fuel back into your system is essential to your health, so it is critical to make the right food selection. Junk food is out of the question and sometimes even a large, healthy meal won’t do.

So what should you eat just before bed? Here, the best foods to eat after a workout to fuel-up yourself in a healthy way.


1. Wanna Curdle? Go For Cottage Cheese

Whether you’re cutting, maintaining your shape or building muscle, protein is a vital nutrient in your diet.

cottage-cheeseCottage cheese is a fantastic choice for your post workout meal because it’s loaded with casein protein and high calcium, which your body will digest slowly. Cottage cheese will help you with muscle growth and maintenance through the night. Try the low-fat type to ensure you’re getting the most out of this great protein source.

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