Report: Deontay Wilder Broke His Arm Before Tyson Fury Boxing Bout!

Deontay Wilder Claims He Is Not Using His Arm Injury As An Excuse For His Performance Versus Tyson Fury!

We watched one of the most classic boxing matches ever on Saturday night. Deontay Wilder successfully retained his WBC Heavyweight title. But two big controversies followed this fight.

Controversy 1. The fight ended in a draw (115-111 Wilder (Alejandro Rochin), 114-112 Fury (Robert Tapper) and 113-113 draw (Phil Edwards). But despite Tyson Fury was un underdog, he dominated most of the rounds. Even the two broadcasters expected judges to claim the British fighter a winner!

Tyson Fury was so furious. He even called WBC to sack the judge Alejandro Rochin, who scored the bout in the favor of Deontay Wilder.

Controversy 2. The referee was commended for not stopping the match after Wilder’s brutal left hook which sent Fury to the canvas in the last round. Wilder even posted a video that proves the British boxer didn’t recover on time.

Deontay Wilder also confessed that the match was under a big question mark. Wilder broke his arm only 12 weeks before starting a camp to fight Tyson Fury! “The Bronze Bomber” revealed he suffered arm fracture from the wrist to elbow during a sparring session and had surgery before the showdown. (h/t The Sun)

“A lot of people don’t know, 12 weeks before camp I broke my arm, we kept that a secret, surgery and everything,”

“I broke my arm from my wrist to elbow, I was sparring, getting ready and I was getting the best of my sparring partner, I was going to the body, he turned his elbow out and my bones and his elbow went in like a hammer to a nail. It just broke it.”

Deontay Wilder says the fracture had a monstrous impact on his preparations. Yet, Wilder claims he isn’t using an injury as an excuse for his performance.

“We wanted to keep that sewed up, you know, we don’t make excuses, that whole camp we rallied through and I barely threw any punches my whole camp.”

“So that could also have been another reason, with the being anxious to want to get Fury out so badly, having so much pressure on me with the pay-per-view.”

In the meantime, Deontay Wilder opened up about the possibility of a Tyson Fury rematch.

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Thanks to the city of #LosAngeles @staplescenterla @showtimeboxing and all the fans around the world that supported this David vs Goliath fight. It was an amazing fight and I wanted nothing but greatness to come from this. The fight lived up to the hype more than ever. When you put the best against the best, exciting things happens. I take nothing away from this fight but we won this fight. To beat the champion you must dominate the champ and to me I was the more aggressive fighter and landed the more affective punches. You saw the best #fury but you did not get the best #Wilder and I still managed to get the job done. This event brought more pressure than I expected, I just wanted the best for Boxing Here in America and Boxing in General In which lead me to get overly anxious to knock his head off so I abandoned the game plan. Did the count start 3-4 sec too late or Was the count too long is the question many Are asking and debating about. The ref #JackReiss is an amazing ref in which I’ve had the pleasure to work with on several occasions and he did a great job and at the end of the day #Boxing wins the #Fans are the real winner and I can’t wait for #WilderFury2 To end the controversial talk around the world once and for all!! Love, Love, love to all my fans! Blessings and see you guys again soon -Champ #BombZquad #AndStill @staplescenterla @showtimeboxing @premierboxing

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On the press conference following Saturday night clash, both Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder challenged the unified Heavyweight champion, Anthony Joshua. “AJ” accepted the callout, claiming his readiness to fight either Fury or Wilder.

What took this fool so long? Like we ain’t been interested?!! 🙄Anyway well done Fury! they wanted to get you because they assumed you was finished!! I’ll give you a fair one when your ready! Either one of you!

Let’s remember, IBF, WBA, and WBO champion Anthony Joshua is set to defend his world title on April 13, 2019, on Wembley Stadium in London. But his opponent is unknown yet!

The situation looks so complicated. It is very hard to predict what happens next. Do you think Wilder uses his injury as an excuse for a sloppy performance against “The Gypsy King”? Would you like to see Deontay Wilder Vs Tyson Fury 2 soon? Who will be Joshua’s next rival?

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