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Gorilla Mode Pre-Workout Review — The Best Pre-Workout To Grab Today?

A pre-workout supplement specifically devised for novice users; it can help achieve insane pumps, enhance endurance and physical performance for intense training sessions.
Tom Miller, CSCS
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Whether you are a seasoned athlete or a beginner, going to the gym can sometimes feel hard, and you might lack the intrinsic motivation to push yourself. However, pre-workout supplements can come to your rescue in such situations. 

Pre-workouts can boost your energy levels and provide the motivation required to go all out in the gym. With that said, buying the correct pre-training supp is easier said than done. 

A variety of pre-workout supplements are available in the market, and often the ingredients vary depending on the brand and the product’s price. Therefore, making it tough to choose the best supplement.

Gorilla Mode pre-workout is a popular pre-workout supplement made by a well-known sports nutrition company — Gorilla Mind. The brand is highly recommended and is run by Derek from the YouTube channel More Plates, More Dates.

In this Gorillamode Review, we will look through everything — workout experience, ingredients, and adverse effects. But most importantly, is the product worth the cost and hype?

Note — The content on FitnessVolt is for informative purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice to diagnose, prevent, and/or treat health problems. If you’re suffering from a health issue, are pregnant, or are under 18-years-old, you should consult your physician before starting any new supplement, nutrition, or fitness routine.

Pros and Cons of Gorilla Mode

Gorilla Mode Pre Workout
Gorilla Mode Pre-Workout

Let’s have a quick look at the pros and cons of Gorilla Mode:


  • High l-citrulline to boost muscle pumps
  • Significantly increases energy levels
  • Enhanced mental alertness and focus
  • Improved endurance and strength
  • Wide range of flavors
  • High caffeine content helps in boosting energy during workouts
  • Nitric oxide release helps in muscle activation
  • Improves endurance.


  • Not meant for caffeine-sensitive people
  • Adverse Kanna effects

Gorilla Mode

Gorilla Mode

Gorilla Mode

Gorilla Mode by Gorilla Mind is formulated to enhance focus, improve strength and energy, and boost muscle pumps. It is effectively dosed and does not hide its ingredients behind a propriety label, making it easier to compare the supp with other products on the market. 

What is Gorilla Mode Pre-Workout?

Gorilla Mode is a pre-workout formula created to boost energy, increase focus, improve endurance, and enhance muscle pumps. Gorilla Mode formula promises to deliver the maximum dose of all the research-backed ingredients that can boost your energy significantly. It comes with a fully disclosed ingredients list so that you can evaluate its effectiveness and compare it to other pre-workout supplements on the market.

On the label, you can see details for both one and two scoops. The intended scoop size is one scoop that serves 15.42 grams of active ingredients; however, the full dose size varies from person to person.

About Gorilla Mind

Gorilla Mind was founded in January 2017 in Boise, Idaho, by Derek of the More Plates More Dates fame. The company initially focused on developing supplements that aid in improving fitness performance. However, they have since expanded into health supplements. Gorilla Mind now makes bodybuilding, vitality, sports, and health-related supplements.

Gorilla Mind has become a multi-million dollar enterprise in just three years since its inception. In addition to achieving this incredible feat, it is becoming an extremely respected brand in the sports nutrition industry.

Gorilla Mind created the Gorilla Mode Pre-workout formula with the virtue to increase endurance, focus, and muscle pump. The presence of l-citrulline leads to increased blood flow in the body. It increases cellular energy to prevent any muscle fatigue during an intense workout. Plus, the formula contains several nootropic ingredients that enhance mental activity, and reduce stress and anxiety. 

It is arguably one of the most effective pre-workout supplements on the market. The formula contains several nootropic ingredients that enhance mental activity and reduce stress and anxiety. 

The Gorilla Mode formula includes a high caffeine dose and other research-backed ingredients. The pre-workout supp has a transparent ingredient label, which helps compare the ingredients and dosages against other products. 

