Lighter Side: Balance… At the Gym and In Life

A trainer I worked out with several years ago once said to me, “You know you derive the same benefits from a handful of grapes as from a glass of wine.”

“No, you don’t.” I argued.

He didn’t get it.

He was talking about the health benefits. I was referring to the OTHER kind of benefit that we take from a glass (or two!) of wine. I consider balance an important element in my health and welfare. Everything in moderation… including moderation.

I know how much time I have to spend at the gym to remain firm. That time has increased rather dramatically as each year passes, so it’s a continual re-balancing act. While I’m there I listen to internal signals. Our bodies know what kind of pain is just plain old hard work pain, and what kind is the type which says you should stop. That’s balance.

I have a little argument with myself over balance with cardio. I would very much like to have the scale lean toward NO cardio. However given that I decidedly do not like the number on the scale (the measuring your body weight kind) when I take a break from cardio, I keep at it. Again, balance. Aggravating, but still balanced.

Now food and wine and leisure time in general is a tougher balance for me. As much as I genuinely love the gym, I also love food and wine, so to strike a reasonable balance there is a little tougher.

My current trainer (who incidentally appreciates the many benefits derived from wine:) is as hardcore as they come… yet he tempers it with… you guessed it… balance.

“Enjoy what you want within reason, but earn it.” He states regularly. He also reminds me with some frequency that if having it all was easy, then everyone would have it. It is hard work, this looking good, feeling good AND having fun business.

I consider myself a very lucky person indeed to have found a trainer that shares my understanding of balance at the gym and in every day life.

Now if only we could discover a grape that has the all the same benefits as a glass of wine. Oh yeah, and would it really be asking so much for it to be calorie free?

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Happy Lifting!

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