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10 Best Arm Blasters in 2022 (Review & Ranked)

Take your biceps gains to the next level with these arm blasters.

Vidur Saini

Written by Vidur Saini

Last Updated onJuly 27th, 2022

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If you’re a bodybuilding fan and have grown up watching the cult-classic bodybuilding documentary Pumping Iron (1977), you are probably familiar with arm blasters. They are the badass-looking biceps training tool used by Arnold Schwarzenegger during one of the training montages. 

While the arm blaster, also known as the biceps isolator, might have lost its charm during the 2000s, it is back in trend. Many popular social media celebrities are routinely seen using the training equipment. 

An arm blaster can help beef up your biceps by isolating your pythons and improving your form by taking the momentum out of the equation. Plus, it aids in building biceps peaks and improving conditioning.

Top 10 Best Arm Blasters Tested/Ranked:

  1. Best Overall: Celebrita Arm Blaster
  2. Best Rated: Hawk Sports Arm Blaster
  3. Best for Big Athletes: Jayefo Sport Arm Blaster
  4. Best Heavy Duty: Rogue Arm Blaster
  5. Best Neck Padding: Gymreapers Biceps Arm Blaster
  6. Best Durable: BeSmart Arm Blaster
  7. Best Design: DMoose Arm Blaster
  8. Best Budget: RA-Moto Arm Blaster
  9. Best Portable: Fitsu Arm Blaster
  10. Best for Lifting Heavy: Everymile Arm Blaster

How Much Do the Best Arm Blasters Cost?

The best arm blasters on the market can range between $18.99 to $75. Below is the complete list and what we love about each product:

CategoryProductNamePriceWhy We Love It
Best OverallCelebrita Arm BlastersCelebrita Arm Blaster$24.47A strong, sturdy, budget-friendly, and highly adjustable arm blaster. 
Best RatedHawk Sports Arm BlastersHawk Sports Arm Blaster$25.99The highest reviewed product on Amazon.
Best for Big AthletesJayefo Sport Arm BlastersJayefo Sport Arm Blaster$25.99The 25-inch length makes it the best arm blaster option for seasoned athletes.
Best Heavy DutyRogue Arm BlastersRogue Arm Blaster$75A solid and aesthetically appealing arm training tool. 
Best Neck PaddingGymreapers Biceps Arm BlastersGymreapers Biceps Arm Blaster$39.99If you’re worried about an arm blaster scraping the back of your neck, this product is what you need. 
Best DurableBesmart Arm BlasterBeSmart Arm Blaster$23.99The premium nylon strap, buckle, and high-quality rivets add to the durability of the product.
Best DesignDmoose Arm BlasterDMoose Arm Blaster$29.99The American flag painted across the arm blaster might help psyche you up for your workout.
Best BudgetRa Moto Arm BlasterRA-Moto Arm Blaster$18.99On a budget but don’t want to compromise on quality? This product does the trick. 
Best PortableFitsu Arm BlasterFitsu Arm Blaster$22.97Arguably the best arm blaster if you want to keep it in your gym bag forever.
Best for Lifting HeavyEverymile Arm BlasterEverymile Arm Blaster$25.99If you’re an advanced lifter and plan on putting the arm blaster to test, you should go with this option.

Top 10 Best Arm Blasters

Given below are the best arm blasters in various categories:

Best Overall

The best overall arm blaster ticks all the right boxes — it has a high-quality build and an optimal size and is available at a competitive price.

Celebrita Arm Blaster

Celebrita Arm Blasters
Celebrita Arm Blaster

The Celebrita Arm Blaster comes with neoprene elbow padding, which makes the curling experience comfortable. It has an adjustable neck strap that makes it optimal for people of varying heights.

The best overall arm blaster is made of sturdy aluminum and won’t bend or crack under heavy weights. Plus, the brand stands behind its products and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the arm blaster. 

