Breaking News: Rich Piana Placed in Medically Induced Coma… After Emergency

Rich Piana was found unresponsive and transported to a local hospital.

Rich Piana was placed into a medically induced coma this week after suffering a medical emergency at his Florida home, law enforcement sources tell TMZ Sports.

Piana, 46 has competed and won several bodybuilding competitions over the years including Mr. California — and has become a YouTube & Instagram star racking up more than 1 million followers.

According to law enforcement sources:

Emergency personnel responded to a possible overdose call at Rich Piana’s home on Monday afternoon. When they arrived, Piana was unresponsive and was transported to a nearby hospital where he was placed into a medically induced coma.

Official response from 5PercentNutrition

Earlier this week, Rich Piana, known for his honesty and leadership in the bodybuilding community was hospitalized. Rich’s condition is improving each day while he is in recovery.

Rich is a man who has built his reputation on total honesty and has played by his own rules the whole way. Rich is known across the world as a man who embraces the naysayers, just as much as he embraces those who accept him. His outspoken nature is one of the reasons Rich is both respected and criticized. Nevertheless, he tells it like it is.

The “5%ERs” are a community of driven individuals dedicated to a competitive energy. The 5% Nation is a key driving force for Rich to excel both in the gym and in making the 5% Nutrition line the best it can be.

We’d like to ask the 5% Nation for good thoughts and prayers for him.

We are following this story and will keep you updated as it develops.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Rich Piana and his family during this difficult time.

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Comments 1,011

  1. I’m praying for you rich

  2. Another sad news for bodybuilding world, CT, Sean Harris and now Rich!!!

  3. Holy shit Johnny Ugent

  4. All those drugs catching up to him.

  5. i admire rich because he is someone who knows exactly what he wants and has done everything to achieve it. fuck the haters.

  6. Miles Jesse Huffman man what the heck is going on!

  7. Praying for you man

  8. Franklin T. Boyd

  9. Piana has destroyed his own health. He made alot of careless mistakes.

  10. Mike Boone Eduardo Cruz Adam Baptista Jr. Eric Mareiro

  11. Whatever it takes !!!

  12. Elghazi Abdelilah still wanna go on roids fucker ?!!

  13. Andrew Batislaon inom na lng at buffet

  14. Frankie Sterling

  15. thoughts to you and your family rich 🙁

  16. He’s done. Probably burst heart

  17. Zac Steinhardt

  18. He’s a natty he be all good

  19. But steroids are soooooo safe

  20. A lot of us suspected all the heavy gear usage would catch up with him eventually. Hope Rich can make a speedy recovery and make healthier choices going forward

  21. My prayers and the best thoughts to the family……

  22. Avatar Jay Ryan says:

    Rich is a good guy. Idc what all you jealous fucks say.

  23. Nicklas Blangsted shiiiet

  24. Dódo Stavrev Gregory Marcin

  25. Shubham Mahendru

  26. Amanda Magoon, Skylar Greer, David Williams,

  27. Apparently it’s prescription pain killers. Google the documentary called prescription thugs, it’s on YouTube.

  28. Rich just posted a flashback pose down earlier today on IG…damn

  29. Get well soon Rich

  30. might sound cold, but was this not expected?? let this be a warning

    • Genialer Post Danke

    • Actually, it looks like an overdose. Since it was so expected, post some articles that actually link steroid usage to something like this WITHOUT the use of other drugs or alcohol. I’ll wait. Tag me so I don’t miss it. Also, reading REALLY helps.

    • Elijah Hezekiah Gallichio hey small fry, you do realize he was using a lot of pain killers because of all the abuse on his body which was facilitated by the steroid use, most pros use gear and train hard, this guy was taking huge amounts of gear and putting his body through hell with his marathon type training, so yeah anyone who knows a little bit about rich pianna saw this coming, you obviously don’t know much about bodybuilding

    • He lived hazzard life . Did he know it ? Somebody warned him ?Hoping and praying he will be good and survive , and not repeat same mistake .

    • Rudi Špoljarec your kidding right?? lmfao

  31. Johnny Rednour

  32. Giovanny Razzo

  33. Overdose cocaína

  34. Avatar Nico Lee says:

    Luis Goliath Hernandez

  35. Avatar Sam Kelly says:

    Everybody jumps to gear but we don’t even know yet ‍♂️

  36. Avatar Cheng Goh says:

    Yuval Yahav

  37. God speed to recovery my friend..!!

  38. Weird so much hate … fake news btw… the guy posted a YouTube post today… 9hours ago… this supposedly happened on Monday…
    Oh I forgot …
    He posted from his coma …

  39. Get well soon rich

  40. Ben Hetzel ya boy done fucked up

  41. Avatar Cag Krutz says:

    lets hope that coma is forever! fuck racists!

