The ABC’s Of Muscle Growth Part 5

The formula for the best possible approach to muscle-building continued to be explored and explained in the last post and today I intend to delve further into the factors involved that are necessary to promote hypertrophy. If our body, in its never ending desire for homeostasis had its way, then muscle growth would never occur and everything would just stay the same. This is why we must go to extreme measures and learn all we can in order to force new growth upon ourselves. To further help facilitate this, I’d like to introduce the final variable in the muscle mass recipe and that is muscular damage.

After two days of completely obliterating your muscles from training them into oblivion your DOMS will have reached its peak. This soreness is in fact an indicator of muscular damage. You can create muscular damage by doing exercises that are unfamiliar (the muscle confusion principle comes to mind), by slowing down the repetition speed in order to accentuate the eccentric portion of the lift, or by stretching a muscle while it is being activated to induce a high degree of muscle strain (remember that a full range of motion is a important ingredient in this ongoing muscle growth exploration). One could argue that variety is an essential component to stimulating muscle damage after seeing that it is one of the most effective ways to elicit it.

How do these three factors, meaning of course muscular tension, metabolic stress and muscular damage, work together to create bigger and stronger muscles? They do so by working together to send messages to signal a hypertrophic response through many different messaging pathways. When we next get together I will elaborate on exactly how they do this and give a few examples to illustrate the methods that best illicit these signals. From there I’ll get to how you can best use all of this knowledge to continue growing your muscles to unreasonable proportions. That’s the entire point of bodybuilding, isn’t it? Until next time my friends,

Happy Lifting!

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