Gorilla Mode Pre-Workout Ingredients

Gorilla Mode Pre-Workout consists of the following 12 ingredients:

  1. L-Citrulline
  2. Creatine Monohydrate
  3. GlycerPump
  4. Malic Acid
  5. Betaine Anhydrous
  6. L-Tyrosine
  7. Agmatine Sulfate
  8. Kanna (Sceletium Tortuosum)
  9. Caffeine Anhydrous
  10. N-Phenethyl Dimethylamine Citrate
  11. Bioperine (Black Pepper Fruit Extract)
  12. Huperzine A
Gorilla Mode Ingredients
Gorilla Mode Ingredients

Evaluation of Gorilla Mode Pre-Workout

Gorilla Mode leads to a considerable increase in the body’s nitric oxide (NO) levels, intramuscular hydration levels, and energy and concentration. It also increases muscular strength and endurance as you can expect from any non-hormonal and legal pre-workout.

This product is a top performer in the pump, performance, energy, and focus categories.

It contains a massive dose of l-citrulline, creatine, GlycerPump, betaine, and agmatine to fill the muscles with blood and provide intracellular water retention. It also contains a powerful stimulant complex consisting of a large amount of caffeine and N-Phenethyl dimethylamine citrate.

The nootropics with high doses of l-tyrosine, Kanna, huperzine A, and l-tyrosine round off the cognitive enhancement component of Gorilla Mode and contribute to an increase in energy and focus, and overall mental clarity.

Bioperine can also enhance the ingredients that improve cognitive function in this formula by extending its breakdown and increasing bioavailability.

The Gorilla Mode pre-workout formula comprises 12 active ingredients. The composition provides high energy levels, improves focus, and delivers the strength and energy required for high-intensity workouts. The pre-workout can improve overall exercise performance. 

Let’s discuss the various ingredients in detail — 

BioPerine – 5mg

Black pepper extract is a commonly used ingredient in pre-workouts because of its enhanced absorption rate and general thermogenesis properties that help with energy production and increase body temperature. A higher metabolism rate has been associated with BioPerine which can help maintain your weight. (1)

Bioperine is a patent-pending black pepper extract version that assists the body in absorbing other supplement ingredients. Between 5mg and 10mg is the standard dose.

Summary: It is responsible for improving thermogenesis to increase metabolism and regulate weight.

L-Citrulline – 4,500mg

L-citrulline is the most well-known pump-inducing ingredient in pre-workout supplements. Research suggests l-citrulline increases the muscle oxygen content, which enhances exercise performance. Both endurance and strength training performance is improved through this non-essential amino acid.

Nitric oxide enhances blood flow and can help deliver oxygen and nutrients to muscles and boost your body’s overall performance. It is responsible for constricting and dilating blood vessels. 

Citrulline is responsible for increasing cellular energy by boosting adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP is referred to as the source of energy in the body cells that prevent muscle fatigue. The supplementation of l-citrulline boosts the skeleton muscle weight and improves exercise performance. 

Brands may contain pure l-citrulline and citrulline malate in a 2:1 ratio. Citrulline malate 2:1 is just 2/3 citrulline. It allows companies to over-inflate the supplement label and place it at the top of the list.

Gorilla Mode contains pure l-citrulline, which means you’re getting 4,500mg of l-citrulline. A typical dosage that’s clinically proven to be effective ranges from 3,500mg to 4,000mg.

The supp also includes malic acid, which promotes exercise endurance, increases energy production, and relieves muscle fatigue. (2)

Summary: It ensures massive pumps by increasing nitric acid production in the body and improving blood flow. Delivering more oxygen to muscles increases nutrient delivery and workout endurance.

Huperzine A – 200mcg

A nootropic component is responsible for improving cognitive capabilities, including mental functions. It also improves mental focus and task productivity and enhances motivation. However, a dose of 200mcg is relatively low in isolation. But working in conjunction with other ingredients in the pre-workout produces the desired results.

Summary: By improving your mental energy, it helps in increasing your alertness and body energy levels. It is known for increasing the neurotransmitters in your brain and extending protection to nerve cells.

Creatine Monohydrate – 2,500mg

Creatine monohydrate is usually consumed in isolation. Even the timing of the day isn’t essential to creatine consumption. However, some companies do include it in pre-workout or post-workout products for its numerous benefits.

It is responsible for improving performance by boosting energy and strength levels during strenuous workout sessions. Although it has little effect on aerobic endurance, it can directly stimulate your ATP levels to create more muscle fuel.

The dose is 5,000mg, which is the recommended clinically-effective dosage; meaning two scoops of Gorilla Mode are required to meet this amount.

