It’s true that Kevin is one the best bodybuilders of all-time – has always placed in the top-6 at the Olympia and was 4-times second. He has exhibited both incredible muscularity and outstanding symmetry.

In this era in which many are decrying the huge size and thickness of the top pro bodybuilders, the aesthetic quality of his physique is what many wishes could become the standard judges used to crown the top champions in the sport.

Levrone’s accomplishments do not stem from his physique alone – they come from his will, his persona, as a bodybuilder who tells it like it is.

In a recent interview with Muscular Development, Levrone shares his thoughts on the passing of the 26-years-old Dallas McCarver, and if his fate could have been avoided, he also advises the young bodybuilders to take care of their health.

Do you agree with Kevin Levrone and his opinion on Dallas McCarver?

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Craig Eyerick

Drug use on any level
Nullifies the beauty of
The future lies in going back to what vince gironde advocated.
He hated steroids and the world is waking up
To the ludicrous state of the sport as it is today.

Windell Clark

Basically the most successful bodybuilders are the ones with minimal side effects and good genetics. change either one of those two and you won’t make it, it’s hard to compete due to organ failure and it’s hard to compete without good genetics and you definitely can’t compete with major Side effects

Clinton Agnew

The same can be said of any sport then … if it were not F1 racing then Alain Prost would still be alive and if ir were not for skydiving and if it were not for football or free diving or any other dangerous sport. It is not the sport that kills it is the abuser of the sport that is to blame for the problems.

Howard Bjerke

I don’t think the more you abuse drugs the better a bodybuilder you will become. This is the mantra of all the interviews I’ve seen with the legends through time. Don’t get me wrong. To be a profesional BB today you have to “enhance” yourself. That’s a given, but it’s not the drugs which makes you become a champion. It’s everything else.

Andrew Laurenzi

He choked on his food and died, has nothing to do with body building and not chewing his food befor swallowing are you all that fucking stupid

Elliott Allen

This sport is a complete joke, for one there is too much reliance on acute chemicals; I can remember in the late 1970’s when ABC would televise Mr. Universe, then in the 1980’s ESPN would show The NPC Nationals and Mr. Olympia, and in the late 1980’s Ms. Olympia Cory Everson had her own show as did Shawn Ray, and Mr. Olympia Lee Haney. Today ESPN will show skate boarding, snow boarding, sky diving, dart throwing, and professional poker games in Law Vegas; and the reason for this is because todays bodybuilders are chemical junkies, and they will lie right… Read more »

Joshua Ezeta

Austin Reynolds Victor Manuel Quinonez

Jeremy Allen

I thought they said he choked to death on some food? How does bodybuilding have anything to do with that, lol. A power lifter at the gym here did that several years ago as well. Guess we should all just stop eating. Lol

Don Grubbs

I thought he choked on food? What’s that got to do with steroids or bodybuilding?

Dillon Hitz

I thought he died from chocking on chicken?

Jeffrey Tucker

Preston Broom what do you think?

Edwin Gloria

Como lo predijeron los culturistas de los 90 , en el futuro habrá mas muertes por el uso de estas drogas en personas a la edad de los 40’s 50’s ya que abusaran de estas sustancias en su adolescencia y juventud, Descansen en paz gigantes hierro ,Dallas, Rich, Antonio Osta, Sandro Hoffer, Matarazzo, etc. Etc. Aun así y yo lo se que amaron su deporte hasta dejar su alma por él!

Randy Baker

Didn’t Levrone the phoney haul his old ass back up stage last year??? Ok I’m sure did that eating 7 meals a day with protein shakes and protein powder!

Russell Frie

Very sad what bodybuilding has become.