  42. Jonathan Marcelo

  43. Hector Albizu

  44. Ok haters and trolls, this is where you come in and start yelping ignorance about roids. Since you’re all experts and have experience

  45. Avatar Mart Viau says:

    8 hours coma workout.

  46. This is sad but he new that with continuous use it would be his down fall.

  47. Agustin Coronel Jose Torres Otro…

  48. Gorille Browno ton pref

  49. Reed Stewart the piano man /:

  50. … he new it would eventually happen to him…

  51. What’s sad is that if it was a drug overdose to some type of recreational drug, cocaine heroin etc. Everyone will forever talk about how he died from steroids no matter what the case may be. Heaven forbid he passes. My heart goes out to his family and friends

    • Dude exactly no one is reading any articles they found Coke crushed up and he clearly overdosed. Nothing steroid related AT ALL

  52. Avatar Nick Jones says:

    Angelo Arlotta

  53. Kegham Kazandjian shit man

  54. On behalf of Rich’s friends and immediate family. We hope you will be respectful about this very trying time. We request that what ever religion you believe in please send your thoughts and prayers to Rich Piana. I have know him since he was six years old. He is his own man and makes no excuses for who he is. You trolls who wish to disparage him. Save your venom for something else. He is a beloved brother, son and friend to many thousands of people. So you can go FY!

  55. Jarrod Davenport

  56. Nick Talaepa too much

  57. Karl Kreischer Sami Sami

  58. We have a bunch of shit talkers here…!!!

  59. Avatar Yoan Perez says:

    Get well asap. Hate or love, you don’t deserve this just like any other human being unless you’re a rapist, murderer or child molester.

  60. Tren Tren Tren tren

  61. Too much steroids for YouTube fame has caused this death…people would stop promoting YouTube wannabe fitness enthusiasts

  62. Levi Martin :'( what ever it took right babe

  63. James Kranendonk

  64. Hate all you want. Every one of you has watched his videos.

    • nope never .. hand on heart .. never been interested in him or his bs

    • William Hutson I’m confused, you’ve never been interested in him or his bs, yet here you are sport. Spouting off all sorts of factless “broknowledge” like you are best friends with Rich and had dinner with him y-day. Seriously, grow up and if you can’t say something nice, well then shhhhhhhhh.

    • William Hutson I’ll second that only thing I’ve seen him on is Generation Iron 2 where he basically admits to abusing steroids and says he will take them for the rest of his life

    • He’s never tried to hide the fact he takes steroids. I think it’s great that he’s honest because I’m willing to bet the athletes you like to think are all natural have probably used one sort of performance enhancing drug at some point. At least he’s sharing, and if anything, maybe what not to do.

    • William Hutson but yet, here you are,talking about him… hmmmm

    • never seen any videos never been interested in him .. I think his family and friends are as concerned as anyone would be about a loved one but he’s always been an attention seeker and loudmouth .. not from me following him at all .. just never seen 1 headline showing anything good about him, his progress, or his activities .. always bad shit posted .. he is living proof when you systemically abuse steroids you will shorten and impair your lifespan .. my thoughts go out to family and friends but remember he brought the health issues upon himself ..

  65. stop abusing steroids people .. this is what happens !!!

    very sad for relatives and my condolences but seriously take heed to the warning I issued before ..

    why the f… are steroids in schools these days ? when teenager boys create more testosterone than they know what to do with

    • stuff it be respectful

    • Avatar Billy Lee says:

      You’re a boob Anthony

    • So what about those that take steroids and live into ripe old age?
      Life can take you down just as easy doing nothing wrong. Who’s to say he wouldn’t have had problems if he hadn’t taken steroids?
      I love how some people live in a different world from most where it’s all rainbows and unicorns.

    • It’s not all rainbows and unicorns but if you abuse these substances that have harmful effects on your kidney, liver and make your heart larger then eventually it’s gonna catch up with you. Fucking moron.

    • too right James .. shame some people wear dumbass blinkers lol .. steroid use and steroid abuse are different stories .. 1 means long life the other grieving wife

  66. Got a lot of experts up here. Do any of you shit bricks have first hand knowledge what is wrong with him? Maybe he slipped on a bar of soap. Maybe a snake crawled up his toilet and bit his dick. Stop acting like any of you know what the hell happened to him.

