Eddie Hall The 2017 World’s Strongest Man Is Looking Shredded!

Eddie Hall looks shredded after losing 60 pounds!

Eddie Hall Transformation

Strongman Eddie Hall Shows Incredible Body Transformation

The former World’s Strongest Man Eddie Hall has transformed his massive body in epic fashion after shedding 60 pounds of body fat!

Like other heavyweight competitors,  Eddi Hall is massive 6’3″ and weighing in around 410 ~ 440 pounds during competition season. Carrying extra weight in the strongman sport is expected but looks like Hall is changing up his philosophy. The British strongman recently shared his amazing transformation picture on his Instagram.

For this amazing transformation, Eddi Hall has shed about 60 pounds, going from 430 pounds to a lean 373 pounds. He’s been doing five cardio sessions every week that includes: boxing, cycling, swimming, and HIIT land training, in addition to the four 2~3 hours of weightlifting sessions.

“169.5kg / 373lbs 💪🏼
Been training really hard recently and I’m mega fired and hungry for success…

Doing 5 cardio sessions a week including boxing, cycling, swimming, and HIIT land training. On top of 4 x weight sessions.”

Eddie Hall looks ripped after his transformation (Image: Instagram)
Eddie Hall looks ripped after his transformation (Image: Instagram)

In an interview after winning the 2017 World’s Strongest Man title, Hall told Sports360  that he’s not big “I’m only 6’3” and put a lot of extra pressure on his body to win the WSM at the body weight of 440 pounds.

“It was so stressful and I put a lot of pressure on my body to win the World’s Strongest Man, I’m only 6’3 and I achieved a body weight of 440 pounds.

To put it blunt—if I stay at that weight for so long, I’m going to kill myself. That’s why I’ve had to step it down a peg and lose a bit of weight.”

Eddi Hall was also quick to dismiss the idea of a going back to WSM, saying:

“To go back and potentially come second or third would damage me.

Why would I go back and risk that reputation? I’ve won it, let’s walk away at the top and live the legacy, be a legend.”

The British strongman in his career stamped out some really big and impressive competition such as WSM 2018 Hafthor Bjornsson, Former WSM Brian Shaw and Zydrunas Savickas and many other top athletes in the strongman sport.

Eddi Hall also broke a record when he managed to complete a 500kg deadlift, he can lift an impressive 135kg log press as his ‘easy reps’ and can throw 60kg dumbbells like paper airplanes. He still lifts extremely heavy weights (see the video below), but he seems to have adopted a bodybuilding style training philosophy.

“The Beast” is looking more healthier and happier at a lower weight! 

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