WATCH: Pissed Charles J. Dixon Talks About His Arnold Classic Loss

Charles Dixon vs Kamal Elgargni
Charles Dixon vs Kamal Elgargni

At the 2018 Arnold Classic 212 competition, Charles Dixon was certainly a standout overtaking some of the big names the likes of Jose Raymond, David Henry, and Guy Cisternino. Many thought he was a shoe-in for victory. But alas, Charles Dixon ended up taking second place to the Kamal Elgargni.

Kamal Elgargni, made a big splash in his debut appearance in Columbus when he won the Arnold Classic 212. As far as Charles Dixon goes, he was less than pleased with the judges’ results, yet he was still able to find a silver lining in defeat.

Check out the video below as Dixon shares his thoughts on getting second place at the Arnold Classic.

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