The sturdy straps of the arm blaster are attached to the aluminum using strong rivets, adding to the durability of the product. The thick sweat-resistant neck pad is anti-skid and reduces the pressure on your neck and spine. 

Who Should Buy Celebrita Arm Blaster?

  • Folks who want a super sturdy arm blaster.
  • People who want a highly-adjustable neck strap.

Who Should Not Buy Celebrita Arm Blaster?

  • Pro bodybuilders who might find the 23.6-inch length of the arm blaster small. 

Celebrita Arm Blaster Coupon

Celebrita Arm Blaster Coupon

Celebrita Arm Blaster Coupon

Celebrita Arm Blaster is our pick for the best arm blaster on the market. It is made using high-quality materials, is sturdy, budget-friendly, and has good customer reviews. 

Best Rated

Since there are countless arm blasters available on Amazon, high ratings act like a surety for the quality and performance of the product. 

Hawk Sports Arm Blaster

Hawk Sports Arm Blasters
Hawk Sports Arm Blaster

The Hawk Sports Arm Blaster is a 24-inch long arm blaster that comes with an adjustable strap and neoprene elbow pads. Using an arm blaster allows you to better isolate your biceps peaks, helping improve your muscle size and conditioning.

A majority of the lifters like to train for muscle hypertrophy (8-12 rep range) while using the arm blaster. The Hawk Sports Arm Blaster comes with a lifetime warranty. 

Who Should Buy Hawk Sports Arm Blaster?

  • People who want the highest-rated arm blaster on Amazon.

Who Should Not Buy Hawk Sports Arm Blaster?

  • Serious lifters who want a heavy-duty arm blaster.

Hawk Sports Arm Blaster Coupon

Hawk Sports Arm Blaster Coupon

Hawk Sports Arm Blaster Coupon

Hawk Sports Arm Blaster is the highest-rated arm blaster on Amazon. The arm training equipment uses a comfortable neoprene neck pad and durable nylon straps.

Best for Big Athletes

Although all arm blasters might look similar, their fit, feel, and results will depend on the size of the product, comfort, and the quality of materials used. 

Jayefo Sport Arm Blaster

Jayefo Sport Arm Blasters
Jayefo Sport Arm Blaster

Jayefo Sport Arm Blaster, with its 25-inch length, is a great fit for larger athletes. A narrow arm blaster can negatively impact your workouts as it might put too much pressure on your abdomen, especially while using heavier weights. 

Most arm blasters on the market range between 23.6 to 24 inches in length. The Jayefo Sport Arm Blaster is wider overall and comes with wider elbow pads for a comfortable training experience. Additionally, the product comes with a lifetime warranty. 

Who Should Buy Jayefo Sport Arm Blaster?

  • Larger athletes.

Who Should Not Buy Jayefo Sport Arm Blaster?

  • Beginners.

Jayefo Sport Arm Blaster Coupon

Jayefo Sport Arm Blaster Coupon

Jayefo Sport Arm Blaster Coupon

The 25-inch long Jayefo Sport Arm Blaster is the best fit for larger-framed athletes. Its wider elbow pads provide better stability and overall comfort. 

Best Heavy Duty

Unlike weightlifting belts or wrist wraps, an arm blaster might stay with you forever. The biceps training tool is sturdy, durable, and will last you a lifetime. 

Rogue Arm Blaster 

Rogue Arm Blasters
Rogue Arm Blaster

Rogue is synonymous with high-quality strength training equipment. The Rogue Arm Blaster is made of 0.25-inch thick laser-cut formed aluminum. Plus, it lets you choose between a leather or nylon neck strap.

Rogue has successfully maintained the vintage look of the classic biceps training equipment, especially with its tan-colored leather strap variant. Furthermore, the product has a 4.5-inch width (depth), making it one of the most comfortable arm blasters on the market. 

Who Should Buy Rogue Arm Blaster?

