IFBB Pro Guy Cisternino Jr. Explains Crash Which Nearly Killed Him

Guy Cisternino

The champion whose life was nearly taken by a careless truck driver lives to express his gratitude for life and for the sport of bodybuilding

A recent heartfelt and emotional Instagram post from IFBB Pro Guy Cisternino aka “Quadro,” explains the car crash that nearly killed him and how bodybuilding saved his life…

Guy Cisternino, a New Jersey native, always had a fascination for fitness when he found his inspiration at a young age from his father (A footballer and boxer) who displayed an impressive physique.

A young Guy Cisternino shared his love for weight training with football but when he got to college his love for the game faded and that’s when he felt a true passion for bodybuilding.

He shortly after decided he would dedicate his life for the sport after winning first place in the novice and open class of his first ever bodybuilding competition.

Since winning his first competition, he has gone on to win several other big shows.

These include:

  • 2007 IFBB New York Metro Championships, 1st (Middleweight)
  • NPC Junior USA, 1st
  • 2008 NPC nationals, 1st (“Blew away” the competition with a perfect score and earned his pro card this year).
  • 2011 IFBB Europa Supershow, 1st
  • 2014 IFBB Europa Dallas, 1st
  • 2015 IFBB New York Pro, 1st

Guy Cisternino has quite an impressive record of competition, including an honorable placing of 6th place in the 212 Olympia at the 2015 IFBB Olympia Weekend.

What’s special about Guy Cisternino’s journey is that ever since he became a “Pro” bodybuilder, he has gained quite a following on social media.

Just recently he posted pictures of his totaled vehicle from a crash in 2011, where a bucket truck made an illegal U-Turn after cutting him off causing him to crash right into the back of the truck. He was traveling on route 80 to Long Island for an appearance for his sponsor the day of the crash.

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💥💥GRAPHIC PHOTOS💥💥 For those that always ask why do you bite your headphone cord? Why do you wear @guardlab mouth guard when you train? Why do you always have your @cardilloweightbelts on? Well here’s the answer. 7 years ago on 11/03/2011 I was driving on route 80 heading into Long Island for an appearance for my sponsor at the time. I was cut off by a bucket truck trying to make an illegal u-turn off a main highway. He cut me off to make the turn, didn’t see my car, he came to a complete stop and I hit him almost head on into the back of his vehicle. I had a broken right thumb, ribs, 2 herniations in my back, 2 bulges in my back, messed up jaw, neck, tore my meniscus in my left knee that required surgery. It was a day I will never forget and a day that changed my life. Everyone sees the hard training, the laughs, the good times on social media. What you all don’t see are the days I have trouble getting out of bed, the constant pain in my back and knee, how the simplest tasks for me at times are very difficult. I hope that everyone can take one thing away from this, and that is do not take ANYTHING for granted. I was told if I didn’t workout or body build and didn’t have the muscle I had I would of been dead or broken my back. So this pain every single day reminds me of the blessing I have and that is to live another day. To my fans, friends, even haters and trolls that hate me, you all have a gift called life, sounds cliché, but don’t take life for granted, because I’m living proof how fast your life can change and almost end in seconds. Stay safe everyone, and God Bless! @centurion_labz @centurionlegion @officialgasp @official_otomix @trifectasystem #Quadro #NPC #IFBBproleague #WeDontPunt

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Injuries he sustained from the accident were a broken right thumb, broken ribs, 2 herniations and 2 bulges in his back, a messed up jaw, neck, and a torn meniscus in his left knee. All of which required surgery.

Following his accident, Guy Cisternino explained in his post… I was told if I didn’t work out or body build and didn’t have the muscle I had I would of been dead or broken my back”.

His appreciation for the sport is expressed sincerely and he explains to everyone (Even his haters) that life is to not be taken for granted because it change/end in a split second.

Guy Cisternino is a true living example and inspiration to others of what’s possible with persistence and determination. He lives in pain daily, yet he continues to push himself while encouraging others to do the same.

His resilience to failure is apparent as shown by the following quote…

“I have had many cracks in my life many more recently than ever before, doesn’t matter how many cracks my life endures one thing is for sure, you can crack me as much as you want, but there’s one thing for sure, I refuse to ever be broken. Remember that!”

One thing we know about Guy Cisternino is that his gratitude and will-power have been influenced by his life experiences and his impact on the industry is never taken for granted.

Do you think Guy Cisternino will make it back to the Mr. Olympia stage?

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