Buy 1 ProSupps Crash Liquid Shots 30 Servings For $15.99/- And Get 1 Free

Best coupon deal for ProSupps Crash Liquid Shots in 30 servings,2 flavors (Dream Berry, Orange Dreamsicle)

Feel like you can sleep for hours and never feel rested? Maybe you can’t sleep at all. ProSupps Crash Liquid Shots is a potent sleep-enhancing, stress-reducing formula that’ll have you feeling your best. Each dose contains an effective dose of B6, magnesium, and zinc; nutrients shown to improve sleep. It doesn’t end there though; you also get 25 mg GABA and 2 mg melatonin; which have a little more kick when it comes to reducing stress, helping you to relax, and supporting healthy sleep patterns.

Crash liquid shots can help you to wake up feeling re-energized so that you can take on the day, get a good night’s rest, and do it all over again. Life can bring on a lot of stress sometimes that can be detrimental to well-being. Supplementing with key nutrients can do wonders for your overall health.

ProSupps Crash Liquid shots is a fast-acting formula that’s low-calorie, with zero sugar, and it’s gluten-free. Not to mention, it comes in great-tasting flavors.

Take advantage of the coupon deal to snag a bottle (or two)!

ProSupps Crash Liquid Shots

  • B6, magnesium, and zinc supports good sleep
  • 2mg melatonin and 25mg GABA reduce stress and promote relaxation
  • Fast acting and shelf stable formula
  • Zero sugar, low calorie
  • Gluten-free
  • Great-tasting flavors

The product contains the artificial sweetener sucralose.

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1 month ago