  • People who want to buy the highest-quality products.
  • Folks who want to buy an aesthetically-appealing arm blaster.

Who Should Not Buy Rogue Arm Blaster?

  • Folks on a shoestring budget.

Rogue Arm Blaster Coupon

Rogue Arm Blaster Coupon

Rogue Arm Blaster Coupon

Although a little pricy, Rogue Arm Blaster is one of the most versatile biceps blasters on the market. It comes in old-school leather and nylon strap variants.

Best Neck Padding

Since an arm blaster is tied around your neck, you should assess the neck padding quality of each product before making a purchase decision. A thin or rough neck pad can cause rashes and discomfort. 

Gymreapers Biceps Arm Blaster

Gymreapers Biceps Arm Blasters
Gymreapers Biceps Arm Blaster

The Gymreapers Biceps Arm Blaster comes with a neoprene neck pad. Neoprene is resistant to oil, water, sweat, heat, and weathering and will last you a long time. 

The Gymreapers arm blaster is a sturdy arm training equipment that can handle anything you throw at it. The arm pads on this product are some of the most comfortable on this list. 

Who Should Buy Gymreapers Biceps Arm Blaster?

  • Beginners who will be using an arm blaster for the first time.

Who Should Not Buy Gymreapers Biceps Arm Blaster?

  • People on a tight budget.

Gymreapers Biceps Arm Blaster Coupon

Gymreapers Biceps Arm Blaster Coupon

Gymreapers Biceps Arm Blaster Coupon

If you have used an arm blaster before, you'd know that it can tug hard on your neck, but this is exactly where the Gymreapers Biceps Arm Blaster shines with its uber-comfortable neoprene neck pad. 

Best Durable

We went through a mountain of Amazon reviews and comments to ascertain the winner of this category. 

BeSmart Arm Blaster

Besmart Arm Blaster
Besmart Arm Blaster

When it comes to quality, the BeSmart Arm Blaster doesn’t cut corners. Plus, it doesn’t charge its customers a premium for its high-quality made, which is a win-win in our books. 

The BeSmart Arm Blaster comes with a strong buckle to adjust the strap length for any body height. The high-quality nylon strap is attached to the premium-grade aluminum body using high-strength metal rivets. 

Who Should Buy BeSmart Arm Blaster?

  • Advanced users. 

Who Should Not Buy BeSmart Arm Blaster?

  • People who want a metal buckle in their strap. 

BeSmart Arm Blaster Coupon

BeSmart Arm Blaster Coupon

BeSmart Arm Blaster Coupon

BeSmart Arm Blaster is one of the most premium biceps blasters on the list. Its high-quality finish makes it stand out amongst its peers. 

Best Design

To be honest, almost all arm blasters look the same. Most products on the market can only be distinguished by the different logos in the center of the aluminum body or by close inspection of the quality of materials used. 

DMoose Arm Blaster

Dmoose Arm Blaster
Dmoose Arm Blaster

DMoose Arm Blaster takes a different approach to the design of the otherwise boring-looking arm training equipment. The company has wrapped the American flag around its product, which can spark your patriotic side during your workout. 

The product comes with thick gauge aluminum, strong rivets, and an adjustable nylon belt to improve stability and enhance gear durability. DMoose Fitness backs its arm blaster with a lifetime refund or replacement warranty. 

Who Should Buy DMoose Arm Blaster?

  • People who only buy products with a very high rating on Amazon.
  • Patriots who would love to have the American flag on their arm blaster.

Who Should Not Buy DMoose Arm Blaster?

  • Lifters that want an arm blaster with leather straps.

DMoose Arm Blaster Coupon

DMoose Arm Blaster Coupon

DMoose Arm Blaster Coupon

The DMoose Arm Blaster is wrapped in American colors and will motivate you to crush your next biceps workout with everything you've got.

Best Budget

Products like the Rogue and Gymreapers arm blasters can burn a hole through your pocket. Our budget pick for this list delivers a pocket-friendly product without compromising on quality. 

