Lighter Side: Pardon the Cliche

I watched a movie recently in which one line made me howl with laughter – “I regret my whole life.” The movie was supposed to be a comedy, and although that line did make me laugh (Steve Carell delivered it – how could it NOT be funny?) I’ve been considering the whole concept of regret from a more serious perspective ever since.

I’ve made a LOT of mistakes of the largish variety in my life, and please excuse the hackneyed phrase, but life really is far too short for regrets. I simply cannot regret even those poor (or in some cases, downright stupid) decisions that have formed the person that I have become and am still becoming.

Now the LITTLE regrets, well that’s a different story. The missed witty retort thought of an hour too late. Camera not at the ready for the shimmering glass like reflection of a bird in flight on the river as you fly past on the highway. Your daughter’s first success on her two-wheeler. Meeting Michael Schumacher and NOT thinking of something fabulously thought-provoking and memorable to say, all the while giving the impression that you may or may not be single. All moments in time that will never be retrieved. All lost forever and although unfortunate, not truly life altering and therefore by my estimation, regrettable.

We have so many opportunities to make the right choice… sometimes we’re driving too fast on the highway, sometimes too star struck to be fabulous and charming, but there is one place where the chances just keep on coming – the gym. It’s just always there. Maybe it’s not big and shiny with all the latest equipment. Maybe it’s just a spare room in your house. Maybe it’s the park down the street, but it’s always there, somewhere, loyally awaiting your arrival.

Every day we’re given another chance to not regret our decision to be as fit and healthy as we possibly can. Every. Single. Day. Maybe even a few times a day!

So you are a little sad that you only thought of the clever response to the sharp-tongued waitress an hour AFTER you left the restaurant… head to the gym. It’s always there, faithfully waiting for you with its assortment of dumbbells.

You know that you were traveling way too fast along that busy stretch of road when you spotted the right vantage point to capture an image of the PERFECT sunset. Get your butt on that spin bike (err, get your butt OFF that spin bike I suppose) to contemplate how you’ll time it better when you next have the chance.

We may not be able to turn back time and know exactly what to say when the object of our celebrity/sport star/famous author crush appears suddenly before us, but we’re all given a shot EVERY SINGLE DAY to get to the gym. Don’t let your health and fitness fall under the category of “regret.”

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