Hafthor Bjornsson Just BREAKS Another World Record – Video!

The World’s Strongest Man 2018
The World’s Strongest Man 2018

‘The Mountain’ breaks his own weight over bar world record…again!

What did you do over the weekend? Well, World’s Strongest Man Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson spent it breaking his own ridiculously lofty strength records.

Over the weekend, at the 153rd Scottish Highland Gathering & Games in Pleasanton, California where Bjornsson appears as the special guest and to attempt to break his current Weight Over Bar World Record. He threw a 56lbs weight over a 20’1″ bar with ease, besting his previous world record height of 20’, that he just set earlier this year, on March 2018 at the Arnold Classic event.

Check out the below, but first turn your volume down a bit—the big guy gets a little excited! The Mountain posted the video on his Instagram with the description, he writes:

“A New World Record in weight over bar with 56lbs. This is the highest that anyone has ever thrown, 56lb weight over 20.1 foot bar.”

That’s the 4th time Bjornsson has breaks his own record in recent years! Here’s another video of the Game of Thrones star setting the highest mark for an elephant bar deadlift back in March at 1,041lbs in the Arnold Strongman Classic where he also wins the Strongman title:

This latest world record comes just days after Bjornsson shared an Instagram video in which he did overhead presses 440lbs. This is Hafthor Bjornsson’s year, in March, he put on a dominated performance to win the 2018 Arnold Strongman Classic Ohio, a month later, he won the 2018 Europe’s Strongest Man, and in May 2018 he wins the world’s strongest man title.

The Mountain is unstoppable!

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