UPDATE: Rich Piana Had 20 Bottles of Steroids And Crushed White Powder on Table When Paramedics Arrived

TMZ Sports has reported Rich Piana had 20 bottles of steroids stored at his home following a search of his residence by authorities, according to a police report.

His girlfriend, Chanel Jansen, call 911 at 1:30 PM on Monday after the 46-year-old Piana suddenly collapsed in his bathroom while getting a haircut from his girlfriend.

Chanel says she tried to catch the Rich when he collapsed but couldn’t due to his massive size and weight. Chanel told officials Piana struck his head during the fall.

“When emergency personnel arrived, paramedics found ‘crushed up white powder and straw on a table’ and decided to give Rich 2 doses of Narcan ” according to a TMZ report.

Narcan often used to treat opiate overdoses. Chanel told paramedics Rich had battled opiate addiction in the past, but she believed he was clean. She also noted Rich had suffered from a slightly enlarged heart at one point in his life but didn’t know if that contributed to the medical emergency.

Sadly, Rich never regained consciousness and was then transported to a nearby hospital where he was later put into a medically induced coma.

According to the family & friends, Piana is currently in stable condition and improving with every day.

We wish him and his family the best and will continue to update the story as more information becomes available!

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Comments 587

  1. Avatar Ryan West says:

    Insert people who keep saying his health status isn’t roid related! #denial “Brahh people keep blaming steroids but have no idea about fitness and health blah blah.”

    • Avatar James Lamb says:

      We have no clue if this is steroid related lol. We can’t say one way or another. So you’re really no better here. This sounds more like drug overdose than anything. Again, we still don’t know.

    • Article just said steroids were found stored on the property. And since Rich openly admits his use, it should be expected.

    • Drug overdose he has had previous issues with narcotics

    • Avatar Ryan West says:

      Terrence Pursley prove what? The fact that he openly admits he uses and injects massive amounts of Synthol?

    • The head injury people are talking about is probably just from collapsing after a coke sesh.

    • Its not the gear its gonna be narcotics..

    • Ryan you are a pathetic little hater

    • Avatar Ryan West says:

      Bill George wow really? hating on what? Facts? Sweet cover photo bro. lol

    • Rich has admitted to using narcotics and having an addiction problem sadly… still hope he gets better fast!

    • Fitness people are supposed to stick together not be divided sadly!!

    • Avatar Ryan West says:

      Glenn Barnes come on now! you cant be serious!

    • Hey Ryan tell us more about Fitness.. by the look of it. You haven’t pushed as hard as Rich.
      Enlarged ❤️ heart, and pain killers.
      Life of Beast Mode. Shit is real out there. Stop being naive “Brahh”

    • Its not the gear its his party lifestyle.

    • U can’t od on gear but u can cause yout body to fail over time it shuts down slowly he has a regular physician to monitor his hormone use …

    • Awe you’re jelly…

    • Avatar Ryan West says:

      Billiam Arthur BAHAH this clown said im jelly… ROFL

    • Avatar Ryan West says:

      Glenn Barnes Dude come on…. You cant be this dumb. You think that synthol + roids isn’t going to play a roll in his health. He openly admits all this shit. It’s like I hit you with hard facts from his own mouth and you don’t want to believe it.

    • Insert idiot who has no facts to back up his statement but just has to be the guy on every fitness thread to post STEROIDS.

    • Avatar Ryan West says:

      Patrick Decarlo Insert guy who says I have no facts but the facts came from Rich’s mouth, then I try to relay facts to above idiot who doesn’t want to believe the facts because he cant accept the facts. Ok dumb dumb…You think him using PED’s and Synthol for nearly 3 decades isn’t going to catch up to him. You the real dumb dumb MVP today bro.

    • Synthol is not a steroid… Ryan West.. so you get the mvp idiot award for today

    • Avatar Ryan West says:

      Adam Shinsky no shit sherlock holmes!

    • Lmao, this dude thinks synthol is a steroid, lol. Great contribution to the thread.

    • Avatar Ryan West says:

      Dennis Reilly Jr Gezz some people cant even read or fact check. When did I EVER say Synthol was a steroid you dumb dumb. SMH

    • I’m sorry did I miss the part where his Dr came out & said the cause was steroids….. Or are you the Dr…. I’m guessing not huh fuckface. Everyone on planet earth who knows who Rich is knows he uses steroids & much more, but riddle me this asshole when’s the last time you heard of anyone put into a medically induced coma over steroids….come on enlighten us since you are the steroid expert. I’m gonna go with you’re just another POS who says Shit to people online & wouldn’t dare pull this shit in real life.

    • You all sound stupid enlarged heart and coke isn’t too smart now is it

    • Prove it was steroids

    • Go get his blood and med records and prove it… if you cant or too much of pussy shut the fuck up

    • Avatar Ryan West says:

      The fact that you even need proof is insane. Are you really this dumb. That’s like saying. Someone drinks poision and they die. Insert your dumbass comment saying. Prove it was poison.

