EVLS Prague Pro 2018: Watch Compare Prejudging Pro Men’s Open

EVLS Prague Pro Prejudging!

EVLS Prague Pro Prejudging

EVLS Prague Pro 2018

The post Mr. Olympia European tour is the time of the year when top bodybuilders hit up for epic clashes of greatness. This weekend starts with Evls Prague Pro 2018 showdown. Check out all comparisons in the Prejudging the Pro Men’s Open at the EVLS Prague Pro 2018.

The People’s Champion Roelly Winklaar and Nathan de Asha dominate the show as expected.

Watch The Prejudging Pro Men’s Open:

1. Comparison 04:05
Roelly Winklaar, Nathan DeAsha, Lucas Osladil, Pavel Beran

2. Comparison 07:40
Slavoj Bednar, Samson Dauda, James Hollingshead

3. Comparison 10:00
Darius Barzinskas, Igor Illes, Michael Kefalianos, Marek Olejniczak, Victor Rea, Krystian Wolski, Kevin Gebhard.

Enjoy the video courtesy of TEAM-ANDRO.com

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