It’s true that Kevin is one the best bodybuilders of all-time – has always placed in the top-6 at the Olympia and was 4-times second. He has exhibited both incredible muscularity and outstanding symmetry.

In this era in which many are decrying the huge size and thickness of the top pro bodybuilders, the aesthetic quality of his physique is what many wishes could become the standard judges used to crown the top champions in the sport.

Levrone’s accomplishments do not stem from his physique alone – they come from his will, his persona, as a bodybuilder who tells it like it is.

In a recent interview with Muscular Development, Levrone shares his thoughts on the passing of the 26-years-old Dallas McCarver, and if his fate could have been avoided, he also advises the young bodybuilders to take care of their health.

Do you agree with Kevin Levrone and his opinion on Dallas McCarver?

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