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4 Gauge Pre-Workout Review – Does It Have The Firepower?

4 Gauge is a neat concept on the exterior but does this shotgun shell-shaped bottle contain an effective pre-workout formula inside? Here's our full product review...
Matthew Magnante, ACE
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4 Gauge Pre-workout by Roar Ambition is a gun lover’s dream supplement simply due to the fact that the bottle was designed to look like a shotgun shell, more specifically, the less common 4-gauge shell which is large and packs a punch (it’s really cool)! And what’s even cooler is that if you visit their website and click around below the top menu bar, you’ll hear shotgun sounds…

But, of course, the intention was to discuss the ingredients which is what I plan to do. It doesn’t hurt to admire some cool packaging though as a gun enthusiast myself

According to the website, “4 gauge is the safest and strongest pre-workout on the market”. Is it really? Well, that’s a bold claim but this all-natural product certainly appears to be worth a look. Let’s go over the product and I’ll give my opinion on this pre-workout supplement. 

Note: 4 Gauge should only be taken by those who have built up a decent tolerance to caffeine. If you’re using this product for the first time, start out with less than half of the serving size recommended on the label.We do not recommend those with pre-existing medical conditions take this product and you should always consult with a medical professional if considering supplementing with any similar products. Caffeine and other stimulants can cause serious side effects so be sure to take the necessary precautions to ensure your and others’ safety.

Make sure to read the product label for additional instructions.

4 Gauge Pre-Workout
4 Gauge Pre-Workout

4 Gauge Pros and Cons


  • All-natural ingredients
  • No proprietary blends
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • No preservatives
  • GMP-certified formula
  • Very cool bottle design


  • Pricey depending on the number of bottles purchased and/or dose 
  • Only 150mg caffeine (not ideal for more hardcore pre-workout users)

4 Gauge Video Review

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4 Gauge Pre-Workout Review

4 Gauge Pre-Workout Review

4 Gauge Pre-Workout Review

4 Gauge is safest and one of the strongest pre-workout on the market. Each serving contains 150mg caffeine plus 200mg L-theanine combined as "Smart caffeine," 6g citrulline for pumps, carnitine for fighting fatigue and Rhodiola Rosea for all-around performance.

Key Features

  • 150mg caffeine anhydrous provides you with the firepower (energy) you need to blast through your workout session. It’s a great performance enhancer. 
  • 200mg L-theanine works synergistically with caffeine to extend performance duration, enhance cognitive function, and has shown to improve stress. The combo is commonly referred to as ‘Smart Caffeine’ and gives you benefits without jitters or crashing. (1
  • 6,000mg L-citrulline malate extracted from watermelon acts as a vasodilator to open blood vessels which contributes to huge pumps in the gym. It may even have positive effects on cardiovascular health.
  • 1,000mg creatine monohydrate is the most studied and proven ergogenic ingredient. It’ll build muscle, increase strength, improve factors of physical performance, aid in recovery, and prevent injury. Plus, it has shown to have neuroprotective properties.
  • 300mg Red Beet is used as a performance enhancer and nitric oxide booster.  
  • 100mg Rhodiola Rosea may have cognitive-boosting effects and has been shown to reduce the effects of stress while still allowing you to perform. It may be effective for encouraging a good mood which we all know is necessary to have a productive workout.
  • Coconut water powder helps to maintain hydration. 
  • 500mg Acetyl-L-Carnitine has healthy effects on the brain, heart, blood sugar, and it may have benefits for exercise performance. 


Let’s go over the key ingredients and benefits of 4 gauge based on scientific research. 


Arguably the most potent pump-enhancing ingredient available. L-citrulline is an amino acid that converts into L-arginine, which creates nitric oxide in the body. It dilates blood vessels to increase blood flow and hence, increases pumps which is a desirable side effect of resistance training. 

But L-citrulline has also shown to increase performance, contribute to muscle-building (via increasing protein synthesis), help with erectile dysfunction, and improve cardiovascular health (e.g. lowering blood pressure). (2, 3, 4)

One study also found that L-citrulline could raise growth hormone (GH) levels after exercise. GH is important for muscle growth plus maintaining a healthy metabolism and blood sugar levels. (5, 6)

6000mg or 6g of L-citrulline is the upper end of an effective dose without the side effects and this is a standard dose for similar products. 

4 Gauge Ingredients
4 Gauge Ingredients

Creatine monohydrate

Creatine is the standard for ergogenic supplements. It’s one of the most proven ingredients for improving body composition and performance due to the countless number of studies supporting its effects. (7)

When taken as a supplement, this amino acid saturates the muscles and may actually be able to promote muscle gains through multiple pathways. Although, the exact mechanisms of which creatine imposes its effects isn’t entirely conclusive. 

