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9 Best Stall Bars For Fitness, Sport, and Health Reviewed (2022)

If you're in the market for stall bars, wall bars or a Swedish ladder (it has many names), then we have the best picks for your workouts, therapy, CrossFit, assistance training and more.
Matthew Magnante, ACE
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Today we share our best stall bar picks which are essentially activity stations that allow you to perform a variety of physical movements.

Whether you like bodyweight workouts, practice gymnastics, ballet, yoga, train CrossFit, do Parkour, are doing therapy, or need a steady object to assist you during your exercises, stall bars are an incredibly handy setup that can help you achieve the desired outcome. 

Nowadays especially, home gym setups are becoming more realistic; if we had to recommend a list of useful pieces of equipment to have, this would be one of them. 

Best Stall Bars Ranked

  1. Vita Vibe Core Series Stall BarsBuy here  Editor’s Choice 
  2. Urban Cycling Apparel Stall BarsBuy here
  3. Limitless XVP Fitness Stall Bars W/ Suspension Trainer StrapBuy here
  4. FC Funcheer Stall BarsBuy here
  5. Artimex Sport Stall Bars (216-F)Buy here
  6. Vita Vibe VSB Series Stall BarsBuy here
  7. Suples Gladiator Stall Bars Buy here
  8. JOYMOR Stall BarsBuy here
  9. Dani LLC CM-01-220 Stall BarsBuy here

Editor’s Choice – Vita Vibe Core Series Stall Bars

Vita Vibe Core Series 36
Vita Vibe Core Series 36

We’re starting our list with the Vita Vibe core series stall bars that have a lot of great features at a mid price point. 

It has a patent-pending modular design that allows the rungs/bars to be adjusted. We also like that it includes an adjustable chin-up bar for back and biceps training and more. Both the rungs and chin-up bar are adjustable to 36″ wide.

The distance from the wall to the backside of the rungs is 3 5/8″.

It’s a nice compact setup that’s made from quality material and the wood is natural Ash wood. 

There are also three purchase options that allow you to choose from three different heights that include 74, 82, and 90″ tall. So really, it’s great for most heights. 

The stall bars should ideally be mounted to a backer board for optimal safety.

Product features

  • 36″ wide and adjustable 
  • 74-90″ tall
  • Chin-up bar offset by 8″
  • Ash wood adjustable and removable rungs
  • Adjustable chin-up bar
  • 12-gauge steel frame 
  • Dark mystic gray powder coat finish
  • 250 lbs weight capacity 


  • Chin-up bar is great for pull-up variations and more
  • Different height options
  • Adjustable width


  • Few complaints about installation process

About the brand 

Vita Vibe is a USA company that offers high-quality ballet and fitness products. They started in a garage with the idea to offer affordable ballet barres to the masses, and now make top-notch products that they stand behind for 10 years. 

Buy at Amazon

Urban Cycling Apparel Stall Bars

Urban Cycling Apparel Swedish Ladder
Urban Cycling Apparel Swedish Ladder

If you prefer an all-wood setup that’s also easier on the pocket than many stall bars, then you might like this ladder from Urban Cycling apparel.

It’s made of natural and environmentally-friendly materials including solid pine wood that’s sanded smooth and polished.

The ladder is equipped with 10 rods for a variety of activities and we think this one is a really good value. 

Product features

  • Natural, environmentally-friendly materials
  • Solid pine wood
  • 77” x 32.5” x 6”
  • 1.3 inches in diameter
  • 330 lb max weight capacity


  • Made from environmentally friendly parts
  • Affordable compared to many options
  • Good overall value


  • Few complaints about sturdiness (may need reinforcement)
  • Not adjustable

Buy at Amazon

Limitless XVP Fitness Stall Bars W/ Suspension Trainer Strap

Limitless Xvp Fitness Swedish Ladder
Limitless Xvp Fitness Swedish Ladder

We know you were probably enjoying seeing a cheaper option such as our previous pick. But for an extra Benjamin, you can have “limitless” features (ok maybe not but there are a lot). 

The setup comes with 11 bars that are “strategically placed” to help users have an optimal experience no matter the purpose. 

The top bar is offset from the rest of the ladder which is ideal for gymnastics, CrossFit, pull-ups, therapy, and more.

The bars are made from high-quality wood for peace of mind and long-lasting durability. 

We also really like that these Swedish bars come with a suspension training strap that allows you to perform bodyweight resistance exercises.