  67. Dammn this niggas history

  68. Praveen Pratap Shah

  69. I still say whatever it takes, get well soon bro

  70. It was just a matter of time, I actually like this guys because he is a straight shooter

  71. Omg there is a shocker. He looks like freak. Eats like shite. Bodybuilding most unhealthy life. style. Specialy new age

  72. Avatar David Cruz says:

    Hayden Bayha

  73. I hope he makes it.

  74. Christian Martin

  75. Man, i pray for Rich to get through this. I don’t agree with his lifestyle but he’s always shown to be a stand-up guy.

  76. Hope you recover soon

  77. Best wishes to him and his family.

  78. Cft Wasee Ullah Shahin

    • Avatar Ayam Din says:

      Dr sab sy b kahy k ehtayat kry wo b over dose na ly is news k bad sab steroids user pareshan ho gye

  79. Damn hope you come through bro alot of abuse will catch up to us all at the end sad but true live hard die young

  80. Danny Jenkins

  81. Tim J Renouf Carlos Berciano

  82. Rozario Engelbrecht

  83. Steroids didn’t do this its other things that caused this … all these experts know jack shit

  84. Brad Kennedy we’re gonna lose our favorite freshwater-all-natural-bodybuilding-mutant-piranha

  85. he finally got FDA approved meds, blood work etc trying to get healthy but I think the yrs of usage caught up with him.
    get well soon, wish you all the best

  86. Good the bb world is better without him

  87. Avatar Don Jon says:

    Something like this happened to mike matarazzo

  88. Matthew Rojas

  89. get better soon and be strong Rich!!!

  90. None of you even know what’s wrong with him, but immediately jump to conclusions.

  91. Avatar Oscar Lim says:

    Jonathan Yee

  92. Hayden Rashleigh

  93. Not surprised …may GOD and DOCTORS BLESS him speedy recovery

  94. Justin Brannon

  95. Roy Ford Cody Jo Furne

  96. Brandon Jetter Kevan Cryan

  97. Guys who dont lift, or take AAS commenting on a situation they know nothing about. Hope he comes back. FUCK THE TROLLS!!!

  98. Avatar Pete Gomm says:

    Randy Peregoy see that

    • Yea, I used to follow all his YouTube and Facebook stuff, he over does EVERYthing, stimulants, steroids and even pmma injections into his arms. Not good

  99. Praying for Rich

  100. Avatar Nick Gaona says:

    Andrew Pocaigue

  101. Landon McConaghy

  102. I hope he wakes up soon he’s going to lose all his Gainz! Viengvilay

  103. Whatever it takes!!!

  104. Avatar Cody Bowen says:

    Jeremy Proctor

  105. Jake Zyrus brod imong idol ohh

  106. You motherfuckers are ridiculous lol guy goes to the hospital unresponsive and haters capitalize on the opportunity to keep hating

  107. Avatar Kyle Lohse says:

    Dustin Lohse

  108. Avatar Matt Resko says:

    Sorry to hear this news.. be careful out there fellas

  109. OMG !! I hope he pulls though !! You can what you want but Rich is a fixture and a motivater in the world of bodybuilding …. let’s wish him well ..

  110. Avatar Jilu Zaya says:

    Thomas Kevin

  111. Aruga Ziggy Sanchez

  112. Shake time God Dammit ! );

  113. I feel bad for him but he did it to himself since he does not even look like the same person from just 10 years ago from all the crap he’s taken

  114. Will he make it out of this coma

  115. Austin Mitchell

  116. Semoga cepat sembuh, Rich Piana.

  117. U may love him or hate him, atleast support him in this hard time…humanity folks!!!

  118. Whether it was the steroids or opiates or cocaine or anything else he put into his body, it has all taken a toll. The moral of the story is that an extreme lifestyle will yield exactly this result. The human body isn’t designed for it.

  119. Cody Grandile

  120. Live by the needle die by the needle

  121. Jamil Neyazi Shane Farrell Wade Francis Wintersteen

  122. Ben and jerrys overdose! Whatever it takes god dammit yeaauuuhhhh

  123. Hector Wilcke

  124. Stephen Alderman lol your idol doped himself stupid

  125. Eric blankley

  126. Harrison Madafferi

  127. Aditya Mohan Aymen Kadhum

  128. Avatar JoSh Wa D says:

    Why prayers.??? This baffles me. He lived his life thinking he is god. Now he has health issues you say prayers..?? Or is this a token gesture??

    I will pray for him. That he gets a revelation of the one true God who is mightier and deserves more than a token word.

    • First prove to us all this invisible god you speak of exist. Undeniable proof that is, not some old fairy tale. We will all wait.

