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Best Deadlift Socks Reviewed for 2023

Socks? That's right, socks can have an impact on your deadlift performance. Learn more about why a good pair of socks can be beneficial and see which ones we like best.
Matthew Magnante, ACE
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When most people think of lifting gear, things like belts, shoes (if you prefer them), knee sleeves, lifting straps, chalk, and suits are what probably first come to mind. But any serious lifter knows how important socks can be too for your performance (hence the best deadlift socks review).

You may have noticed that the biggest, strongest strength athletes perform the conventional deadlift in either socks or barefoot, like Hafthor Bjornsson for instance who deadlifted 501kg/1105 lbs for the all-time world record earlier this year.

Shoeless lifts cause you to be closer to the ground and allow for a lower center of gravity giving you great leverage at the start of the lift. But lifters wear socks to help protect the shins when pulling a heavy bar up against them.

The harsh knurling of a barbell can cause bleeding and this isn’t desirable for a few reasons (but it happens).

Anyhow, check out our best sock picks.

  1. Hoplite Outfitters Compression SocksBuy here  Editor’s Choice 
  2. Trendwell Elite Performance SocksBuy here
  3. Moxy SocksBuy here
  4. Adidas Rivalry Field OTCBuy here
  5. Sock It To Me SocksBuy here

Editor’s Choice – Hoplite Outfitters Compression Socks

Hoplite Outfitters Compression Socks
Hoplite Outfitters Compression Socks

Hoplite socks are seriously perfect for deadlifting… but this is also true for rope climbs, obstacle courses, etc. They have cushioned shin padding for added protection. Cushions in the foot and heel guards against friction and it also has an arch support band.

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Hoplite socks also provide compression which increases blood flow and this has shown to help with recovery. Therefore, those who need vein support, or anyone who’s on their feet all day will appreciate these functional socks.

The socks will keep you cool and the debris out! it’s also moisture-wicking. 

Product highlights

  • Shin padding
  • Foot and heel cushion 
  • Arch support
  • Compression technology perfect for performance and recovery
  • 220 needle knit protects against dirt and debris 

Buy at Amazon

Trendwell Elite Performance Socks

Elite Performance Athletic Socks
Elite Performance Athletic Socks

Trendwell elite performance socks are strong, yet flexible but thick enough to protect your shins against the bar knurling. These are great for lifting and sports in general. 

They don’t bunch up or fall down and are designed for optimal foot support. If you like the look of these (we definitely do), then it’s excellent for pulling big weights off the ground. 

Trendwell performance socks are also USA-made.

Product highlights

  • Arch and ankle support
  • Moisture-wicking material
  • Cushioned sole
  • Odor control

Buy at Amazon

Moxy Socks

Moxy Deadlift Socks
Moxy Deadlift Socks

Moxy Socks offers awesome lifting socks and we like the fact that they have tons of cool designs too. The skull design knee-high socks are absolutely badass with the word “Power” on the back. But there’s no compromising on quality and performance.

It’s a thick sock with compression but there’s a lot of breathability which is much-appreciated especially if you prefer grueling workout sessions.

The socks also have lots of good arch support and Achilles tendon cushion. 

Moxy Socks are ideal for lifting, CrossFit, and anything similar. 

Product highlights

  • Skull design with the word “Power” on the back
  • Compression helps with circulation and recovery
  • Arch support
  • Cushioned for comfort and performance

Buy at Amazon

Adidas Rivalry Field OTC

Adidas Unisex Rivalry Field Otc Socks
Adidas Unisex Rivalry Field Otc Socks

Adidas Rivalry Field OTC is a soccer sock but it doubles as a deadlifting sock because it’s nice and thick.

The arch and ankle support helps with stability during physical activity The socks are NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Associaton) compliant too if you want some peace of mind about its quality and functionality.

Product highlights

  • NCAA compliant
  • Moisture-wicking keeps feet dry and cool
  • Arch and ankle support
  • Cushioned foot

Buy at Amazon

Sock It To Me Socks

Sock It To Me
Sock It To Me

Sock It To Me Socks come in several cool designs like the Moxy socks. They can also stretch to 21 inches of circumference without distorting the images and fit big larger calves. But there’s lacking in the comfort department either as the socks are soft and stretchy. 

The material is made from certified OEKO-TEX Standard 100 so there are no harmful chemicals used. 

Product highlights

  • Wide fit for large calves
  • No harmful chemicals used
  • Reinforced 2-ply heel and toe

Buy at Amazon

Do You Need Socks For Deadlifts?

The short answer… no. However, a lot of lifters prefer to wear them. 

What’s a good deadlift sock?

While there are socks that are made especially for deadlifts, a thick, knee-high sock can do the trick. 

Deadlifts require keeping the bar close to the body and the center of gravity (because that’s proper deadlift form). So having long enough socks to be able to slide the bar up will do wonders for performance and comfort.

That’s also why thick socks are ideal in this case (don’t deadlift in dress socks)!

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Other ideal qualities of a good deadlifting sock are compression, support, breathability, cushion, and an appropriate blend of fabrics. 

Compression helps with blood flow/circulation and recovery (1). Good arch support can also be very beneficial especially while pulling heavy weights and cushion in the foot and heel offers more comfort. 

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A good deadlift sock should have spandex material in its construction (typically a blend) as this helps to slide the bar up the leg a bit easier. 

You also want to make sure that the sock maintains its structure long enough to where you can get good use out of it (no cheapie stuff, although these socks are very affordable). That’s why we chose quality options from top brands. So you shouldn’t have to worry about your toe sticking out or the socks shrinking or falling down a few weeks after you get them… no one wants that.

When it comes to choosing a good sock, you’ll have to consider your budget and what features best suit your needs. 

Wrapping Up

Deadlifts are undoubtedly the king of full-body exercises and if you can do them, the rewards will be great. The right accessories can contribute to your performance and because of that, we created this list of best deadlift socks that offers something for everyone. 

If you have any questions about this article, please feel free to contact Matthew Magnante by leaving a comment below.

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Matthew Magnante, ACE
Matthew Magnante, ACE
Matthew is an ACE (American Council On Exercise) certified fitness professional who has had a passion for fitness since elementary school and continues to research and learn how to build muscle effectively through training and diet. He also loves to help others to achieve their fitness goals and spread the knowledge where needed. Matthew's other passions include learning about mindfulness, strolling through nature, traveling, and always working to improve overall.

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