    • Prove it was steroids. Youre running your mouth because you cant

    • Avatar Ryan West says:

      Only thing we can prove here is the fact that you’re a complete dumbass. 3 decides of constant PEDs and you’re over here asking me to prove it. ???

    • Avatar Ryan West says:

      Such a mindless world we live in. Prove it wasn’t steroid$ then dumb dumb! The fuck guy openly admits it isn’t healthy in his vlogs. #sheep

    • Again… you need to run your mouth to feel important. Show me it was the steroids that caused it. Show me the blood work. You can’t. Youre running your mouth on theories because your just an insecure pussy and need to feel important. Got news for you people like you. Running your mouth like an insecure man child will not make you important. No one will remember you.

    • Why can’t everyone just be happy he’s making a full recovery ??? Why are yu all being a bunch of bitches !!! Who cares if it’s because of steroids or coke ?? it’s his life let him live the life he chooses !! Pretty sure he doesn’t need anyone’s permission to do what he wants !!! Let’s all just be happy he’s going to make a full recovery !!!! Steroids or not it ain’t no ones business but his own

    • Its was an overdose. Have you read anything at all? What a dimwit.

    • Avatar Ryan West says:

      Terrence Pursley BAHAHAHA….

    • Hey genius, what do you know about gear? Have you actually taken it? And if gear was the problem, tell me exactly how it was the culprit, tell me the science? You honestly sound like a whiny ass little kid. Don’t care if you were in the military or not (which yes I know you didn’t bring up, I just looked and saw) but you literally have provided NO facts. Just knowing that he does steroids is not proving a thing as to why it was what caused this. Go troll elsewhere you immature little boy

    • Clint Jex Shepard nailed it

    • Steroids are hormones you dummy! Not a drug. You can’t od on testosterone.

    • Ryan West you’re so fuckin huge brah oh man tell us all your secrets

    • Avatar Ryan West says:

      Clint Jex Shepard BAHAHAHA…. Him doing roids for nearly 3 decades straight is proof. Combined that with thousands of studies of the long term use of steroid abuse. Pump the brakes wanna be football star. Apparently you think long term usage of steroids is just totally safe. Mind blown! Anyone who says prove it! Is most likely a little tool bag who abuses PED’s.

    • Ryan “skips legs day” West, what is your opinion about every IFBB pro? From the 30’s until now? They’re all on gear. Are they all tools

    • Avatar Ryan West says:

      Preston Murray I dont even lift brah. cause brah if I ever did lift. Man id be huge brahhhh…. Do you even juice BRAHHHHH

    • What do you know about AAS? Why do you wear baggy pants to the gym? Is it because you don’t hit legs?

    • You’re literally so stupid & uninformed that I’m out.

    • Avatar Ryan West says:

      Preston Murray Well considering they are favor in debt with the gear now since there body stopped producing it from decades of abuse. Ya they have to stay on it dumb dumb. That’s already been proven. Natural test levels wont eventually bounce back. So your dumb comments is irrelevant to this post. Hard to do Legs when I was injured from my deployments. But I’m cool with my sexy legs and all…. lol

    • Avatar Ryan West says:

      Preston Murray HAHAAAA damn look at them sexy legs BRAHHHH.

    • Lmao it says crushed up white powder and you clowns think roids?! Hahahaha

    • Avatar Ryan West says:

      Bryce Ebert Righhtttt cause 3 decades of usage has no roll in this. Lets just ignore that!

    • You can OD on stimulant drugs…you cannot OD on hormones.

    • Caffeine takes more lives than AAS do sorry not sorry. Bet you can’t live without your Starbucks though cupcake

    • Totally agree. I wish him well and don’t pretend to know what exactly happened, but it’s so funny that everyone is suggesting he’s only on T, AAS and other “safe” steroids. He’s obviously on serious shit.

    • Avatar Ryan West says:

      Omg this clown doesn’t even understand what I’m saying. 3 decades of using AAS. Clown boy, think really hard. Just try.

    • Avatar Ryan West says:

      Preston Murray BTW dumb dumb. You can OD on AAS. You may not literally die but you can be hospitalized for kidney failure you epic turd. You are a perfect example of how uneducated this industry is and will always be because you opened your mouth. Only a tool like you would compare coffee to steroids. BRAHHHHH

    • Name ONE person in history who has OD’d. One.

    • #shitgenetics #ouchlegdayhurtstoomuch

    • Avatar Ryan West says:

      Preston Murray HOLY fuck dude. You cant be this dumb. Define OD. Over dose doesn’t mean you have to literally die. Plenty of bodybuilders have been hospitalized for kidney and heart failure due to abusing steroids. There are hundred of negative side effects to using it. 3 decades of constantly injecting and you are over here comparing coffee to roids….. Brah take the L and keep it moving!

    • “Lifting heavy is the only way to build muscle. I don’t need to prove it”

    • “All kinds of people have OD’d using ‘roids’ I don’t have to prove it you can google it”

    • Avatar Ryan West says:

      You apparently cant understand factual information. But hey man I use to be cool like you and take AAS. You still take an L today clown boy!

