Phil Heath answering question about Best Carb & Crossfit workouts.

Many people perform what’s called fasted cardio, in an attempt to burn and lose more body fat, but unless you are doing this cardio early morning (6 am – 7 am), you need to fuel your body before each and every workout.

Your body is like a car, you can’t expect to drive 100 miles with no gas in the tank, can you? If you want to perform and train at your best, you need to make sure your body has enough and the best fuel to do so.  In this video clip, the 7-times Olympia champion Phil Heath answers two important question from the fans.

In the first question, a fan name James Zhan asked about the ‘best carbs’ to consume in the morning, pre-workout, post-workout and before the bed.

Best carbs should be consumed in the morning.

In the 2nd question, Andrew asks about Phil Heath’s thoughts on CrossFit and can somebody build muscles through CrossFit?

Crossfit… all I care about is people working out.

Check out the above video for the detailed answers.

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