Speaks With The Amazing IFBB PRO Brittany Tacy


Name: Brittany Tacy
Age: 24
Height: 5’4
Weight: 116lbs
Style: Competitor

How did you get started with Fitness/Bodybuilding?

I’ve always been an athlete and have lived an active lifestyle, but it wasn’t until I was 21 that I became interested in competing. Once I started, I was hooked. I went pro within a year of my first show and it’s all history from there.

Where does your motivation come from? How do you stay motivated?

My motivation comes from alot of things. Seeing my progress and the changes I’ve made to my physique is something that pushes me to go even farther. Recently, seeing people post pictures of me as their motivation and inspiration has really motivated me to keep doing what I’m doing! Never in a million years did I think I would be the girl on fitness motivation websites and facebook pages. It’s so crazy!

What does your typical workout look like?

HEAVY WEIGHTS. If you watch any of my videos that I post on my facebook page ( you’ll see that I’m not in the gym lifting 5lb dumbbells for 20 reps. I incorporate alot of dropsets and supersets into my training, and I’m always lifting to my max.


What is your typical diet like?

I stick to the basics. Egg whites and oatmeal for breakfast, chicken and sweet potatoes, tilapia and asparagus, whey protein, raw almonds, and TONS of water!

If you had to pick three exercises what would they be and why?

Squats: really there is no explanation needed. If you’re not squatting…well, you should be!
Military shoulder press: it is my favorite exercise to develop nice boulder shoulders. Go heavy or go home!
Pull ups (any variation): Wide grip, overhand, underhand, narrow, etc. Most girls (and some guys) struggle with pull-ups, and mastering them is something I’m proud of! It engages your shoulders, back, biceps, and even your core.

What are your favorite pre and post workout meals?

My pre-workout meal is usually my breakfast because I train right after. Which right now since I’m in prep, 5 egg whites and 1/4 cup oats. Post workout is usually 1.5 scoops Whey Isolate and 1/2 banana.


Have you had to face any roadblocks or obstacles on your journey and if so, how did you overcome them?

I wouldn’t say I’ve had any “roadblocks” but I’ve definitely had my ups and downs throughout my career. It’s been hard to find a balance between strict dieting for competition and healthy clean eating in the off season. Something we competitors struggle with is that vicious cycle of getting shredded and then over indulging after shows. I’m definitely not perfect and I love me some oreos!

Who is the most inspiring person to you in regards to fitness and in general?

That’s a tough one. I have always been a fan of Ava Cowan, not only because of her physique, but her work ethic and her background. Also, I’m a huge fan of Miss Amanda Latona. Not only is she stunning on and off stage, but she is so humble and down to earth. She’s a blast to compete with and is always fun to be around.

Do you have any advice for beginners getting into fitness?

Educate yourself. Hiring a professional is one thing, but just doing what they tell you without any knowledge as to why you’re doing it is a mistake competitors make all the time. If you want to make this a career and a lifestyle, you have to KNOW what you’re doing.


What is your proudest achievement so far?

Wining my first pro show last year at the Greater Gulf States, which qualified me for the Bikini Olympia. That’s as good as it gets right there!

Fun Quick Questions For Our Readers:

Favorite color? Lime green
Favorite food? Anything with oreos…and mac n’ cheese
Favorite TV Show? Family Guy
Favorite movie? Step Brothers
Favorite Band/Artist? Too many to choose
Do you have any pets? My american bulldogs, Jensyn and Henrik

Final Words?

Train like a BOSS

How to reach Brittany Tacy:
Twitter: @BTacyIFBB_Pro
Instagram: @BrittanyTacyPro

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