    • Avatar Ryan West says:

      Doesn’t understand the term OD but wants me to prove things… hmmmm…. Typical dumb dumb!

    • Avatar Ryan West says:

      Preston Murray I bet when someone says hey Preston, cig kill you and give you lung cancer, your response: Prove it BRAHHH! LMAO

    • if you abuse anything it is harmful and yes roids are bad for you

    • And everyone else that od’s on drugs, insert people that say: “he must have been abusing AAS”.

    • Ryan West haaaaa “wanna be football star”??? Sorry to hurt your feelings but I actually was one. I’ve got film to prove it, ya know, that was on national tv, beating teams like Michigan, Stanford, USC, ucla… just because you couldn’t make it past high school ball doesn’t mean you gotta be salty to those who did. But again, you’re proving your ignorance. Tell me, in what ways does steroids harm people? And how could steroids be linked to this? yes, I do happen to know a bit about gear, but when did I say they are totally safe? So how about you give us the info from those “long term studies” and what effects they have? Also anyone who has to throw around insulting words and names towards others proves just how mature they are… ??????

    • Ha ha steroid abusers are so mad ha ha. Now i know the real truth because of these Facebook scientists that steroids is 100% safe whitout any side effects and you can NEVER BLAME roids ever!!! Science research means nothing and Gym bros “Facebook Scientists” know better!!!

    • Avatar Ryan West says:

      Such a cool story brah. Omg even a film. Lol. I got you beat on so many levels you just have no idea. You know a bit, well I know a lot. I’d rather you do some searching and reading. You know what reading is right? Stay educated brahhh

    • Arnas Exodus you got a point, but seriously, where is 1 comment that said steroids are safe? Literally no one has said that. Most people are just trying to get this guy to show info proving steroids could cause a man to either OD or cause whatever it is that happened to rich. And to your last sentence, that’s what everyone is asking for, the research science that proves all this?

    • Avatar Ryan West says:

      Omfg just read what you wrote. I can’t ????

    • Avatar Ryan West says:

      Dumb dumb there are plenty of documentaries and scientific studies saying how unsafe long term use is. Do you know what long term use is you epic dummy. Have I not been saying for 3 decades. Jesus take the wheel on this person ???

    • Ryan West exactly, you can’t, none of those questions you have the knowledge to answer. Thanks for being honest

    • Avatar Ryan West says:

      You are just to lazy to research the shit yourself. Take the L and keep it movin tuby mc hut hut.

    • Avatar Ryan West says:

      So much wasted knowledge and this clown over here wanting me to do all the research for him. Again, there are hundreds if not thousands of studies of long term steroid abuse and how it effects the body and brain. You are just to stupid to even look for the answers

    • Ryan West yeah we know he’s used gear for decades. But how could gear put a man unconscious. Coke could, but how could gear? And again, good job with the insults. You’re a real mature guy

    • Avatar Ryan West says:

      Holy FUCK. Cardiac Arrest dummmmyyyyy.

    • Avatar Ryan West says:

      Dude you are so dumb! I just can’t with society today.

    • Ryan West buddy, I also know a lot about gear. And I know that there are plenty of studies showing gear can potentially have negative side effects. But I guarantee there’s no study saying gear can cause you to go unconscious from OD. The only possible reasoning could be liver failure, but he would have plenty of symptoms beforehand that would’ve forced him to go to the hospital way before he could have fell unconscious. You are a very negative hateful person aren’t you? And yeah I’ll stay educated with my bachelors and soon to be masters, so thanks bud. ?? life lesson, humility is what makes a real man, not a little boy who insults others who differ in opinion.

    • Avatar Ryan West says:

      He has even said in the past he has an enlarged heart from using AAS. Do you even know what Cardiac Arrest is. Fuck I at least though you would look it up before responding but clearly you cant. The simple fact that you cant even research shows how stupid society is becoming. 3 FUCKING DECADES of using AAS and you cant connect simple dots together. HELLLOOOOO… Earth to Clint!

    • Its pretty simple. You both have the correct idea. We just dnt have enough info to make such a guess. Logically aas use over long time periods + “that mysterious white powder”= heart failure or other issues. AAS is not the cause just a contributing factor. No need to fight now.

    • Avatar Ryan West says:

      Brandon Hill The point I’m making is 3 decades of using massive amounts of AAS will fuck your internals up. Shit is so proven by medical science. But its funny when you present evidence such as case studies, medical documents….etc! Guess that’s not proof!

    • Brandon Hill ahhh the much needed mediator. Haha. You’re correct. The biggest factor is that we don’t have enough info. If it’s heart related then we can absolutely assume gear probably played a role. But other than a heart attack or liver issues, i believe it’s hard to contribute steroids as a cause for unconsciousness. Thank you and agreed!

    • He was sniffing oxy supposedly.

    • New rumor is he fell. I’m sure he’ll be honest about it as he has with his cycles in the past. If it was recreational drug use, you can just throw out all your bullshit AAS claims.

    • Ryan you look like you know a lot about how to build shit physique

    • What’s leg day feel like again?