But, there’s sufficient evidence to suggest that it can affect protein synthesis, insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1), myostatin (limits muscle growth), and water content in the muscles (cell volumization). (8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13)

Creatine can also increase high-intensity exercise capacity via its role in the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) which fuels cell energy during physical activity. (14)

Not to mention, it can significantly improve brain performance. 

Creatine is an excellent addition to any supplement stack. 

The only downside is that 4 Gauge is a bit low with only 1,000mg (1g) per serving. Although, this dose has shown to still provide benefits. But, 2-10g is a common daily dose. So, if you’re looking to maximize creatine’s effectiveness, then use a creatine supplement in addition to 4 Gauge. 

Acetyl L-carnitine 

carnitine is important for energy production in the body as it transports fatty acids to be used for such purpose. Our bodies can also produce it in effective amounts but we need to consume a lot of vitamin C for this to occur. It’s also mostly found in muscles. (15, 16)

There are also various forms of carnitine, however, “Acetyl” L-carnitine has the most beneficial effects on the brain. In fact, one study involving alcoholics found that 2g/day can improve cognitive disturbances. It was concluded that it was a “safe and therapeutic agent”. (17, 18)

Not to mention, there’s sufficient research that shows it to have positive effects on cognitive decline in those with brain diseases and even in mildly demented or normal, healthy aging individuals. (19, 20, 21, 22)

Acetyl L-carnitine may also help with weight loss in overweight individuals however, research is limited regarding any weight-reducing effects. 

One study of obese individuals reported 2.9lbs lost when taking carnitine. Although, the magnitude of the effects decreased over time. (23)

Studies on Acetyl L-carnitine for performance are mixed. Although, there’s evidence behind its potential effects on heart health and other chronic diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes. (24, 26

As far as dosage, 2-3g has shown to be a safe amount, and 500mg per serving of 4 Gauge you have nothing to worry about. This is also on the lower end of what is impossible with Acetyl L-carnitine regarding an effective dose. High doses have been linked to atherosclerosis so keep this in mind if considering taking a high dose for any reason. (27, 28, 29)

Red beet root extract 

Red beet root contains plenty of essential nutrients such as iron, potassium, vitamin C, and fiber. 

The compounds that are believed to contribute to the benefits include inorganic nitrates that convert to nitric oxide and betanin which gives the red pigment. (30, 31)

Consequently, red beet root can have positive effects on the heart rather and it may be beneficial for other factors of health. (32, 33)

You may also experience performance benefits from consuming red beet root powder. (34, 35, 36)

Caffeine anhydrous

Caffeine needs no introduction… it’s an incredibly proven ingredient that stimulates the nervous system, therefore, providing you with the energy and focus you need during any physical activity. 

4 Gauge does only contain 150mg per serving which isn’t as much as other popular pre-workouts that go up to 400mg. However, this was intentional to avoid the huge crash and jitters that can occur with amounts of caffeine.

Now, is 150mg per serving enough to call this the strongest pre-workout if we’re talking based on a serving size? Not really. However, you can take more if needed per the instructions provided on the product label. 


L-theanine is an amino that is found in green teas but it works very well with caffeine to prevent jitters and crash. Not to mention, it has calming effects and is capable of working with caffeine to enhance cognitive performance which is important for performing at optimal levels for extended periods. 

200mg is an effective amount for the amount of caffeine contained in 4 gauge. 

Rhodiola Rosea powder

An herb from Asia and Europe, Rhodiola Rosea’s benefits come from the roots which are adaptogens that can potentially have many desirable effects on mental health. (37)

A study of 101 people who dealt with stress symptoms found that taking 400mg Rhodiola rosea extract improved life-stress symptoms after only 3 days of administration which continued beyond the 4 weeks of supplementation. (38)

The benefits include much more than the positive effects on stress though. There are numerous studies that support its use for improving cancer, brain function, physical performance, fatigue, depression, and diabetes. 

Based on research, taking 200-300mg an hour or two before exercise can maximize performance benefits. In addition, 400-600mg has been suggested for mental benefits and fatigue. (39)

A serving of 4 Gauge provides just 100mg per serving which may be a little low for getting maximum effects. Although, again, you can up the dose.

Other Ingredients

Other ingredients in 4 Gauge include dextrose, erythritol, natural flavors, xylitol, monk fruit extract, silica. Flavors and sweeteners are natural which is much appreciated. 

Basic Nutrition Information

There are only 5 calories and 4g carbs in one serving so no worries about gaining any weight or getting fat (sarcasm). That’s pretty much it…

Can 4 Gauge Cause Side Effects?