Summary: It helps improve muscle fiber size, lean body mass, and muscular power and strength.

N-Phenethyl Dimethylamine Citrate – 175mg

It is a stimulant derived from Eria Jarensis. The compound became popular due to its similarity to banned substances like Ephedrine, DMAA, and AMP-Citrate. It has therapeutic mood-boosting effects, which are achieved by inducing noradrenaline and dopamine in your body.(3)

Summary: It is known for many mental effects such as mood upliftment, intense focus, and improved energy during the workout.

GlycerPump – 1,500mg

GlycerPump is a patent-pending version of Glycerol powder. Glycerol powder is used to increase muscle strength, but it’s generally unstable. It results in hyperhydration leading to lesser body stress during an intense workout.

It is responsible for enhancing thermoregulation to keep you hydrated. GlycerPump is a more stable and effective version and is fast gaining popularity. 3,000mg is the ideal dose, so two scoops of Gorilla Mode are required for this dose.

Summary: It is responsible for enhancing athletic performance by boosting hydration and endurance.

Gorilla Mode Container

L-Tyrosine – 750mg

L-Tyrosine can assist in reducing the adverse effects of high caffeine levels. Consumption of l-tyrosine results in increased adrenaline, norepinephrine, and dopamine levels, leading to anaerobic peak power during intense workouts. It could help balance your mood and improve cognition. 1,000mg is a good dose, and 2,000mg is the highest dosage.

Summary: It reduces stress by producing adrenaline, particularly when exposed to acute stressors such as intense workouts.

Betaine Anhydrous – 1,250mg

Betaine anhydrous is a substance that can help ease fatigue and increase endurance. However, more research is required to verify the validity of this claim. 2,000mg is the typical dose for betaine anhydrous before workouts, and 2,500mg is the highest.

Summary: By improving the overall hydration in your body, betaine anhydrous stimulates muscle pumps and is responsible for protein synthesis in your body.

Malic Acid – 1,500mg

Another ingredient to boost your muscle strength by keeping you hydrated. When combined with creatine supplements, it helps in the faster absorption of creatine. It is also known for increasing exercise endurance and relieving muscle fatigue.

Malic acid is the second substance in citrulline malate. Many companies either use citrulline malate by itself or simply pure l-citrulline without malic acid. (4)

Summary: Malic acid is known for its proven improved endurance and promoting energy production during intense workouts by fighting off muscle fatigue.

Kanna – 250mg

It is known for its stress curbing capabilities. It also suppresses hunger during workouts and fights fatigue. Sceletium is a ground-covering plant that is native to South Africa. It is used in traditional South African medical practices for anxiety and depression. Notably, headaches are common side effects of using the compound.

Summary: It comes with mood-elevating qualities and reduces depression and anxiety.

Agmatine Sulfate – 500mg

Considered a potent pump enhancer, agmatine sulfate drastically enhances athletic performance and reduces nerve pain. It may help increase nitric oxide levels within your body and enhance muscle pumps. Dosages can be as high as 3.5g. However, 1,000mg to 1,500mg is believed to be a safe and effective dosage.

Summary: It essentially helps in building muscles while training. It is referred to as one of the best pump enhancers for stimulating MRI performance.

Caffeine Anhydrous – 175mg

Various studies support the role of caffeine in improving alertness and focus in athletes by decreasing reaction time. Caffeine is the most critical energy source in all pre-workout stimulants.

175mg is a moderate-sized dose that will play a significant role in deciding whether to consume one or two portions of Gorilla Mode.

Summary: For intense workouts like cycling and running, it can help enhance performance by boosting energy and clearing off drowsiness.

Verdict on Claimed Benefits

Extreme muscle pump Strong evidence
Increase focus during workout Strong evidence
Boosts energy Strong evidence
Improves overall physical performance Strong evidence
Unleashes superhuman power Strong evidence
Reduce fatigue Strong evidence
Reduce muscle soreness Moderate evidence

Available Flavors

Gorilla Mode Pre Workout Supplement comes in 12 different flavors:

  • Jungle Juice
  • Mango Peach
  • Volcano Burst
  • Sweet Watermelon Tiger’s Blood
  • Mojo Mojito
  • Lemon Lime
  • Bombsite
  • Sweet Lemonade Fruit Punch
  • Mouthwatering Watermelon
  • Firefly Lemonade
  • Cherry Blackout (recently launched)
  • Nitric Flavor (recently launched)


Gorilla Mode Flavors
Gorilla Mode Flavors

The availability of a wide range of flavors is great news for pre-workout connoisseurs who like experimenting with different flavors. All flavors of Gorilla Mode are unique and delicious. The Tiger’s Blood variant is the most popular flavor. 