    • Avatar Ryan West says:

      Preston Murray Leg day was awesome Brahhh…. Brahhh how was Tricep day?

    • Thank YOU!!!!!!!
      Stop IGNORANCE

    • Toxicology report. They couldve found heroin, crack and meth and it wouldn’t matter. Toxicology report was negative

  2. Marko Torić + još i žene da su bile, šta fali

  3. Stephen Bertram

  4. Not good u must die thought

  5. Protein powder vanilla flavour

  6. Avatar Marc Kenny says:

    best wishes on a healthy return!

  7. I don’t think he made any apologies for his drug use. There’s no mystery. Drugs have risks and death is one of them. You live your life. He lived his. If it’s not today it’ll be the next time.

  8. Stop talking shit about rich he’s a great person. Get well soon rich

  9. It was just Protein Powder, got to confuse the medics right babe

  10. get well big fella

  11. Has nothing to do with steroids .

  12. Avatar Ian Gibbs says:

    S/O fitness Volt for picking a picture of rich and his Ex-Wife

  13. Doesnt matter what it was. Hope he will make it.

  14. He was snorting creatine monohydrate?!

  15. He should start living a normal life without drugs and GH

  16. Has anyone actually watched his videos? The dude is nothing but transparent about this stuff. He has also said many times that this would happen to him. Lol why all the confusion?

  17. Avatar Rob Bern says:

    Guess he didnt like the way his hair waz cut

  18. He lives life the way he wants to. He knew what he was getting into. All of our actions have consequences. I hope he gets better. If he’s discharged from the hospital, he can either continue what he was doing, or he can change. Once again, both options will have major consequences. I hope he finds success and health in whatever he chooses.

  19. Here we go with the bad label on steroids.

  20. Going out with a bang!

  21. Nick Martinez again, why are you “liking ” this ?!!

  22. Avatar Rob Snel says:


  23. Avatar Bill Mann says:

    It was just supplements. Obviously he couldnt find the scoop!

  24. Ich hätte jetzt eher wesentlich mehr vermutet

  25. Good for him went out like a champion

  26. Sniffin’ crushed up winstrol tabs

  27. He was in his cutting phase right god damnit? Whatever it takes!!!

  28. Okay so anyone who knows rich should know that he already knows more in not necessarily better. But at the same time experienced pro gear users also have been known to get cocky with their dosages…

    I’m just still having a hard time that he would take enough to hurt himself especially considering how much knowledge about them he should have by now… Just seems kinda fishy. But it could have been an unrelated medical issue that’s remained dormant until now.

  29. Snarf snarf sniff sniff snarf

  30. Maybe he likes his protein shake through a straw?? 😉

  31. The best replys here are the get well wishes keep up the good thoughts hope he gets well fast!!!

  32. Avatar Carl Hoppe says:

    One of the only guys who keeps it real and says it like it is. Wishing you a speedy recovery Rich.

  33. it was only 5% of the stash, right babe

  34. Wish Piana fastest recovery!

  35. Rob Kaczmarek

  36. What the fuck ever fuck the pos that owns this page and puts out this bullshit

  37. Avatar Martin Sax says:

    Christian Sax

  38. Alex Prajisteanu=))

  39. Dick move posting a picture of his ex and not current gf

  40. Billy Pilcher too many scoops of all day you may up his hooter apparently..

  41. Avatar Denise Wsi says:

    lookks like hard work and good nutrition and a healthy life style tome! bahahahah

  42. Get well soon praying for you

  43. White powder my ass. Do your research. Protein absorbed through the nose. Direct absorption. Newest trend. You should try it. Nasal and anal absorption. Fasted delivery of nutrition. Right Aren Johannas

  44. 19 of those were synthol

  45. Fame and money. No good to you when your dead just gotta make a bigger coffin

  46. People, its a fact that steroids enlarge your heart because is a muscle too, and you can have a heart disease or high blood presure without knowing it, and with a cocaine habit you can die for sure. Its not only steroids but all this its a letal combination.

    • steroids don’t enlarge the heart, HGH is responsible for enlarging everything including all the organs inside your body and he claims he is taking HGH for 10 years straight !! no cycle no stopping and starting, 10 years straight !

    • The heart is an organ.

    • Please tell me you’re not trying to say the heart is not a muscle Todd… right???

    • Mini Mango Minion, they can enlarge your heart if used excessively. There are plenty of studies documenting this. Particularly the left ventricle wall thickens and reduces the efficiency of the contraction. High blood pressure also causes cardiovascular damage. It’s not GH although the combination can exacerbate it.

    • First off the heart can get enlarged if ur natural. It takes more pressure to push blood through muscle than fat the more muscle and the more dence you are the more the heart has to work. And because the heart is a muscle it too will grow steriods don’t necessarily cause the heart to grow hiv patients who have been on test for years show no signs of a enlarged heart. But taking juice and getting bigger will cause ur heart to work harder and therefore grow.

    • Patrick Hart The heart has muscle in it-necessary for contraction. I’m simply saying by definition, it is an organ. Sometimes referred to as a muscular organ. You may call it whatever you like.