While 150mg of caffeine isn’t a lot for the more hardcore individuals who can chug a ton of caffeine multiple per day, it’s a lot for someone who doesn’t usually have caffeine. 

If this is you, I’d say to start off with one or one and a half scoops for a few exercise sessions and assess your tolerance from there. Then, adjust based on how much you think would be an effective dose for you. This is also a good idea especially if you haven’t yet taken any of the other ingredients. 

Regarding other ingredients causing side effects, it’s entirely possible. Some people are sensitive to a variety of different compounds, so start with less if you need to.

How To Take It

Per the instructions, you’ll take 2 level scoops mixed in 10-12 fl oz of water or juice 20-30 minutes before training. Again, you can use a little less at first. But if you do take a full serving and don’t find it to be potent enough, you can up the dose to 3-4 scoops. 


So there’s only one flavor which is Fruit Blast. However, they perfected it in my opinion which they also acknowledged on the website. Some pre-workouts are pretty unbearable but I could probably drink this one any time of the day. 

4gauge Taste
4gauge Taste

It is a little sour which is expected but the taste/flavor is very pleasant (for me) and there was no aftertaste whatsoever. The powder also mixes pretty well so no worries there either. If you were concerned about the taste, don’t be!


4 Gauge is not a cheap pre-workout especially considering you only get 20 servings and if you need to take more than 2 scoops at a time, it can get real pricey especially if you use pre-workout often. However, if you go with the “Ultimate Ammo Crate,” which is the three-bottle package (get 4th free), then a bottle comes out to $33.75 with free shipping.

This is by far the best deal whereas if you buy one or two bottles, you’ll pay $45 for servings plus shipping for the single bottle. 

Here are the prices listed on their website… 

  • 1 bottle: $45 + shipping cost
  • 2 bottles: $90 free UK and US shipping
  • 3 bottles +1 free (4 total): $135 free UK and US shipping
5% OFF

4 Gauge Pre-Workout Review

4 Gauge Pre-Workout Review

4 Gauge Pre-Workout Review

4 Gauge is safest and one of the strongest pre-workout on the market. Each serving contains 150mg caffeine plus 200mg L-theanine combined as "Smart caffeine," 6g citrulline for pumps, carnitine for fighting fatigue and Rhodiola Rosea for all-around performance.

Is 4 Gauge Worth The Buy? 

There are some pretty interesting ingredients in 4 Gauge pre-workout and there are a few reasons why I’d say it’s not a bad product at all. For one, it does contain a nice combination of cognitive-enhancing and health-promoting ingredients.

Although, a few ingredients may be a little underdosed such as the creatine and Rhodiola Rosea based on the information that we found on recommended dosages. Again though, you’re free to take two servings if need be.

But then if you up your dose, those 20 servings can dwindle down rather quickly. I’d say the 3+1 bottle deal would be worth the cost whereas a single bottle is not in my opinion…

Creatine Calculator: Find Your Daily Creatine Intake

Overall Rating 

  • Ingredients: 9/10
  • Mixability: 9.5/10
  • Effectiveness: 9.5/10
  • Taste: 9/10
  • Price: 8/10

More on pre-workouts:

If you want to learn more about pre-workout supplements, we have an entire pre-workout section that we recommend you check out!


4 Gauge pre-workout is a pretty decent option when you need to “load up your guns” to take on an intense workout ahead. Is it the strongest option on the market? I’ll leave that up to those who’ve tried all the pre-workout on the market. However, it definitely contains effective ingredients and it may be on par with some of the best out there if you take more than the two scoops I’d venture to say. 

But use the information provided to determine if it’s right or you. 

If you have any questions about this article, please feel free to contact Matthew Magnante by leaving a comment below.

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The Review

4 Gauge Pre-Workout

9 Score

4 Gauge is a neat concept on the exterior but does this shotgun shell-shaped bottle contain an effective pre-workout formula inside? Here's our full product review...


  • All-natural ingredients
  • No proprietary blends
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • GMP-certified formula
  • Very cool bottle design


  • Pricey depending on the number of bottles purchased and/or dose
  • Only 150mg caffeine (not ideal for more hardcore pre-workout users)

Review Breakdown

  • Ingredients
  • Mixability
  • Effectiveness
  • Taste
  • Price

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Matthew Magnante, ACE
Matthew Magnante, ACE
Matthew is an ACE (American Council On Exercise) certified fitness professional who has had a passion for fitness since elementary school and continues to research and learn how to build muscle effectively through training and diet. He also loves to help others to achieve their fitness goals and spread the knowledge where needed. Matthew's other passions include learning about mindfulness, strolling through nature, traveling, and always working to improve overall.

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