Product features

  • 32″ wide
  • 7’8″ tall
  • Layers of tough matte sealer add strength and durability
  • Pine wood


  • Offset bar allows for pull-ups and more
  • Comes with a suspension training strap
  • Good for smaller spaces


  • Few concerns with bars/rung flex when using 
  • Not ideal for those over 200 lbs

Buy at Amazon

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FC Funcheer Stall Bars

Fc Funcheer Solid Beech Wood Stall Bar
Fc Funcheer Solid Beech Wood Stall Bar

The FC Funcheer stall bar ladder is made from sturdy beech wood and comes with wood rings and a suspension trainer which is always a welcome addition. 

The suspension straps are made of durable nylon with foam rubber handles and it’s also adjustable for different heights and exercises. You can use the rings for gymnastics-type exercises or as an alternative grip for certain exercises. 

The top bar is offset for pull-up variations and similar activities. 

Product features

  • 1.5″ diameter rods
  • 32″ wide 
  • 7’8″ tall
  • Made from beech wood 


  • Very sturdy setup
  • Comes with wood rings and suspension trainer


  • Few complaints about assemble process

Buy at Amazon

Artimex Sport Stall Bars (216-F)

Artimex Wooden Swedish Ladder
Artimex Wooden Swedish Ladder

If you got deeper pockets then hear us out. Artimex stall bars are made in Europe from premium-quality beechwood.

Not to mention, there are 16 rungs/bars so you have lots of options there. The top bar is offset for pull-ups and the height is 240cm or 7.87 feet tall which is ideal for most places.

They’re also so confident in this product that there’s a 15-year warranty. 

The features are definitely worth the price, especially with 16 rungs!

Product features

  • 240cm high
  • 2 feet, 11 inches wide 
  • Beechwood
  • 330 lbs weight capacity 


  • Has 16 rungs (a lot)
  • Includes pull-up bar


  • Pricier option than others on this list

About the brand 

Artimex Sport Germany offers sports custom products and high-quality materials. They manufacture stall bars for a variety of disciplines. 

Buy at Amazon

Vita Vibe VSB Series Stall Bars

Vita Vibe Vsb Series 36
Vita Vibe VSB Series 36

Another one from Vita Vibe (because they’re great), the VSP Series Stall bars are made of heavy-gauge steel with a 36″ wide design and three height options. The bars are made of ash hardwood. 

The number of rungs/bars on the ladder depends on the height you choose (72, 80, and 90 inches). For example, the 72″ has 9 rungs + 1 chin-up bar, while the 80″ includes 10+1, and the 90″ comes with 11 bars plus one chin-up bar. 

That’s the beauty of options!

The backside of the mount, to the rungs, is 5″ which is adequate for most activities and the stall bars can be mounted side by side for even more versatility.

Product features

  • 36″ wide stall bars
  • 72, 80, and 90″ height purchase options
  • 300 lbs weight capacity 


  • Choose from three purchase options
  • Good value


  • Chin-up bar may be too close to the wall for some

About the brand 

Vita Vibe is a USA company that offers high-quality ballet and fitness products. They started in a garage with the idea to offer affordable ballet barres to the masses, and now make top-notch products that they stand behind for 10 years. 

Buy at Amazon

Suples Gladiator Stall Bars

Suples Gladiator Wall
Suples Gladiator Wall

If you don’t mind spending a little more, the Suples Gladiator bar is a step up (pun intended). It’s also just as rugged as it sounds too.

The ladder is 8 feet tall, 3 feet wide, and 1 foot deep. The 13 rungs are spaced six inches apart and the top bar sticks out rather far which is perfect for those who want plenty of space to train. 

The material is beech wood and pine.

Product features

  • 8′ tall/93″
  • 3′ wide
  • 1′ deep
  • 1.5-inch dowels/rungs
  • 7 feet, 6 1/2 inches x 2 feet, 9 1/2 inches
  • Beech wood and pine wood
  • 400 lbs weight capacity


  • Super rugged and durable for lots of activities 
  • Supports 400 lbs which is more than many other options are capable of
  • Includes an instructional DVD
  • Wall accessories available (not included)


  • Not adjustable 
  • 8 feet or 96 inches tall is pretty high for a lot of ceilings

About the brand 

Suples was started by accomplished Bulgarian weightlifter Ivan Ivanov who also coached for the US national and Olympic wrestling programs.

He shifted his focuses to innovation and entrepreneurship to develop high-quality training equipment that’s been used all over including being approved for use by the USA Greco-Roman national team and Olympic Games.

For those who don’t know, “Suples” is a powerfully explosive wrestling throw derived from the word Supple that “defines a combination of great strength and flexibility”. 