  47. It’s his business what he does in his home

  48. Get well rich haters going to hate

  49. Avatar Matt Hamel says:

    Probably because he doesn’t live a gluten free lifestyle.

  50. Avatar Chuck Covi says:

    That’s a fkd up way to get outta leg day Rich. Jk. Get well man. Prayin for ya. Be back in the gym in no time.

  51. Avatar Julio Lara says:

    Sorprise face ON

  52. Fingers crossed he will recover

  53. Avatar TJ Harris says:

    This isn’t news. Rich never denied steroids at any point

  54. He did it to himself

  55. Confusing the body god dammit !

  56. Juice and rec drugs dont mix…
    Jus ask Zyzz brah

  57. Rich if your reading this. Save your money, invest, and get ready for your life after this one. Bodies can’t take your level of abuse forever. Quit now, or die as a has been. No one will champion the tragic death of a bragadocious also ran.

  58. Daniel Horvath

  59. Avatar Eddie Cano says:

    One huge empty shell piana is. Praying he recovers soon. May he find the peace his hearts needs. Jesus Christ loves you rich.

  60. Avatar Cag Krutz says:

    FUCK racists. this is karma

  61. Shit, sounds like to me those “rails” where ready for inhalation. Can’t fault him there. Lol. The slopes always melt at daybreak, if you do not want to be depressed. Ha ha

  62. All the reports are fake, just saying.

  63. he needs prayers not people on here bashin his name life short…nd yeah you choose the path to go down…dont forget he is human….god bless him nd his family and some of you cruel people….watch how you act and say never know when your gonna need prayers

  64. Can’t wait for that 1st vid he posts when he gets back. Hopefully he stops doing all the gear and gives up on everything for good

  65. Blaise Collet

  66. Victoria Boone Mike Boone

  67. Gotta confuse the cops, right babe? I don’t understand the hype?? Rich is just doing a new sleeper workout. You only grow when you sleep GOD DAMMIT!!! OOOOO-KAYYYYY. 8 day sleep workout….one day you may….wake up

  68. Thats creatine with aminos people!!!! Jezzzzz

  69. Thijs Bruinsma Remco van Eijden

  70. Kazimierz Marszalek

  71. Aleksi Fritzsch

  72. Benjamin Heskett

  73. White powder n straw? Sounds like a great combination!

  74. Nah it’s was his new range of 5% chalk

  75. The man tells how it is, so give him respect

  76. That’s his ex Sarah in the photo

  77. It was egg white crystals

  78. If he was looking g for new material for videos he sure got everyone attention. Im sorry but have no remorse for him, he’s mental, he did this to himself he knew what he was doing, thought it would never happen to him. He lives reckless, His ego is even juiced up, come back down to Earth with the rest of us, clean yourself up, stay a while, stop bullshtting yourself trying to uphold a false image and live for u, healthy n clean

  79. Ishaan Vashisht

  80. Κωνσταντίνος Γιακουμής ante..

  81. Atta kid! What a way to go out!

  82. Evan dude is a moron

  83. What a role model…joke!

  84. Erlend Dønnestad Whatever the F##K it takes

  85. “crushed white powder” hmm, I can only assume this powder was something that can be purchased at your local supplement store! Lol, get well Rich..

  86. Skyler Caldwell

  87. Avatar Ilyes Jd says:

    sa va c t de la wé Mehdi Benkhaled

  88. get well rich 🙁

  89. Avatar Rudra Roy says:

    At the end of the day his vitals gave up, he is a human being, I salute you Rich for all the pain he has to go through as a human guinea pig,but there are some morons who do not understand all this. Rich is alawys transparent on his steroid and Hormone stacking and shares his personal experience wheather we should use or not.Come on haters time to grow up. I think we all must stop arguing and wish for his speedy recovery. You are a people’s champion.

  90. Actually, I’ve heard its from a fall, all these assholes almost wishing it’s roids related should hold there heads in shame, yes he takes steroids, yes he’s blatant about it but everything that goes wrong with his health no matter what it is doesn’t have to be because of that,for god’s sake. Get well soon .

  91. The douchebaggary comments are strong here.

  92. Harshan Sandrakumar

  93. Out of the millions of pics he has you post one with his ex. Way to go fitness volt!

  94. Rafael Agbisit

  95. Kim A Hellebust

  96. That was just some pixie sticks he spilled during a late night sugar run and the straw is for his sippy cup as he cried himself to sleep every night after reading the comments from his “fans”

  97. Estevan Galvez

  98. Media needs to shut the fuck up and get facts straight. So stupid.

  99. I’m calling it right now. The next picture we see is of an emaciated Rich Piana laying in bed 8 years from now with tubes in him. His skin tightly stretched over giant synthol lumps in his arms and calves. Everything else just skin and bones. All his muscles atrophied away. Still in his shitty lifestyle induced coma that he has been helping promote amongst our youth. Good riddance to this piece if trash. It might be best he never wakes up.