RA-Moto Arm Blaster

Ra Moto Arm Blaster
Ra Moto Arm Blaster

The RA-Moto Arm Blaster can help you pack on biceps size by fixing your form and eliminating the use of momentum. Plus, it does all this without pinching your wallet. 

The RA-Moto Arm Blaster comes in seven colors and features high-quality materials for comfort and durability. The nylon neck strap features a quick-release technology for easy and quick adjustments. 

Who Should Buy RA-Moto Arm Blaster?

  • People on a tight budget.
  • Individuals who want to choose from a variety of colors. 

Who Should Not Buy RA-Moto Arm Blaster?

  • Folks that want a light weight arm blaster.

RA-Moto Arm Blaster Coupon

RA-Moto Arm Blaster Coupon

RA-Moto Arm Blaster Coupon

Want a kick-ass arm blaster but running on a shoestring budget? The RA-Moto Arm Blaster is all you need. It is durable, high-quality, and comfortable. 

Best Portable

Most lifters overlook the weight aspect of an arm blaster while making a purchase. However, this can be a big mistake, especially if the arm blaster becomes an indispensable part of your training regimen.

Fitsu Arm Blaster

Fitsu Arm Blaster
Fitsu Arm Blaster

The Fitsu Arm Blaster weighs 1.6 pounds, more than a pound lighter than the bulky arm blaster from Rogue.  

The Fitsu Arm Blaster is 23.5 inches long, making it a great tool for thinner-framed individuals. Furthermore, its length makes it suitable for smaller gym bags. The product comes in five colors. 

Who Should Buy Fitsu Arm Blaster?

  • People who want a smaller and lighter arm blaster.
  • Folks who want the option to choose between colors. 

Who Should Not Buy Fitsu Arm Blaster?

  • Heavy duty users.

Fitsu Arm Blaster Coupon

Fitsu Arm Blaster Coupon

Fitsu Arm Blaster Coupon

The lightweight and durable Fitsu Arm Blaster is a godsend for lifters who wants to keep the biceps training tool in their gym bag permanently. 

Best for Lifting Heavy

While most people might never lift more than 70 to 80 pounds on a barbell while using an arm blaster, the Everymile Arm Blaster is made keeping the more advanced lifters in mind. 

Everymile Arm Blaster

Everymile Arm Blaster
Everymile Arm Blaster

Everymile claims that its arm blaster can handle up to 440 pounds. Since the strict curl world record is held by Nizami Tagiev, who curled a monster 114 kilograms (251 pounds) at the 2022 Siberian Power Show, we don’t think the 440-pound limit of this arm blaster will be tested in real-world any time soon. 

The heavy-duty arm blaster is 23.6 inches long, has a 3.94-inch depth, and uses a 0.4 cm thick aluminum sheet. Plus, the contour finish of the elbow pads provides grip and stability during training.

Who Should Buy Everymile Arm Blaster?

  • Heavy-duty advanced lifters.
  • Folks who want an aesthetically-appealing arm blaster.

Who Should Not Buy Everymile Arm Blaster?

  • People who want an arm blaster with leather straps.

Everymile Arm Blaster Coupon

Everymile Arm Blaster Coupon

Everymile Arm Blaster Coupon

Everymile Arm Blaster claims a maximum weight capacity of 440 pounds, which we are sure, most lifters will never outdo. 

What are Arm Blasters?

Arm blasters are popular biceps training equipment that can help improve the size, conditioning, and strength of your arms by limiting the use of momentum and keeping your elbows and torso in position throughout the exercise.

The arm blasters have been in use since the golden era of bodybuilding (the 1960s to 1980s) but lost their charm around the beginning of the mass monster era (1990s). However, thanks to the social media influencers and their thriving fan following, the old-school training tool is back in the mainstream. 

