Joe Pietaro from MuscleSport Magazine shared the latest update about Rich Piana’s health and what really happened to him.

Apparently, Piana suddenly collapsed and hit his head hard in his bathroom while getting a haircut from his girlfriend, Chanel.

“The cause of this is still unknown.”

‘According to family sources, doctors brought him out of the sedation they checked his mobility in his functions the doctor said he’s doing really well but they wanted to put him back in that medically induced coma so his brain can continue to heal hopefully in a few days they can get him out of this medically induced coma.’

Check out the above video! wish him and his family all the best and will continue to update as the story develops.

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  3. Maintenant ils disent que les médecins l’on sortis du coma pour tester ses réflexes et ses fonctions vitales tout va bien mais ils l’on remis dans le coma pour laisser son cerveau au repos car en s’évanouissant il s’est cogner la tête de tout son poids ce qui a causer une comotion. Et apparement maintenant ils disent que la drogue n’est pas en cause… Michael Belaud

  4. Thats the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard for real and did not happen they don’t do that I’ve worked in the medical field for twenty years with direct patient care on ventilator patients and many are in a coma that’s medically administered and that’s seriously ridiculous I mean ridiculous on so many levels. I wish him the best and I like the man but he needs a new PR guy.

  5. Hoping his health is stable, I can’t help but add it’s obvious to all that this is an extremely sad scramble to stay relevant in an industry where people are the products that get phased out….and in a shoe store full of Jordans…Piana is a pair of Jordache.

  6. U can see the haters now. They always celebrate when someone suffers. This brings joy in your lifes? Let’s see who starts to reply now with “idiot” and other garbage…who’s HATER NO 1?

    • Yeah it’s a shame what this society has become. Social media allows people to talk
      Shit without having to face any consequences. I would like to actually see people talk shit to the guy in real life but we all know that would never happen.

    • Allen Schramm how do you know it’s self inflicted? Trying to be smart when you know nothing is moronic.
      Charles, you are right my friend. So many people take so much joy from other people’s suffering. Regardless if it was self inflicted we will never know. Most people that have problems taking steroids usually have genetic underlying problems. So how do people know it wouldn’t have happened anyway to people that fall Ill? There are more people live into old age that take roids than those that die young etc.
      People should live their own lives in happiness instead of judging others or being happy when others fall.

    • Also…1 in 3 man die of heart attack. 1 of cancer…Sometimes they are bodybuilders. So what ? I understand that dehydrating for a show is dangerous, and you can die…like Mike Mentzer and others. Personally , i don t judge what other people do wrong- i judge what i do wrong. Positive, my friends – and help each other. Is not so hard to do. Life is short…

  7. All these people bad mouthing him becuase why? That’s right they are fucking pieces of shit who where spose to be dropped in the toilet as a turd not be allowed to live. Fuck a hater

  8. He’s a Fuckn moron.. Hey Rich use 10 bottles of test a week mix with 200mg of dbols a day and do 8 balls til your nose bleeds.. Junkie dude ur a Fuckn junkie!!! Low self esteem can’t go off your shit cause ul deflate like a balloon!!! Nice Synthol arms also!! Too little training and lots of oil will make them fake arms grow right..

  9. Rich has made a lot people money and a lot of people like his videos,there a break from all the serious competing talk that goes on.I especially like his ice cream eating contests and his workouts where he does a shot of alcohol in between sets it’s hilarious.He needs to make some changes he’ll be able to do it.

  10. I have met rich piano at the Birmingham expo for the past few years and I tell you this, an absolute gentleman and to here/read the comments on here like this makes me feel sick!! Not for rich cause I believe in god and I know he will be ok but more sick for the people on here that wouldn’t dare to say anything to him face to face so why be keyboard warriors jealous of what he has that you could never achieve it, pathetic comments from people who are obviously very sick!!!! Catch yourselves on!!

  11. Wtf he was not woke from his coma to check his brain function out and I no because his mom has not stated anything yet and I no his friends that are close to him and that’s just a lie and cmon people your praying on bad shit about him give me a break your nothing but a bunch of predators and assholes.

  12. Although i train myself and body build i don’t agree with his lifestyle(chemically enhanced side of it) I don’t wish him anything but the best to get back to health and wishes and prayers to you and your loved ones.


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