Side Effects, Safety, and Dosage

Gorilla Mode’s recommended dosage consists of two scoops. Users should begin with a half or quarter dose to test their tolerance. Doing more than two scoops is not advised.

As per many reviews, a single scoop of the pre-workout supp might not be enough to get you through a hardcore training session. A single scoop of the Gorilla Mode pre-workout supplement contains 175mg of caffeine which is not enough to make you feel nauseous unless you have a low caffeine tolerance.

While supplementing with Gorilla Mode, make sure you are drinking a lot of water — at least a gallon — as the creatine monohydrate present in the supplement can cause dehydration. 

Most pre-workouts, including Gorilla Mode, contain a high dose of nootropics and stimulants such as caffeine and huperzine-A. Some individuals may suffer adverse reactions from these substances, such as blurry vision, insomnia, fast heart rate, and high blood pressure. (5)

It could also result in vomiting and headaches. Follow the suggested dosage of not more than two scoops a day to avoid these adverse side effects. The manufacturer also advises users not to combine Gorilla Mode with Gorilla Mode Energy, 2 AM, and Rauwolscine supplements.

Most users say they haven’t had any issues sleeping at night, even when they take the supplement late afternoon.

For optimal results, mix a scoop of Gorilla Mode with 12-14 oz ice water and consume 30-60 minutes before workouts.

One tub of Gorilla Mode Pre-workout has a net weight of 617 grams. If you take one scoop, it will serve up to 40 times; however, if you take two scoops, the pre-workout will provide for 20 servings.

Cost and Where to Buy

With 12 different flavors to select from, Gorilla Mode costs $49 for a tub. They also offer three tubs for $137 — a $3.33 discount per piece. This price, however, does not include shipping charges and taxation.

If you take one and a half to two scoops during an intense training session, the cost per serving is approximately $2 when buying at the discounted price.

You can buy Gorilla Mode pre-workout supplements from the Gorilla Mind website. They ship to Australia, Europe, Canada, and the USA. Gorilla Mode is also available on Amazon.

Considering its quality, flavors, and effectiveness, Gorilla Mind is a value for money product.


Gorilla Mode

Gorilla Mode

Gorilla Mode

Gorilla Mode by Gorilla Mind is formulated to enhance focus, improve strength and energy, and boost muscle pumps. It is effectively dosed and does not hide its ingredients behind a propriety label, making it easier to compare the supp with other products on the market. 

How Gorilla Mode Pre-Workout Compares to Alternatives

It is no secret that the pre-workout industry is booming. The effectiveness of a pre-workout supp varies depending on its ingredients. Let’s compare Gorilla Mode with a few other pre-workouts on the market —

Beyond Raw Lit

Beyond Raw Lit
Beyond Raw Lit

It contains caffeine, l-citrulline, and beta-alanine as the main ingredients for energy production. It has a high beta-alanine concentration which may cause extreme jitters and palpitations. It also contains artificial sweeteners and soy.

Read the full review of Beyond Raw Lit.

Gold Standard Pre-Workout

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Pre Workout
Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Pre Workout

The formula contains most ingredients as the other pre-workouts on the market. However, it is banned in some states due to some of its ingredients. Plus, the product costs almost $40 per tub, which is on the higher end of the scale.

Gorilla Mind charges a premium for its Gorilla Mode pre-workout; however, its transparency and effectiveness make it a value for money product.

Read the full review of Gold Standard Pre-Workout.

Wrecked Pre-Workout

Wrecked Pre Workout
Wrecked Pre Workout

Wrecked is a smart choice for all gym goers who want a strong pre-workout supplement that boosts energy, enhances endurance, and increases focus without the jitters. There are 17 natural ingredients in the formula. It also improves endurance and strength. Wrecked is one of the most potent pre-workouts with 30 grams per serving. 

Read the full review of Wrecked Pre-Workout.