Most lifters use an arm blaster while training for muscular hypertrophy (8 to 12 rep range). It is a great tool to focus on peak contraction and optimal muscle fiber recruitment. Although an arm blaster is generally used to train biceps, you could also target your triceps with the equipment.

What to Look For in an Arm Blaster

Below are the things to consider while buying an arm blaster:


Most — almost all — arm blasters available on the market use an aluminum body. However, you should closely inspect the buckle, strap, and neck and elbow pad quality before making a purchase, as it can dictate the comfort and durability of the product. 

Warranty and Service

While it is unlikely that you’ll crack or break the aluminum body of an arm blaster while training, you might wear out the straps, buckles, or pads after excessive use. You should check if the warranty covers the straps, buckles, and pads.

You should also check with the brand if they provide spare accessories and if the product can be fixed using handy tools at home. 


Before buying an arm blaster, ensure the neck strap is adjustable and suitable for a person of your height. 


The sports equipment market is flooded with low-quality products. Since most arm blasters are available at similar price points, you should only buy from a brand that has been in business for at least a couple of years and has positive customer reviews. 

How We Ranked the Best Arm Blasters

We used the following criteria to pick the best arm blasters:


The price of an arm blaster can vary largely depending on the brand and quality of materials used. We selected the products that provided the best bang for your buck in terms of ruggedness, comfort, and durability.


Since you’ll probably be carrying the arm blaster to the gym, it should be portable. While most arm blasters have the same shape, we chose the products that can fit into a standard gym bag, are lightweight, and won’t fall apart in your gym bag.


We read through countless customer reviews to ensure all products on this list are high-quality, durable, and comfortable. 

Benefits of Arm Blasters

The benefits of using arm blasters include:

Improved Form

Many lifters use momentum by swinging their torso back and forth while performing the dumbbell and barbell biceps curl. Doing so takes away some of the tension from your biceps and puts it on your shoulders and back.

While using an arm blaster, your elbows and torso are locked in place, reducing the chances of using a jerking motion to curl the weight. The improved form results in better muscle fiber recruitment. 

Better Mind-Muscle Connection

Since the arm blaster requires you to follow a strict form, you’ll be forced to use lighter weights than the convention barbell or dumbbell biceps curl.

Performing the curls with a strict form and in the hypertrophy range (8 to 12 reps) will result in a better mind-muscle connection and sleeve-ripping muscle pumps

Faster Muscle Annihilation

The stringent form while performing the arm blaster biceps curl will lead to faster muscle fatigue. Tip: Hold and contract the life out of your pythons at the top and lower the weight with a slow and controlled motion for better muscle pumps. 

Better Range of Motion

While performing the orthodox barbell or dumbbell biceps curls, most people lower the weight until their arms are perpendicular to the floor at the bottom. This takes away the tension from your biceps.

Using an arm blaster restricts your range of motion and does not let you lengthen your arms at the bottom, keeping constant tension on your guns throughout the movement.


Should you use an arm blaster in every workout?

You could use an arm blaster in every workout. However, it is advisable to switch up your training program every few weeks to reduce your chances of hitting a training plateau

What are the best exercises to do using an arm blaster?

The dumbbell biceps curlshammer curlbarbell curlEZ bar curl, and cable triceps push-down are some of the most popular exercises performed using an arm blaster. 

How high or low should the metal bar be on my body?

The arm blaster should be set right below your chest. The bottom of your upper arms should be placed on the arm blaster’s elbow pads.

What are the alternatives to an arm blaster?

You could achieve similar biceps isolation on the preacher bench or while performing single-arm dumbbell curls on an incline bench. 

Wrapping Up

Arm blasters are one of the most underutilized biceps training tools. They can help isolate your guns by limiting your range of motion by eliminating the use of momentum. 

If you’re on the market for a biceps isolator, you should check out our top pick — the Celebrita Arm Blaster. The Rogue Arm Blaster is another classic high-quality option that will last you a lifetime.

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