When it comes to bodybuilding, many individuals focus mostly on the males end of the sport. The individuals that inspire many bodybuilders to pack on muscle and become beasts are indeed of the male gender. So its quite natural that bodybuilding would be more of a male-focused endeavor.

There aren’t many women out there who are looking to put on massive muscle; they don’t want to do at the expense of their femininity. But some women want to be as massive as the male bodybuilders in the Open Weight division.

Meet Nataliya Trukhina, born in the Russian city of Chita on 1st of July 1991, and now living in Moscow. Nataliya started training in the Gym when she was only 14-years-old and weighed just 81 lbs.

#fuckskinnygethuge😁 answers to the most frequent questions: I am from Russia. I am 26. my height is 170 cm. my weight in the off season is> 100 kg. I have been training for 12 years. I do not do my bicep measurement every day, etc. I do not watch every day my weight😁😁 ответы на самые частые вопросы: я из России. Мне 26 лет. Мой рост 170 см. Самый большой вес в межсезон был за 100кг. Тренируюсь более 12 лет. Я не замеряю свои бицепсы-трицепсы и т.п. и не встаю каждый день на весы 😁😁 мне это не интересно😁 #трухина #кузнецова #bodygoals #бицепс #bodypositive #bodybuilding #awesome #boobs #sexy #girlwithmuscles #biceps #omg #trainhard #realfbb #fbb #muscle #bomdia #beach #пляж

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She is an example of a female bodybuilder seeking to push the boundaries of her body, Nataliya holds 3 world records in bench press, and 3 world records in the deadlift.

Her Achievements Include:

  • Two times overall champion of Zabaikalie bodybuilding Cup.
  • Champion of the Europe Cup (GPA), set a new world record in deadlift and bench press.
  • Champion of the Europe Cup (WAA) rolling and Axel.
  • European and world champion in bench press and deadlift (WPC)
  • Champion of Eurasia in the bench press, deadlift (GPA) and arm lifting.
  • World arm lifting champion in Russia Cup.
  • World champion in bench press NAP, and set a world record.
  • World arm lifting champion and set a world record.
  • Arm lifting and powerlifting champion at the Eurasia Cup.

Nataliya Trukhina Bio and Stats:

  • Weight – 100 kg (220 lbs)
  • Height – 170 cm (5ft 7)
  • Biceps – 47 сm (18,5 in)
  • Legs – 73 сm (28,7 in)
  • Chest – 127 cm (50,0 in)
  • Bench Press – 385 lbs RAW
  • Squat – 617 lbs RAW
  • Deadlift – 529 lbs RAW
  • Biceps curl – 88 lbs 10 reps on one arm dumbbells
  • Leg press – 1433 lbs 20 reps
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Imma let her do her, but I couldn’t ever see myself wanting to be that big. I don’t even like the dudes looking that big.