Benefits of The Gorilla Mode Pre-Workout Supplement

One of the major benefits of the Gorilla Mode pre-workout is that every ingredient is dosed optimally. Plus, the presence of every ingredient makes sense, which cannot be said for most other pre-workouts. The Gorilla Mode pre-workout helps in stimulation, blood flow, and mood enhancement.


The concentration of caffeine anhydrous is decent in the pre-workout formula if you stick to one scoop and high if you increase it to two scoops. Caffeine anhydrous’ paring with other ingredients like Kanna and creatine is effective. The pre-workout will give you good physical and mental stimulation.

Blood Flow

Objectives of a pre-workout include boosting energy and inducing muscle pumps. Gorilla Mode has nailed it with the right combination of l-citrulline and GlycerPump. It increases nitric oxide production in the body, which helps with muscle pumps. Through vasodilation, the pre-workout delivers on its promise of increasing blood flow.

Mood Enhancement

Components like caffeine, Kanna, huperzine-A, and Eria Jarensis extract are all known for their mood-boosting capabilities. You will feel a positive drive with improved concentration and mood. Plus, you will be able to perform your sets better and see a good improvement in your overall performance in the gym.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Gorilla Mode contain DMAA?

No, Gorilla Mode does not contain DMAA; however, it includes a close DMAA substitute. N-Phenethyl Dimethylamine Citrate is the chemical name used for a plant extract that we frequently encounter in fat-burners, Eria Jarensis. It is a similar compound to DMAA, which has gained much attention for its euphoric effects and a DMAA replacement. Yet, more research is needed about this ingredient or its efficacy in enhancing exercise. 

Is Gorilla Mode pre-workout effective?

The Gorilla Mode Pre-workout has excellent reviews and is available in 12 flavors. It can provide insane pumps and boost your energy levels. However, if you want to avoid stimulants, the product is not for you. Also, you must not mix the formula with any other stimulants.

How does Gorilla Mode pre-workout taste?

As per user reviews, most of the flavors taste delicious. It is available in an array of flavors, the best ones being the tiger’s blood and mango peach. 

Gorilla Mode pre-workout is legal and does not contain any banned substances that require a prescription.

Does Gorilla Mode mix well with water?

Yes, Gorilla Mode mixes well with the water; however, you can expect some grits due to the potency of the ingredients.

How long does the effect of Gorilla Mode last?

The effect of the pre-workout supp usually lasts around 90 minutes.

Can pro athletes use Gorilla Mode?

Gorilla Mode contains N-phenethyl dimethylamine citrate, which is banned by some pro leagues. Hence, this pre-workout supplement is not recommended for athletes who undergo testing for the substance.

More on pre-workouts:

If you want to learn more about pre-workout supplements, we have an entire pre-workout section that we recommend you check out!

The Bottom Line

Gorilla Mode pre-workout by Gorilla Mind is great for people of all experience levels. If you want an optimal energy boost, razor-sharp focus, and good muscle pumps, this pre-workout is worth a shot.

In line with the other products of Gorilla Mind, Gorilla Mode is an incredibly effective product. It is made of high-quality ingredients and is available at a nominal price. 

Expert Opinion

Although pre-workouts are a great tool to boost your performance in the gym, you should remember that they are a temporary fix. You should prioritize your nutrition through timely meals consisting of protein, carbs, vitamins, minerals, and proper hydration.

Furthermore, give your body at least six hours of sleep to recover and recuperate from your intense training routine. It will boost your immunity and fuel you for the rest of the day. 

Make sure you speak with a certified professional before buying a pre-workout supplement, especially if you are dealing with any health issues. 


Fitness Volt is committed to providing our readers with science-based information. We use only credible and peer-reviewed sources to support the information we share in our articles.
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The Review

Gorilla Mode

9.2 Score

Gorilla Mode pre-workout by Gorilla Mind is great for people of all experience levels. If you want an optimal energy boost, razor-sharp focus, and good muscle pumps, this pre-workout is worth a shot.


  • High l-citrulline to boost muscle pumps
  • Boost energy, mental alertness and focus
  • Improved endurance and strength
  • Wide range of flavors


  • Not meant for caffeine-sensitive people
  • Adverse Kanna effects

Review Breakdown

  • Ingredients
  • Effectiveness
  • Mixability
  • Taste
  • Price

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Tom Miller, CSCS
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