Steve Theunissen

Steve Theunissen, PT

Fitness Editor

  • Expertise: Fitness expert specializing in muscle building, strength training, and nutritional guidance for optimal body composition.
  • Experience: Three decades of experience as a pioneering personal trainer and gym owner, with over 20 published books on fitness and bodybuilding.
  • Education: Graduate of Massey University, New Zealand, holding six certifications from the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA).
  • Favorite Exercise: Seated Cable Bench Press


  • Authored over 20 books on fitness, bodybuilding, and weight loss.
  • Featured in prominent publications like Men’s Fitness and New York Weekly.
  • Extensive experience in personal training and gym management, pioneering the field in New Zealand.
  • Writes on diverse topics, including history with a focus on warfare.


Steve Theunissen started his career in the mid-80s as one of New Zealand’s first personal trainers, establishing a strong foundation in the fitness industry. His expertise expanded through owning and managing a gym, where he gained comprehensive knowledge of fitness operations.

In addition to his hands-on roles, Steve is an accomplished author, having written over 20 books on fitness, bodybuilding, and weight loss. His contributions have been recognized in notable fitness publications, cementing his status as an expert in the field.


Steve’s academic journey began at Massey University in New Zealand, setting the stage for his career in fitness and nutrition. He further enhanced his expertise with six professional certifications from the International Sports Sciences Association, covering a wide range of fitness and nutrition specialties.

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