How Our “Calories Burned By Exercise Calculator” Can Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals Faster

Calories Burned By Exercises

Whether you want to lose, gain or remain the same weight, you’ll need to know how many calories you’re burning and consuming on a daily basis…

Have you ever struggled with weight loss plateaus, or maybe you cannot seem to put on bodyweight (In the form of muscle of course)… well, your struggles have to do with a “unit of energy,” called a calorie. We get our calories come from food/beverages and we can either use them for energy or they become stored as body fat.

How you expend (Use) and consume calories depends on your goals and/or habits…

But, if you’d like to track the number of calories you burn per day, our “Calories Burned by Exercise Calculator” will give you the best possible estimate.

Calories Burned By Exercises

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    Calories burned

    Before using the data obtained using this calculator, please consult with doctor.

    We’ll discuss the benefits of using the calculator and show you how to best use it for your fitness goals.

    But first and foremost…

    What Are Calories?

    Calories are units of energy within a substance and although they are in a lot of things besides foods and drinks, we will focus on calories which pertain to our energy sources. (1)

    Your total daily energy expenditure (TDEE) is the total amount of calories you expend (Use) per day. So you’ll base your requirements from this rough estimate. (2)

    The beauty of the calculator is there are 250 exercises to base your total energy expenditure from to get a good idea of how many calories you burned during a certain activity.

    Why Be Concerned About Calories?

    Having a healthy body weight is very important for longevity. If you consume more calories than your body needs to maintain your bodyweight, you’ll gain weight. If you consume fewer calories than your body needs, you’ll lose weight.

    To gain one pound of bodyweight, you must consume approximately 3500 calories over your daily maintenance for caloric requirements. To lose one pound of bodyweight, you must consume approximately 3500 calories under your daily maintenance for caloric requirements. (1)

    This is why tracking your calories is so necessary to achieve your goals much more efficiently.

    Being too overweight or underweight is unhealthy, so you want to at least have an estimation of the calories you need daily.

    Factors which Determine Your Recommended Individual Caloric Intake:

    • Age
    • Weight
    • Goals
    • Sex
    • Activity levels

    These are very important factors to take into consideration as there’s no one size fits all method for measuring a person’s ability to burn calories.

    Use the “Calories Burned by Exercises Calculator” to track your Calories.

    How does the calculator work?

    You can determine how many calories you burn through your “Total Daily Energy Expenditure” (TDEE). A database with over 250 exercises allows you to calculate total calories burned.

    The calculator is rather simple to use…

    To calculate your “calories burned” follow these steps:

    1. Choose your gender and preferred method of measurement (Metric/Imperial).
    2. Type in your height, weight and age.
    3. Choose your activity/s performed from the drop menu (Or you can start typing to find your activity type.
    4. Choose the duration of your exercise.
    5. Hit calculate

    So, after you hit calculate you’ll see your Basal Metabolic rate (BMR), Body Mass Index (BMI) and the number of calories burned.

    You can also type in as many activities as you’ve completed for the day. This will give the total amount of calories you’ve burned based on your age, weight, height etc.

    A good thing about the calculator is you can estimate and plan out your “calorie burning exercises” before you even do them.

    What is Basal Metabolic Rate and Body Mass Index?

    Basal Metabolic rate – The rate at which the body uses energy when at rest, for normal bodily functioning. (3)

    Body Mass Index – The measurement of body fat levels based on height and weight for men and women. (4)

    Why It’s Important

    Knowing your caloric requirements will help you to lose or gain weight easier. Often times people are completely unaware of their Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) which makes it hard to see any lasting progress.

    Your Basal Metabolic Rate will allow you to have a starting point to base your activity levels and nutrition requirements from.

    Once you know this information, it makes it a lot easier to reach a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI).

    What’s the Most Efficient Way to Burn the Most Amount of Calories?

    There are over 250 exercises in the Calorie calculator but any type of high-intensity exercise will allow you to burn the most calories effectively. (5)

    People are always concerned about how to burn a lot of calories fast but it really depends entirely on “you,” as everyones habits and preference for activity will vary.

    You have to consider things like your current health condition; activity levels etc because it’s never wise to get too ahead of yourself.

    Be consistent and have a healthy diet because by eating clean and healthy foods, you’ll usually remain within a reasonable range of total daily caloric intake.

    Calorie counting and health seem to be linked together but this is not always the case. You can eat unhealthy calories and lose weight but still be unhealthy…

    Our Calories Burned by Exercises Calculator is Worth Your Time

    Do you want to make your life easier and achieve your fitness goals? Of course you do…

    Calorie calculators are very valuable tools and they do most of the work for you so you don’t have to calculate everything by hand. Now, of course they are not completely accurate but the estimation is close enough to give you a starting point.

    The convenience is what makes these calorie calculators so popular. You simply type in your details, choose your activity and the duration… then you have your BMR, BMI and “calories burned” right in front of you.

    After you know how many calories you need to maintain your bodyweight, you can start adding or subtracting calories based on your goals (Gain/lose weight).

    It’s great to have such a simple tool you can use at any time to assist you with your fitness goals and lifestyle.

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