    • Avatar JoSh Wa D says:

      Glen Cargile I don’t have to prove anything. You have also missed the point. Maybe search for God yourself. And you will find him. Read the Bible. Jesus talks about that mate.

      Nevertheless. Be well and God bless.

    • The bible says lots of pointless shit but you don’t follow it because it doesn’t suit you. Get off your moral high horse because you believe in something someone else doesn’t. Moron.

    • JoSh Wa D AMEN brother?

    • Bullshit. Good luck talking to your sky daddy

    • Love each other bro! No time for hate Prayers to the family

    • Hypocrite religious basterd, if you truly are into your god you wouldn’t judge him like you’re doing right now. You failed your god by doing so. So stop being an idiot

    • Avatar JoSh Wa D says:

      Robin de Leeuw ha ha ha. Why so angry. Maybe read my post before you talk more dribble. You fool (not judging but a spade is a spade).

      My God is not about pass or fail. Do some reading of the Bible for yourself and you may understand.

      Bless you mate.

    • Avatar Mads Mørk says:

      God doesnt exist m8

    • You lecture on God, yet forget the one biggest rule ya turnip….. only God can judge, why is it religious freaks don’t get that?

    • Avatar Mark Larby says:

      Please explain judgment day

    • Glen Cargile first of all you prove in an infinite universe that there is no God … waiting

    • Other Interesting Time Frames
      Earliest Copies of Manuscripts know that are the noted years after persons death.

      Homer lived 8th century BC … 2100 years after his death we have the first known manuscripts – 643 manuscripts in existence today.
      Plato … 1300 years after his death we have the first known manuscripts – 7 manuscripts in existence today.
      Aristotle … 1400 years after his death we have the first known manuscripts – 5 manuscripts in existence today.
      Caesar … 950 years after his death we have the first known manuscripts – 10 manuscripts in existence today.
      Tacitus … 1000 years after his death we have the first known manuscripts – 20 manuscripts in existence today.
      New Testament … 100 years after the death of Christ we have the first known manuscripts – 14,000 manuscripts in existence today. On top of that there are 25,000 ancient manuscripts and 5,700 Greek Manuscripts. More manuscripts than any other body of literature.
      As preached in Romans 1 … You are without excuse.

    • Avatar JoSh Wa D says:

      Wes Van Bavel I didn’t know that. That’s awesome. Still. Heart will be hardened…

      Bless you brother.!

  129. you will get trough this dude.. come on

  130. I wonder if his dr will be black.

  131. Jade Hoy here about this yet?

  132. none of yall wouldnt be talking shit to his face. dude is in a critical state and haters gotta hate when dude is down. And like someone else just said, all of yall have watched his videos! he knows how to grow and educate whether you wanted to be on a freakish level like him or had your own personal level of goals to achieve. haters love to kick you when your down. praying for him and his family… Chris Thomas

  133. Joshua Wells Nick Sedwell

  134. Gary Collins Brett Porter

  135. It says a possible overdose buddy don’t jump to conclusions.

  136. Shouldve workout naturally…the needle will always catch up, and bite you in the ass.

  137. Avatar Valer Odi says:

    Domenico Jonathan Christopher Tomitit

  138. You idiots he overdosed on drugs not the juice

  139. Michael Petrie shit.

  140. Mitchell Bennett The worlds Richest Piano is down for the count

  141. Who cares.It was his choice to go that crazy.That probably will slow him down for a bit.

  142. Jacob Doglione

  143. Alexander Holloway Wesley Eayrs

  144. Fernando Alzola Santana oh oh …

  145. David Raby John Raby

    • He’s lived his life the way he wanted. Better to be a beast than live a long life I think. Lol Hopefully he makes it through!

  146. Get off the fucking can’t do that to your body and not expect something bad to happen. Prayers for his family.

  147. Brayden Cowlin James Newcombe

  148. TMZ says he over dosed on something

  149. Charles Auclair 🙁

  150. I tagged you in this

  151. Shit what’s appen!?

  152. Imran Khan M Ali Khan Niazi

  153. Michael ‘Prickle’ Arthur

  154. Respect to the man

  155. Sandeep Sandhu

  156. My prayers are with him and his family

  157. Kshitij Gupta

  158. iether comlete bs or he went crazy hypo glyceimic after a slin dose

  159. Avatar Adam Smith says:

    Regardless on peds or not Rich is still a human being. Regardless of his choices or not he’s still a human being, regardless of the things he has said or done in his life he’s still a human being. He’s a human being just like you and I and in a crappy situation and anyone who has a heart steal should feel a concern for him. Hang tuff Rich. Prayers sent your way.