Buy at Amazon

JOYMOR Stall Bars

Joymor Gymnastics
Joymor Gymnastics

Another attractively priced option is JOYMOR stall bars that comes in under $200. 

The ladder is made from strong and heavy wood to ensure optimal safety and performance. It also includes a back pad too for comfort which is a good addition. 

It’s a good option for your workout space regardless of your living situation.

Product features

  • Includes back pad 
  • Sub-$200 price point


  • Very good value
  • Strong and heavy design for optimal performance
  • Includes a back pad for comfort 
  • Could be used by kids under supervision


  • Not a lot of information available on this product

About the brand

JOYMOR is surprisingly a kid’s focused product brand that sells toys. Their mission is a “more joyful childhood” hence the name.

But they apparently offer pretty decent stall bars at an affordable price. 

Buy at Amazon

Dani LLC CM-01-220 Stall Bars

Dani Llc Wall Bars
Dani Llc Wall Bars

Dani LLC stall bars are great because the top bars are easily removable and you have more pull-up options due to the design. 

The beech and pine wood are environmentally friendly with a protective coating. 

At a mid-price point, the Dani LLC CM-01220 offers a unique and versatile feature.

Product features

  • 87′ tall
  • 31′ wide
  • Adjustable pull-up bars
  • Removable horizontal struts
  • Beech and pine wood
  • Environmentally-friendly materials
  • Protective coating
  • 265 lbs ladder weight capacity 


  • Easy to install design
  • Has protective coating
  • Adjustable and removable pieces allow more activity options


  • Few complaints about bar thickness/not as strong as other options (using a wider grip may be safer)
  • A little narrower than others but it’s good for smaller spaces

Buy at Amazon

What Are Stall Bars Used For? 

The short answer… a lot! 

We like stall bars because they can be used for a variety of disciplines and activities including bodyweight resistance training, gymnastics movements, mobility exercises, postural correction, pain relief, arthritis, etc. Not to mention, you can attach accessories, use a suspension trainer like the TRX, and alternatives, or wrap resistance bands around them for more exercise variety. 

If you have a home gym or plan on putting one together, we recommend getting a set of wall bars to complete your setup. 

A Mini History Lesson

Stall bars go way back to the 19th Century. The handy contraption was actually invented by a man named Pehr Henrik Ling from Sweden (hence the name Swedish ladder) who suffered from arthritis pains until he found relief from using wall bars to perform therapeutic exercises.

He eventually founded the Royal Institute for Gymnastics where his teachings became the standard. 

As emigrants came to the US, stall bars became more popular and the rest was history. 

Swedish ladders were adopted in schools, gyms, and many other places because of their functional use.

What To Consider When Choosing Stall Bars

As with almost any category of exercise equipment, there are differences between products, and depending on the intended use, you have to find one that best suits your needs.

For example, your budget, design, features, ease of assembly, and brand are common factors that oftentimes determine which product someone decides to go with.

Height and width

This one is muy importante because if you buy a Swedish ladder that’s too tall for your space, well, we have a problem now don’t we. Make sure to check the height before ordering and many of the options on this list of best stall bars offer a few different heights to choose from. 

Typically, the ladders are around 7-9 feet tall (so are a lot of ceilings) and you also have to remember to give yourself enough space if doing pull-up movements too. But there are shorter options too like the Vita Vibe bars on this list.

Ideally, you’d be able to reach overhead with arms extended and the bar would be high enough to give you ample room for your activities. But space can be a limiting factor sometimes.

As for width, 36″ or 3 feet is commonly recommended as it provides ample room for most people to do all their activities. There are narrower options such as 2 feet wide bars however, the narrower you get, the less room you have to workout. But this may be good for those with smaller spaces and smaller individuals may find it suitable. 


You’ll notice a common pattern with many stall bars being that they’re made using wood, specifically beech, Pine, Oak, and Ash. 

Now, some are made using a combination of wood and metal, or either wood or metal. 

Wood is great and very commonly used for home setups, however, depending on the thickness of the wood and rungs and weight of the ladder, you’ll have to ensure it can support your activities. 

A recommended and common rung/bar diameter is typically 1.5 inches which should be sufficient for most people if they remain at or under the weight capacity for a set of stall bars. 

Metal is definitely stronger and heavier and is aesthetically different (not better) as well. Although, we did not include any completely metal options.

The most important thing is to get a good quality ladder because you definitely don’t want it giving out when you’re hanging on it.


When it comes to stall bars, well, not all are created the same. 

