Watch 15-Year-Old Girl Easily Break Record With 335-Pound Bench Press

You probably thought you were strong until you saw this!

Wow… just wow! Mahailya Reeves made 335 pounds look rather easy but what’s even crazier is that she is only 15 years old…

Her impressive bench press (Which most seasoned lifters cannot do) broke the Florida State record according to Under Armour. If Reeves is throwing up weight like this with so little effort, we can only imagine what she’ll be capable of in the future.

Want to have your mind blown even more? Mahailya Reeves bench pressed 330 Pounds with a “reverse grip”!

Watch below…

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330 Reverse Grip 💪🏾💪🏾❗️❗️

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As if it isn’t hard to bench that much weight with a normal grip…

If you thought she was done, then think again. Reeves can “front squat” 410 pounds… that’s right, not a regular squat, a front squat!

Well it’s pretty obvious that Mahailya Reeves is a “superhuman” at only 15 years of age. Her potential is officially limitless and we hope to see Reeves breaking more records in the future.

Will Mahailya Reeves reach a 400 pound bench press? Considering 335 pounds was an easy lift for her, we don’t doubt the possibility for one second!

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