Latest Mr. Olympia 2018 prep updates!

Are you excited for 2018 Mr. Olympia? There are many reasons why this year’s Mr. Olympia competition will be an exciting one. For starters, last week we reported, fans will help choose the next 2018 Mr. Olympia champion, or there will be first ever People’s Champ, Phil Heath has a chance to tie the world record for the most wins with Ronnie Coleman and Lee Haney. On top of that, Big Ramy is looking better than ever, he came incredibly close to defeating Phil Heath last year – could he knock him off just in time to prevent another 8x Mr. Olympia champion? And don’t forget about Willam Bonac and Roelly Winklaar, both after winning the 2018 Arnold Classic, Ohio and Arnold Classic Australia respectively, have some serious momentum heading into this year’s Olympia.

All the competitors look like they are way ahead of schedule with being on point this year. Check out the latest training prep update video compilation above and decide for yourself – then let us know your predictions for Mr. Olympia 2018 in the comments below!


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