  100. These “news outlets” are repeating fake news from TMZ

  101. Avatar Steve Re says:

    That pre workout powder must be some serious shit. Never 2 scoops

  102. Weird, how did his toxicology report cone up clean then? 48 hrs. is the normal time to clean your system from coke…

  103. Avatar Mark Grant says:

    What an absolute idiot!!!

  104. Avatar Ryan Leal says:

    You would have that she would have bagged up the 20 bottles and hid them and cleaned up the “white powder substance” that was all over the table before the paramedics arrived.

  105. 20 baptellitas Manuel Cigarrero

  106. Diaz Diaz Chuy Gomez

  107. Cocaine is a hell of a drug

  108. Whatever it takes right babe

  109. Adrian Arzate

  110. Steven Modderman

  111. Dominique Labudzik

  112. Pat Reiff Jordan Zdon

  113. Reports? From who, I’m sure his gf would have cleared the “evidence” before anyone got there. Get better rich and all you wishing death upon him are just plain acting like kids.

  114. Is this really news? Leave the fucking guy alone! It’s his business!

  115. 20 ain’t really that much.

  116. And they post his ex wife you idiots

  117. One minute the fitness world loves him, the other minute they want to destroy him.

  118. Rich never kept anything hidden from his fans. We respect him.

  119. Party Man piana!

  120. Avatar Kent Azlin says:

    One too many 8hr arm pumps.

  121. Prayers to you and family on a fast recovery get well soon Rich Piana FUCK the haters

  122. I just hope he will get well fast

  123. It’s not the fucking steroids

  124. Prayers going up

  125. If you can’t say anything hopeful about his situation then just shut up.

  126. 20 bottles of steroids pretty specific

  127. Andrew Vinnie David Keith finally confused the body

  128. Get well brother

  129. it was creatine monohydrate

  130. I keep seeing these dudes openly admitting to steroid use and I look at their pics and wonder why anyone would take that risk just to look …. like shit ….

  131. 20 bottles of steroids. 20 bottles of what exactly? That’s like saying 20 bottles of liquid

  132. Leave this guy alone, JESUS!!!

  133. Steve Masi Bernard Matheson Chad Smith Ken Jones

  134. Hoooo-ly shit!? A bodybuilder with attitude problems found with steroids and coke?! What is this world coming to?

  135. All BS …
    Anyone that believes this article…
    They cannot disclose any info if any …
    Reading fake news and second criticizing some that worked harder
    Than all
    Of us to be successful…
    Wish the man well
    Or get
    Off the bodybuilding pages as u clearly don’t belong here…

  136. Brad Kennedy Mike Ault he DID have creatine there!! muh heart. muh sole.

  137. Crushed oxycotin overdose slowed down his breathing

  138. I really think that anyone who is going to jump all over this and bag Rich, they probably best just keep quiet. He has clearly overdosed on other illicit drugs. Deaths from steroids have never really been proven to be the sole contributor. Typically it’s been those that do steroids and other illicit drugs generally meet their demise from the cocaine, meth, heroine….. now if these people are going sit on here going on and on and on about “juicers” perhaps, and more relevantly, you should turn your energy and focus onto a person of the other 80% of the population that is suffering from or has died from obesity related illnesses. Go and find a list of steroid related deaths. Now go find the list of obesity related deaths. Now go find the list of how much money countries waste combating drugs and getting rehab to people. There are always people doing something that they shouldn’t be. I think that whilst in this case Rich doesn’t happen to sit high on your morality scale, I bet there are people in your own family that cause just as much if not more harm and nuisance to the themselves and the health system. But this is Facebook, long live the ignorant, closed minded keyboard warriors lol not me though. Sad to see anyone get to this point in their life be it bodybuilder, artist, actor or regular Joe Blow.

  139. Avatar Tim Queen says:

    Ok folks get real. When it’s all said and done the truth will be he really had 18 bottles of vitamins and supplements and 2 bottles of juice. And yeah he might of snorted some dope. A little to much and had a reaction. Who knows yet. It doesn’t seem like someone that’s all comes out and out of control. At most he partied to hard one night. Hell he might of not done shit and just spilled some protein powder. Don’t judge wait to hear it from the source I doubt he will lie about anything when he tells us what happens he’s a open book.

  140. Why didn’t she hide the gear ? You guys in the states get fucked for owning it don’t you?

    Do you think OxyContin is the powder or cocaine ?
    He’s so amped I’d say coke but. I could be wildly wrong

    • He was in Florida too that’s where all those oxy pill mills are.

    • Justin Flex I didn’t know that , we dont have them in the U.K. Or if we do nobody uses them just heroin .

      Thing is why would they put you in a coma to treat opiates ? They can just reverse it with another drug licensed as naloxone in the uk , he would have walked out of hospital the same day if he had over dosed on opiates in the U.K..

