CT Fletcher Expresses Displeasure Toward ESPN’s “Sports Center” For Mocking His Struggles With Heart Issues

CT Fletcher ESPN

CT Fletcher is not pleased with the clip “Sports Center” thought was funny.

Just as we thought it couldn’t get any worse… it does! Sports Center apparently thought they could use a video clip of CT Fletcher detailing his heart issues but he didn’t get the urge to laugh… at all! What’s even worse is maybe they thought they could get away with it.

CT Fletcher is well-known in the fitness industry as he was an accomplished powerlifter. He is known for his motivational and inspirational videos on YouTube but his health conditions have caused some unfortunate events to occur.

The reason they posted the clip was to make fun of the New England Patriots who lost recently. Well, they included a clip of CT Fletcher obviously sharing a very personal and heartfelt message to his fans.

But CT Fletcher wasn’t having any of it and his lack of humor showed in his Instagram post…

“THIS IS @sportscenter & @hawk IDEA OF FUNNY. NOT LAUGHING”.

Fletcher’s story is very inspiring seeing as he overcame a near-death experience due to his heart issues and for Sports Center to do something so irresponsible and disrespectful is a new, all-time low.

If an apology is in order, hopefully, it’s done soon because CT Fletcher doesn’t deserve that kind of embarrassment over a video he created to solely tell his story to his fans.

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