WATCH: Arnold Schwarzenegger: ‘I’m Good’ But ‘Not Great Yet’ After The Heart Surgery

Arnold Schwarzenegger is back with a health update after heart surgery

A few weeks ago, Arnold Schwarzenegger underwent planned heart surgery. Now, he’s back to thank fans for their prayers & support. The day after the surgery, his spokesperson Daniel Ketchell said Schwarzenegger was in stable condition and recovering well from the procedure.

Today, the 7-times Mr. Olympia himself took a moment to update the fans that he’s on the mend and feeling “good” saying:

“I can’t say, even with my positive attitude, that I’m great, because I’m not great yet. Great is a totally different level. But I’m good. I feel good… Everything is fantastic.”

Schwarzenegger then explained the chess set-up, he said:

“I’m here at a chessboard playing a little bit of chess here to freshen my mind and my memory a little bit. And we move forward. So I will stay in touch with all of you. And thank you all for being such jewels.”

Watch the full video here:

We’re glad to see Schwarzenegger, 70, recovering. Hearing that someone is undergoing heart surgery can be scary, but Schwarzenegger seems upbeat and ready to face the challenges. After all, his first words post-surgery were “I’m back,” according to spokesperson Ketchell.

We’re sending best wishes to former California governor as he continues to recover.

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