‘The One’ training like a savage!

As the Olympia weekend fast approaches, the top bodybuilders are pushing their training to the limit for the intense final round of preparation. 2017 Arnold Classic champion Cedric McMillan is also looking to have a much-improved physique at 2018 Mr. Olympia.

For those of you who don’t know, Cedric McMillan is much more than just a top bodybuilder. He’s also full-time active duty in the US Army where he is a Staff Sergeant, based in Ft. Jackson, South Carolina.

Its not easy for Cedric to find enough time to share his progress pics or talking about his prep on social media as he is traveling around the world, doing guest posing and also working full time in the US Army! But just 8 days out from the biggest show of the year, the top fan favorite bodybuilder Cedric McMillan is training hard to ensure high placings at this year’s Olympia. Check out the above video showcases his Chest & Triceps workout.

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