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Your Ultimate Guide To Strong And Sculpted Shoulders

Sculpting Great Shoulders When you begin working on sculpting your figure into the fitness model ideal, the first steps are usually to get your abs...

Arm Training 101: Best Workouts For Bigger, Stronger Arms

Arm Training 101 Probably the most popular body parts on the body are the arms. Along with abs, they’re the most recognizable muscles groups to...

Shoulder Training 101: Best Routines For Boulder Shoulders

Shoulder Training 101 The shoulder muscles (or deltoids) are a big part of the upper body, improving the shape and striations of the deltoid muscles...

Reverse Grip: A Great Alternative For Your Upper Chest

Reverse Grip Bench Press For years, body builders have used incline bench press as their go-to exercise for building out the upper chest.However, recently there...

Back Training 101: Build Your Back

Back Training 101 In this article we’re going to cover the group of muscles found in the back, they are made up of a number...

The Squat Vs The Leg Press – Which Exercise Reigns Supreme

Leg Presses or Squats? What first drew me to the squat vs the leg press (and this is very likely the first of a series...

Squat Talk: Parallel vs Deep Squats

Parallel vs Deep Squats The squat probably has more of a bad reputation than any other strength training movement. I’m referring to the basic barbell...





Enhance Your Strength And Gains By Combining Powerlifting & Bodybuilding

Gaining strength and muscle is something a lot of people set their sights on. By incorporating elements of powerlifting and bodybuilding into your training, you'll...