  160. Anthony C Rider

  161. tela2eh gor3a ziada igf wla ai 5ara aho Ali Alaa

  162. Avatar Roy Ford says:

    I’m not sure but I’m seeing people say this is fake

  163. Jay Hurley ‘it’s only a matter of time’

    • Avatar Jay Hurley says:

      Geez that sucks. It was eventually gonna happen though he took way too much gear. Did you look into his cycles?

  164. Can’t believe the Denial. He record his life on his own. Yes I will pray he’s okay but wth… seriously the guy puts more shit in his body and we’re surprised. Ignorance to its fullest.

  165. Prayers hope your getting well ALOHA From HAWAII

  166. Alfonso this is what roids do to you

  167. Jack Coe Scotty Ngarongo Jayden Evans

  168. Mother fucker that’s great to hear you racist

  169. Brennan Mccready

  170. Avatar Rudra Roy says:

    Not shocked at all, it was coming to him, we all knew it. But lets pray for his recovery.

  171. Avatar John Heath says:

    Matt Wrightson

  172. Too much shit he’s taking …everyday liver healer etc ….he needs more superfoods green powders something healthy gearing eating out everday …not good

  173. Avatar Paul Durso says:

    Wow guys are we seriously living in a age where someone life is in serious danger and we all laugh and comment stuff we know little about…. ya on this page why? To just comment roids? Or beacuse uou respect and love the bodybuilding industry.. it says drug overdose…. so before you start saying steroids maybe just have a little more respect and common sense to realise his probs going through somthing and did some drugs like prescriptions or even heroin to help deal with it and to me thats sad and i hope we dont loose a legend

  174. May you recover fast our wishes are wid up Sir

  175. Daniel Mićić

  176. Whatever it is he has I learned lot from him a lot only guy who tell you things straight how it is , other people hide shit they don’t want you to know how they got. so ripped or big, I love his honesty and fuck stop being haters and make a fucking pray for him at this time , you have nothing good to say at this time then don’t shut the fuck up .

  177. Have some respect or is this too much to ask nowadays.

  178. Craig O’Neill

  179. Dominic Zehetgruber

  180. Vineet Prasad

  181. Avatar Jason Raul says:

    Rajesh Pancholy

  182. Avatar Sammzz Yu says:

    He’s gonna be fine. Then he’s gonna start to post a video about from steroid user bodybuilder to natural bodybuilder.

  183. Avatar Steven Row says:

    Nicholas Rowlands

  184. In generation iron 2 the man said he’s taken steroids for the past 20 year and will for the rest of his life…guess that’s going to change

  185. Wow!! All you dumbasses screaming it’s cuz of roids yet none of that has been determined. And news flash. The main problems roids gives you is heart problems, kidney and liver. Yes I know there are a few other side effects but was it a heart attack? No. Kidney or liver failure? Nope. So you think he passed out from severe hair loss or acne? Not a chance. If you don’t know then keep your opinions to yourself. Especially if you are uneducated about the lifestyle and culture. Prayers going out to Rich!

  186. Time to change the sport and the look. God Bless.

  187. James Birdsey

  188. Thats one strong mtf!! Really hope he will be fine.

  189. Brent Chamberlain Dave Thompson

  190. Bob De Sloper Angelo Super Rowan van Kleef Dennis Knijnenburg

  191. Avatar Josh Lewis says:

    Fark Kieran Tronc

  192. Avatar Dan Mosley says:

    Ricky D Sheehan

  193. Avatar Don Amil says:

    Mounir Lazzouni is this true?

  194. Avatar Kraig Oran says:

    Nik Charles m8 original grandbrahs down

  195. Steven Valentine

  196. Avatar Chuy Gomez says:

    Isai Martinez Diaz Diaz

  197. His a real Iron Warrior ❤

  198. Joseph Dean (Broccoli Rob)

  199. Dan Arden Anthony Petŕiṥoŕ

  200. Chris Fabian Pineda

  201. This makes me sad, but I wish he would’ve stopped using steroids. I stopped using steroids because my health was deeply affected ( kidneys stopped working gradually). I’ve been off of steroids( Nandrolone) for over a year now and my kidneys are almost good now( about 85% now). I didn’t want to die because my health is important to me because I have a lot to live for since I’m only 20 years old.

  202. Avatar Ben Champ says:

    David Lavallée

  203. Zyzz, Greg y ahora Piana… cuantos ejemplos más quieres Juan Eslava para que le bajes tantito?