  141. Damn…so many thick Americans

  142. Does it matter if it was juice or drugs. Hopefully the guy is okay. Get well Rich

  143. Gearing snorting coke off of Chanel’s tits …this is my new idol lol

  144. Hope he gets better, he’s one of the more honest guys in the fitness industry about his use. Saying that, this is a call out to Chanel. Once he pulls through and we know he will, you have to keep him on check with his use. You gotta put your foot down if you really love him about the shit he’s taking recreationally. This is his wake up call. If he keeps down the path he’s going, he’s not gonna see 50. You can’t tell anymore that he knows what he’s doing because obviously his body disagrees. Put him on check Chanel and prayers out to you guys during this hiccup in life.

  145. Cokehead, everybody should know Rich loved sniffing white shit!

  146. Wow! What are the chances!

  147. *sniff sniff*

  148. Bart Weber lees dit dan joh hahah

  149. Marc Keschner Mick McInnes

  150. Drugs + steroids = danger danger.

  151. Daniel Kiszonka

  152. Avatar Tom Casey says:

    That crushed up Powder was just a serving of “Real fucking food!!!”

  153. “Crushed white powder” lol! They haven’t figured out what it was yet? Oh oh let me guess let me guess! Hmmmm….. Creatine???

  154. Poor baby didn’t get enough attention look at all that ink and those bloated Android receptors.


  156. Avatar Rick Byron says:

    Mark Penver Michael Deane

  157. Get better my friend..!!

  158. When he gets better is he going to be charged for the juice I’m wondering.

  159. Frat Cam Post Michael Beal Jordan DeBortoli Jack Hurlburt

  160. Nate Marian good news I guess ?!

  161. You’re just now catching up on the news haha . Rich PIANA, is still a right on guy

  162. Bull shit ass info get your facts straight and leave this man alone rich is an amazing person him and family need suport not bullshit scandal

  163. Ashley Tapper

  164. Not even sure why he still takes steroids. His size is already enough. Also hope given they found steroids that he won’t be in trouble. Lastly I hope his health improves everyday. God bless Rich

  165. Avatar Adam Ross says:

    Mathew Logan “crushed up white powder”

  166. Thought is was just powder and a straw

  167. Now more is added to that

  168. Paramedics found powder and a straw , where did you hear bottles were also there

  169. Branden Irwin

  170. Leaving humanity behind.

  171. Schmuck , who is this goof and what’s the big deal about a tatted up juice head druggie anyway ? These clowns are a dime a dozen . I hope the guy gets well and then gets really well . There are a lot of damaged people out there . I wish him the best , but seriously people need to wake up to the terrible lifestyle they choose .

    • For a group that purports to be all about health and exercise… While at the same time completely treat your body like a septic tank, seems conflicted at best.

    • Bodybuilding is not about health in the least; never has been, never will be. It’s about creating the best physique you can envision, at any cost. You must be confuse, nobody ever said it was about health.

    • Christopher Reynolds Brilliant…well he obviously took your advice…at any cost….

  172. Donkey , everything in excess its bad for your body, think about water it’s good? Drink to much u will see what going to happen, like what he did took to much staff,

    How many body builder has in Australia? Why he’s is the only case that the doctor found a white powder , this powder could be a lot of this

    As protein shakes , glutamine, bcaa , a lot of staff could

  173. Get well soon big guy!!

  174. Avatar Patriot says:

    Piana Motto: Do what I say not what I do. #SayNoToDrugs

  175. Jonathan Kendall Stephens

  176. STEROIDS?!?! I never thought Rich would mess with that stuff… I feel betrayed…

  177. Søren Christiansen

  178. Ben James nose beers

  179. Greg Borrelli

  180. Ain’t nothing like a fat line of the devils dust after injecting my test in the morning baby!!

  181. Avatar Ben Spry says:

    Whatever the reason! GET WELL BROTHER

  182. Get well Rich! All you haters go play in traffic.

  183. Sad sad sad!!! For some young males he is their idol, he is a freaking idiot roided out POS!!! How stupid can you be??? If he doesn’t die this time it won’t be long til the next time he succumbs to drugs! I hope he can get well turn his life around but he can only do it with faith in God. If you make it Rich clean yourself up 100%

  184. Super PreWorkout.
    Get well bro

  185. Lucky Luke ‍♂️

  186. Avatar Mark Hall says:

    Jason Lamb gassed up lol

  187. Avatar Tiago Dux says:

    Pedro Gomes

  188. I do like that’s he’s real and tells the truth

  189. Really? And she didn’t have the common sense to clean that shit up before they came?

  190. Taking his pre workout before the gym

  191. Avatar Paul Freak says:

    Because TMZ is such a quality, responsible and believable source of news information…..

  192. He’s getting… better by the day.

  193. and after he gets better he will get his own lifetime chanel special and “clean” up and make more money out of his sad story and his “struggles”

  194. Fake news. Unfollowing. First of all this kind of info still legally has to be private at this point which means if the paramedics divulged all of this, someone’s losing their job. There’s no proof of this so it’s just clickbait at this point.

