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Ample Meal Replacement Shake Benefits & Effectiveness

Ample Meal Replacement Shake DEALS

Ample is a valuable meal replacement product that is easy for the body to tolerate. But does it cost more than what you can afford?

Ample has made a name for itself as a popular choice among meal replacement products. Designed by a former CrossFit gym owner and physical therapy startup operator, Ample was created through a crowdfunding campaign.

The goal of Ample was to change the world of packaged foods by focusing on meal replacements that are healthy and safe.

Ample Meal Replacement Shakes feature several quality ingredients for your dietary needs. I checked out the 600-calorie bottle of the Ample shake to see how well it works, although there’s also a 400-calorie option for those who need something a little less.

Ample Meal

There is also a vegan version Ample V and ketogenic version Ample K is available, you can read the reviews of both here Ample V and Ample K.

Now lets take a look at a few Pros and Cons.


  • Provides digestive support
  • Includes healthy fats
  • 27 grams of protein in each bottle


  • The texture is too creamy for some
  • A bit pricey

Ample Meal Shake Nutrition

Ample meal replacement shakes come in two sizes for 2.8 and 3.8 ounces. I tried the 3.8-ounce bottle for this review. Each unit includes the following helpful ingredients in six categories and I particularly like how each one is organized:

Ample Meal

Protein Blend

The protein blend includes grass-fed whey protein, hydrolyzed collagen protein, and pea protein. These proteins are necessary for helping you build muscle mass. Pea protein is helpful for providing you with branched chain amino acids without all the carbohydrates.

Your muscles will recover well while your body absorbs more of the protein you need for a workout. You’ll get 36 grams in every 600-calorie bottle of Ample.

Lipid Blend

Each Ample bottle includes healthy lipids or fats. These include chia seed, coconut, and macadamia nut oils. These oils focus on providing your body with healthy fats, particularly omega-3s. Each bottle contains 35 grams of fat and 15 grams of saturated fat. Also, 320 of the 600 calories in each bottle come from fat.

Carb, Prebiotic, and Fiber Blend

The next set of ingredients features essential fiber components such as acacia fiber, organic psyllium fiber, and tapioca dextrin.

Each bottle includes 14 grams of fiber and 35 grams of carbs. The fiber total is much higher than what I’ve experienced on some other bottles that have been out for sale.

The added psyllium is one of my favorite additions to Ample as this compound adds weight to your bowel movements.

The water in your gut is soaked up by the bowels, thus making it easier for you to relieve yourself and to prevent constipation. I appreciate that the ingredient prevents diarrhea as well.

Plant-Based Micronutrient Blend

Organic wheatgrass, cocoa, barley grass, and chlorella add extra fiber. Barley grass adds vitamin C as well. Chlorella stimulates your body’s immune system, thus preventing infections.

Probiotic Blend

Probiotics are included to boost your digestive system and improve how well your body can absorb various nutrients.

The most critical part of probiotics is that they reduce exercise-induced stress and make it easier for you to recover after a workout.

My favorite part of the probiotics is that they make it easier for me to stay regular. I’ve found far too many times in the past where I’ve struggled to try and keep my body regular. The good news is that I can use the probiotic blend here to stay active because I don’t feel backed up.

I realize that I have given you far too much information here, but it’s a truth that deserves mentioning.

Additional Ample Ingredients

The other ingredients included in each bottle of Ample aren’t hard to figure out. Each bottle includes dried honey, sea salt, lemon juice, cinnamon, monk fruit extract, and stevia. These are added to provide an extra bit of flavor and the great thing is these will not add lots of unnecessary sugars either. Each 600-calorie bottle includes about 6 grams of natural sugar.

Ample Nutrition Info

Are There Any Allergens?

Each bottle of Ample includes milk and macadamia nut compounds. Be aware of this if you have allergies or sensitivities to these.

How Does It Taste?

Ample has a slightly thick texture to it and much of this is thanks to the added fat content. The Honey and Cinnamon flavor is quite pleasant and the texture is pretty creamy.

Ample Meal Taste
Ample Meal Taste

Some might even say the shake is a little thick but just add a little more water if this is the case. At the bottom (And with all Ample shakes) there is a slight grittiness but nothing too undesirable.

Overall, it’s a great tasting shake!

When Do You Use It?

I found that while Ample can be consumed at any time in the day, it might be best to have Ample at the start of the day if possible. The added protein and energy that I get out of Ample assists with making it through any workout or all those other daily routines I have to work with.

How Much Does It Cost?

You have the option to choose a one-time purchase or you can subscribe and save 10% on your order.

Now, since you have two options (400/600 calorie options) the pricing of course varies but here’s a list of both bottle options with pricing based on order quantities.

Use code FITNESSVOLT to save 15% on your order.

400 calories

  • 6 bottles: $39.00 ($6.50/meal)
  • 12 bottles: $74.10 ($6.17/meal)
  • 30 bottles: $175.50 ($5.85/meal)
  • 60 bottles: $331.50 ($5.53/meal)

600 calories

  • 6 bottles: $48.00 ($8.00/meal)
  • 12 bottles: $91.20 ($7.60/meal)
  • 30 bottles: $216.00 ($7.20/meal)
  • 60 bottles: $408.00 ($6.80/meal)

How Does It Compare?

Ample compares with many other on the go drink products. The Soylent Meal Replacement is a choice that focuses mainly on various nutrients, including vitamins A and K. 20 grams of plant-based protein are included with soluble fiber added to promote regular bowel functions.

Soylent is made with no gluten, dairy, or animal-based products. About 150mg of caffeine is included in each bottle to keep you alert.

The Saturo meal replacement drink is another good option. The drink features 26 essential vitamins and minerals and can satisfy your hunger for about two to three hours on average. The product is designed to keep you from overeating. High oleic sunflower oil is also a part of this product to help you with getting more monounsaturated fats.

The OWYN protein drink is also something worth noting. OWYN is a vegan protein shake that includes organic kale, broccoli, and spinach ingredients to provide you with added fiber. Unsaturated fats are prominently featured to help lower blood lipid levels while being easy for the body to digest. Each bottle contains 4 grams of sugar and 180 calories. The dairy-free design makes it easier for people who have dairy sensitivities to consume the product.

My Overall Rating of the Ample Meal Shake

  • Effectiveness – 8.5/10 Stars
  • Ingredients – 9.5 Stars
  • Taste – 9/10 Stars
  • Price – 6/10 Stars

Final Thoughts on Ample Meal

Ample is a great option for when you need a quick and convenient meal “on-the-go,” or even if you just want to swap out a meal at home for a bottle of the delicious shake. If you need a good meal replacement option which tastes pretty darn good and fills you up while providing real food nutrition; Ample is your shake!

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The Review

Ample Meal Replacement Shake

8.3 Score

Ample Meal Replacement Shake is a great option for when you need a quick and convenient meal “on-the-go,” or even if you just want to swap out a meal at home for a bottle of the delicious shake. If you need a good meal replacement option which tastes pretty darn good and fills you up while providing real food nutrition; Ample is your shake!


  • Provides digestive support
  • Includes healthy fats
  • 27 grams of protein in each bottle


  • The texture is too creamy for some
  • A bit pricey

Review Breakdown

  • Effectiveness
  • Ingredients
  • Taste
  • Price

Ample Meal Replacement Shake DEALS

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