Lighter Side: Halloween – Not Just About the Candy

Okay so I’m probably dating myself a little bit here, but my favourite Halloween costume EVER was when I was about 18 and I went to a house party as Elvira. Some of you may have absolutely no clue to whom I’m referring, so here goes.

Elvira was a campy, vampire-esque late night TV host. She had long, jet black hair which was spiked on top, tons of eye make up, and dark red luscious lips. Her outfit was a skin-tight, long-sleeved black dress that was slit down to there AND up to there. She was sassy and trashy… in short, Elvira was sexy as hell! Everything a good Halloween costume should be.

Halloween costumes are the perfect opportunity for us to show a side of our personalities – and bodies – which we otherwise try to keep (mostly) under wraps.

With the brief exception of those awkward early teen years (between trick or treating and house parties), I’ve always taken the opportunity to dress up at Halloween.

I’ve been a cat, which in retrospect I think may have given the impression that said kitty cat was a little into bondage. I’ve been a black widow spider. Surprisingly it was the same party where I met my husband. He was clearly not aware of the black widow’s reputation. I’ve been a hula dancer. My abs were particularly tight that year! Of course I’ve been a she devil and I’ve been pretty much everything in between.

One factor remained constant… my costumes were always a direct reflection of my level of fitness at that time. The hula dancer year was obviously a very good year for me. The year I was Marilyn Monroe I was still carrying a little more “baby weight” than I would have preferred, but the wig and dress rocked! Elvira and the slutty, errrr I mean, sexy kitty, were in my late teens when I took my figure for granted. Each year since has provided me with a new challenge.

I enjoy challenges. Maybe that’s one of the reasons that I love the gym so much; endless challenges to be met… this years challenge met… I am yet again dressing up as neither Humpty Dumpty nor a fortune-teller in layers of concealing clothing.

So if you’re having a tough time getting to the gym, why not challenge yourself by deciding to dress up as a belly dancer for Halloween? Take whatever motivation you need to do that extra set of triceps dips and side planks… just promise yourself that you’ll never allow yourself to go out as a bunch of grapes:)

And seriously no offense intended to those of you who DO dress up as grapes… full apology and disclaimer over at  Okay so I lie, there really isn’t an apology over there, but you might enjoy it anyway:)

Happy Lifting!

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