  195. Jesus…The guy almost died.

    The way these articles are titled is ridiculous. And all these people talking shit about him…This is the fitness industry and were all supposed to build eachother up. Zyzz would be disgusted at the hate being spewed from family

  196. Tonya Murray Gagnon

  197. Mother fuckers are crazzy.. who in the fuck takes 20 bottles at a time. Plus dont u thing some one would have moved the shit before they arrive. Whats he using bottles of juice as chess figures and playing chess with them.. so deca king that jumped test enanthate, so tren can jump the deca.lol

  198. Dhyey Kaneriya

  199. ….whatever it takes…5%er for life..
    if it takes 20 bottles and some powder.. that’s what you gotta do man

  200. Jase Athey Holy fuck lol.

  201. Avatar Sami Sami says:

    Karl Kreischer

  202. Tarun Męħëŕ

  203. Avatar Ryan West says:

    Did you even read the article? I mean holy fuck lets start there. Read the article and please respond with what happened!

  204. Avatar Billy Lee says:


  205. 20 bottles of steroids why don’t u shut the fuck up 20 is nothing even if he injects all in together he wont go in a comma u guys are retarded!

  206. Marcus Godin Daniel Peter

  207. Mike Vanmeter

  208. So he was snorting something and you’re going to blame steroids?

  209. Keeping you in prayer dawg.don’t care about what you was taking..first get better and then work on letting that shit go!it’s time big dawg while you still have life!Please!!

  210. Get well soon Rich!

  211. Why use man? I don’t understand. Hope he pulls through.

  212. Matt Dennis Michael Dennis

  213. Thought he was the shit Now fuck off bitch

  214. Just alittle pre workout

  215. One of things I don’t understand is Rich must have millions pictures of him alone. Why using this one with His Ex wife who stole from him?
    Until the Dr or Rich come out and say what really happened to him, stop assuming what did or do not happen.
    That’s being said, he is a man a human being
    So lets send him lots of prayers and support.
    And tell the truth not assumptions

  216. Logan Pollard

  217. Jisk Smits ” stabiel”

  218. Azaan Mohammed

  219. Ricky Felipe Rojas Aaron P-Bol ParreyMatt Buffolin

  220. Find me body builder, pro or a recreational user that doesn’t have vials on their house. Amazing how white powered was found at his house but nothing on the toxicology report.

  221. OMG, Rich did cocaine????? Good gawd!

  222. Avatar Stefan Rbc says:

    Nebo Simjanoski

  223. Pffft , used to like him , hope he lives … But he’s fake , a drug abuser in many forms , and really just a fool . should’ve layed off the tren ( and rest of roids ) and kept his NOSE clean . get well rich , and live a better life when you do . drugs are not the answer

  224. Remember your column if you fall on slippy tiles in your bathroom, with a knockout from a sharp corner so hard that it causes your brain to swell. You may need medical coma, they may also pop your scull to give the brain space.

  225. Tommaso Cantoni questa è la storia vera…

  226. Vince Comelab Clay Dango Jamie Hick the comments here hahaha Dean Basić

  227. Kyrillos Ayad damn

  228. Anthony Roy ces pas une joke debord

  229. Anwar Ullah Afridi Sami Ullah Salman Khan

  230. Michael Dariol just snorting some protein mate

  231. Let’s not make Rich Piana into a bad guy here if he is taking steroids that is his business and let’s not make him look like a drug crazies person. I hope that he gets better thanks all I wish for

  232. Ross Crossan Nicky JT Hill

  233. Dominic Posten ein Bild mit seiner ex statt mit der aktuellen xD

  234. Liam Green Bean Dean

  235. Cocaine and steroid overdose?

  236. Avatar Lex Leone says:

    Gino told you, he likes to party lol

  237. Malthe Christian Madsen hahahaha fuck han har mange roids

  238. Hope he gets better but can’t say he’s good for Bodybuilding this dude has literally Trashed the Sport

  239. Avatar Dexter Nye says:

    Matt Serna must be that natty gainz supplement

  240. Morten Pølle Andersen

  241. Richard Sparks

  242. Hope he’s ok. One of my idols!

    • Avatar Kyle Fair says:

      He was fake asf if you didnt relize that after his arms that big your an idiot just saying 20 bottles of steroids haha fake

    • Kyle Fair I knew he takes steroids, everybody knows he takes steroids. He openly admits it. I don’t care if he’s fake or not he’s still huge as fuck and still one of my idols. Every bodybuilder that competes for the Mr. Olympia takes steroids. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ronnie Coleman, Lee Haney, Dorian Yates. They ALL took/take steroids. So I guess you could say they are all fake.

    • Avatar Kyle Fair says:

      Kristopher Blackburn yup exacytly

  243. Please get better

  244. We love you Rich. You are humble, kind, and nice
    God be with you my brother

  245. Scott Rooney thot patroller down

  246. Benji Pereira

  247. Genesis Santos coke and roids

  248. Rhys Callanan mad cunt

  249. Avatar J says:

    Wow look at all the people that are all of a sudden Internet Endocrinologists.

  250. Vane Varas Farías Felipe Andrés Hidalgo

  251. Avatar Ja Kè says:

    Dylan Milton

  252. Update: the doctors have just finished reinstalling what’s left of his liver and kidneys after they found them dangling from his anus