Doug Murray

Doug Murray

News Editor

  • Experience: Over 3 years of sports content writing experience combined with a dedicated year in news editing.
  • Education: Alumni of Riverside City College with Honors.
  • Favorite Exercise: Dumbbell Curls


Doug Murray, a lifelong creative writer with a deep passion for unearthing and understanding newsworthy stories, currently serves as a News Editor, contributing significantly to the field of journalism. His journey in writing began with several courses in college, laying a strong foundation for his career.

Doug’s expertise in sports, MMA, bodybuilding and strength sports is evident in his engaging and insightful content. He has a particular fondness for breaking news stories, especially those revolving around the complex world of bodybuilding. His writing not only reflects his professional skills but also his personal enthusiasm for the subjects he covers. Beyond his professional life, Doug enjoys dumbbell curls, his favorite exercise, and is proudly associated with his hometown, Fontana, California.


Alumni: Graduated with honors from Riverside City College.

Doug Murray’s blend of creative writing talent, deep interest in sports and bodybuilding, and his academic and professional background, makes him a versatile and insightful News Editor.

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