For example, you have different heights, designs, materials, etc. Then you have a certain number of rungs or bars depending on the height. So there could be 7 or 16 bars on the ladder. 

Some of the pull-up bars have more offset which means they stick out farther from the rest of the ladder than others which is better for gymnastics and CrossFit-type movements.

As for features, you have suspension straps that come with some stall bars like the Limitless XVP Fitness ladder. Some chin-up bars are adjustable too which we really like, although it’s not a must. 

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If you don’t have a lot to spend on stall bars, then you might be in luck. There are some just under $200 that will still do the job. Although, if you can spend a little more, then you’ll probably get something of better quality and with more to offer.

Most are a few hundred dollars and some can get into the thousands. Our picks range from low to mid-range so you can choose how much you want to spend on a Swedish ladder.

Benefits of Stall Bars

Build muscle and strength

Stall bars can support a decent amount of weight and exercise variations. You can do pull-ups, push-ups, suspension training and so many great workouts using a Swedish ladder.

It’s also good for those who do not have much strength because they can hold onto the bars for assistance during things like bodyweight squats, or do elevated push-ups which are much easier.

Many times, we have to do the aforementioned exercises holding onto a countertop, doorframe, or by placing our hands on the wall to elevate the upper body. 

But believe me when I say that the bars make it so much more convenient. 

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Decompress and loosen up

You can use stall bars to hang from and decompress your spine. This is good for everyone to do in the morning before starting your day to maintain a healthier spine and body. You can also use it for general stretches and mobility work. 

Practice your discipline

Whether it’s ballet, CrossFit, gymnastics, or powerlifting, stall bars allow you to modify your body position or use the pull-up bars to do sport-specific workout routines.

The good thing about having a ladder in your training space is that you can also attach accessories to it like rings (comes with the FC Funcheer bars), dip bars, straps, etc and diversify your training. Some options come with a few of the accessories such as a suspension trainer but many don’t include accessories. 

It’s therapeutic 

Stall bars are used in gyms, clinics, and in medical facilities because they’re so useful for various types of therapy. 

They’re great for stretching, arthritis, mobility, rehabilitation, pre-rehabilitation, and more.

It’s fun for everyone and gets you active!

If you’re anything like me, such a contraption brings out your inner child and it’s hard to resist. But when done safely, it can be a good way to get you and your family off your butts and moving. 

In fact, kids use them too although they should be supervised for safety, of course.

But not just that, those with limited mobility or other structural issues could use it to improve a specific condition and their overall fitness. Sturdy bars/rungs make for a great, ergonomic option to grip onto and do a variety of movements. 

How To Use Stall Bars

Want some gnarly exercise ideas to target different areas of your body? Here are over 75 movements that you can do.

As you’re probably aware (especially if you’re a regular visitor at the Fitness Volt website), stronger muscles and a stronger body overall, carry many benefits.

For instance, building total-body strength is necessary for your structural health both when you’re younger and older. A strong core protects your back and spine against injuries and a rugged posterior (backside of the body) helps with good posture and performance.

Then, of course, building strength is necessary for building muscles and a more functional body that can actually do things like climb, pull, push, etc. 

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Here’s a great video on how to use stall bars for strength training. 


What are the bars on a wall ladder called?

So there are a few common terms including bars (obvious), rungs, and dowels.

Are stall bars safe for anyone to use?

A quality set of stall bars is safe for most to use for a variety of activities. For elderly individuals and those with injuries, it’s recommend to use stall bars under the supervision of a medical professional.

See our full list of pull-up bar reviews and workouts:

Wrapping Up

If you didn’t know what stall bars are and how to use them, we hope you’re well-acquainted now. There are so many great uses for a Swedish ladder and who doesn’t feel like a kid when they see one? 

But it’s seriously used for so many different things and the benefits are well worth the investment.

Whether it’s for fitness, therapy, ballet, CrossFit, or anything else you can think of, we think you’ll get great use out of a quality set of stall bars, and anyone on this list will do the job. 

Remember, there are different designs and price points so be sure to read through to ensure you choose one that best suits your needs.

If you have any questions about this article, please feel free to contact Matthew Magnante by leaving a comment below.

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Matthew Magnante, ACE
Matthew Magnante, ACE
Matthew is an ACE (American Council On Exercise) certified fitness professional who has had a passion for fitness since elementary school and continues to research and learn how to build muscle effectively through training and diet. He also loves to help others to achieve their fitness goals and spread the knowledge where needed. Matthew's other passions include learning about mindfulness, strolling through nature, traveling, and always working to improve overall.
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